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Best Wiper Blades For Winter

Having the best wiper blades for winter is important when it comes to driving in the snow. Snow getting stuck to your window affects your visibility and consequences could range from dangerous to fatal. Traditional wipers won’t do well because their hinges will freeze, they’ll accumulate ice and stop working.

Best Blades To Buy

When the cold weather hits, the last thing you want is to have wiper blades that can’t handle the conditions. Cold weather is notorious for breaking wiper blades, and winter-specific wiper blades typically hold up better, last longer, and perform better than other wiper blades.

Rain X Latitude

Compared to some of the premium choices they don’t cost a ton, but they still perform like the best of the best. They actively repel water when it’s raining, and they provide streak-free cleaning with each wipe. But not only do the Rain X Latitude wipers do great in the rain, but they do an outstanding job of clearing snow, ice, sleet, and any other type of inclement weather nature can throw at you.

Trico Ice

Outstanding winter-specific performance and a great price make the Trico Ice wiper blades an exceptional option for your vehicle. Trico built every part of the Ice wiper blades to handle the colder winter weather, and they do a phenomenal job. The blade is less likely to freeze and tear, and all the components are less likely to crack when the cold weather hits.

Bosch ICON

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the Bosch ICON wiper blades give you even superior performance. They’re phenomenal all-weather wiper blades that easily cut through and clean water, ice, snow, sleet, and anything else the world throws at them. The Bosch ICON wiper blades last about 40 percent longer than the competition, giving you far more time with outstanding results.

Michelin Stealth Ultra

The blades use a silicone design that adds to the overall durability and makes them a bit more water-repellant. Another winter advantage with the Michelin Stealth Ultra blades is their smart hinge cover that helps keep ice and snow out of the blade. This keeps things moving smoothly even when severe weather hits.

Valeo Frameless Ultimate

The Valeo Frameless Ultimate wiper blades excel in two different areas, performance and appearance. They can easily handle snow, ice, water, sludge, and sleet to keep the windshield clear. They’re available at a great price considering the quality of the wiper blades you’re getting. They’re easy to install in moments and the universal fitment style and the built-in wear indicators let you know when it’s time to get new wiper blades on order.

Aero All-Season Beam

These Aero All-Season Beam wiper blades are another all-season wiper blade option that can deliver quality results in colder weather. They’re genuine all-season wiper blades that whisk away rain, sleet, snow, and ice with ease, and they’re extremely easy to install. They’re very durable, even when the weather starts to get cold.

Best Wiper Blades For Snow And Ice.

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are wiper blades covered

Wiper Blade Warranty

Whether Wiper Blades Are Covered Under Warranty depends on several factors, including the type of warranty you have and the specific circumstances surrounding the wiper blades.

New vehicles usually have a manufacturer’s warranty that covers different vehicle components for a specific period or mileage limit. Some warranties might include wiper blades as part of the overall coverage. However, this coverage is typically restricted and may not apply if the wiper blades wear out due to normal wear and tear. Some vehicle owners opt for a Mopar Extended Warranty that covers additional components and services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. These extended warranties may include coverage for wiper blades, but it depends on the specific terms of the contract.

Purchasing separate Aftermarket Wiper Blades may result in a separate warranty. Warranty terms vary based on brand and manufacturer; check packaging or contact the manufacturer for details.

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