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Are Wiper Blades Covered Under Warranty?

Whether wiper blades are covered under warranty depends on several factors, including the type of warranty you have and the specific circumstances surrounding the wiper blades.

New vehicles usually have a manufacturer’s warranty that covers different vehicle components for a specific period or mileage limit. Some warranties might include wiper blades as part of the overall coverage. However, this coverage is typically restricted and may not apply if the wiper blades wear out due to normal wear and tear. Some vehicle owners opt for a Mopar Extended Warranty that covers additional components and services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. These extended warranties may include coverage for wiper blades, but it depends on the specific terms of the contract.

Purchasing separate Aftermarket Wiper Blades may result in a separate warranty. Warranty terms vary based on brand and manufacturer; check packaging or contact the manufacturer for details.

Wiper blades degrade naturally over time from exposure to the elements and regular use, making them a wear and tear item. Wear and tear items are typically not covered by warranties, so it is unlikely that your wiper blades will be covered if they need replacement due to normal wear and tear. In the event of a manufacturing defect, your wiper blades may be eligible for warranty coverage. Please ensure you have proof of purchase and reach out to the manufacturer or retailer for a warranty claim.

If your wiper blades happen to damage or scratch your windshield, you can check with your warranty provider to see if Windshields Are Covered Under Warranty.

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Are Wiper Motors Covered Under Warranty?

The lifespan of a windshield wiper motor depends on various factors such as usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. The wiper motor on a car is supposed to last a lifetime, but typically, this will not be the case due to the conditions that this part of a car is exposed to. The heat and moisture that a wiper motor is exposed to on a daily basis will eventually lead to you having to get it replaced. However, wiper motors should last between 4 to 5 years before requiring replacement.

If you notice any issues with your wiper motor such as slow movement, failure to turn off, or working only on one speed, it’s best to get it checked by a professional.

If you need to replace your wiper motor, your best bet is to take it in to the mechanic to avoid damaging any other components. You can purchase a Replacement Wiper Motor on your own, or order one from the shop or dealership that you decide to get it repaired at.

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Are Wiper Arms Covered Under Warranty?

The durability of wiper arms is expected to match the lifespan of your vehicle. However, certain circumstances may necessitate their replacement. If the wiper arm on a car is not functioning properly, it can lead to various complications. Regularly inspect this part to ensure it remains undamaged.

Certain vehicle warranties may include coverage for wiper arms, typically as part of the comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty. However, the coverage for specific components, such as wiper arms, may vary and could have exclusions or limitations. In the event of a manufacturing defect or premature failure of the wiper arms due to reasons beyond normal wear and tear, they may be eligible for warranty coverage. To make a warranty claim, you will be required to provide proof of purchase and reach out to the manufacturer or retailer.

The warranty for the Replacement Wiper Arms will be determined by the manufacturer or retailer if you choose to replace them with aftermarket parts.

Always be sure to inspect your wiper arms after going through a car wash. The most common cause of damage to your windshield wipers are due to a car wash. The brushes and high-pressure water can get caught on or damage the wiper arms while cleaning your vehicle. In most cases, when a carwash does damage your wipers, they will reimburse you for the cost of the repair or replacement.

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How To Change Your Wiper Blades – A Step By Step Guide.

1: Gather Your Tools and Materials. First, you’ll need to gather the materials. These include the new wiper blades, a flathead screwdriver (if needed), and your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

2: Determine the Correct Wiper Blade Size. You can find the correct wiper blade size for your vehicle by checking the owner’s manual or using an online wiper blade size lookup tool.

3: Lift the Wiper Arm. Safely lift the wiper arm away from the windshield. Ensure to do this gently to avoid damage.

4: Release the Old Wiper Blade. Using the release tab or button you can easily remove the wiper blade from the arm.

5: Remove the Old Wiper Blade. Carefully remove the old wiper blade from the wiper arm without letting it snap back against the windshield.

6: Prepare the New Wiper Blade. Then, unbox and prepare the new wiper blade, ensuring it matches the size of the old one.

7: Attach the New Wiper Blade. Insert the new blade onto the arm and push it until it clicks in place.

8: Lower the Wiper Arm. After that, safely lower the wiper arm back down to the windshield, ensuring proper blade contact.

9: Test the Wiper Blades. Then, turn on your wipers and test the new blades for streaks, skipping, or unusual noises.

10: Repeat for the Other Side. If the vehicle has wiper blades on both sides, repeat the process for the other side.

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