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What Is The Jeep Wave

In the world of Jeep enthusiasts, the phrase “Jeep Wave” carries a significance that extends beyond mere words. So, what is the Jeep Wave, and why is it such a cherished tradition among Jeep owners?

The Jeep Wave is a non-verbal form of greeting exchanged between drivers of Jeep vehicles, an unspoken acknowledgment of camaraderie and respect among fellow Jeep aficionados. This gesture often involves a subtle hand wave or a two-fingered salute extended from the steering wheel to oncoming Jeep drivers, symbolizing a shared passion for adventure, exploration, and the open road.

Participating in the Jeep Wave not only reflects the spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie within the Jeep community but also embodies the shared values of freedom, adventure, and a love for off-road exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned Jeep owner or a newcomer to the world of Jeep enthusiasts, understanding and embracing the Jeep Wave can enhance your experience and connection with this vibrant and passionate community.

Next time you find yourself behind the wheel of a Jeep, remember the significance of the Jeep Wave – a simple yet powerful gesture that embodies the spirit of adventure and unity among Jeep lovers worldwide. Join the tradition, spread the camaraderie, and keep the Jeep Wave alive!

How Did The Jeep Wave Start?

There are three different theories on how the famous Jeep Wave got started. The first theory is that it was started back in WWII when soldiers would wave to each other while driving Jeeps on patrol or for transportation. Next is that it stared after the war. When returning soldiers purchased their first Jeep models and waved to acknowledge each other for their service.

The last and most popular theory is the wave started later in the 60s and 70s with the off roading culture as a way to salute another Jeeper. This last theory is the most probable because many car communities have their own waves as well.


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Jeep Wave Rules

If you go by hierarchy, the lesser Jeep always waves first. Here are some guidelines for Jeep Wave rules:

  • Age: Firstly, the older the model, the higher you are on the hierarchy. This rule goes along with the saying “respect your elders”.
  • Accessories: Secondly, the more accessories you have the higher you are on the Jeep hierarchy. Modifications beyond the standard equipment increase your Jeep ranking. Prior to making any modifications, make sure they won’t affect your Jeep Extended Warranty if applicable. Having more accessories shows that you’re enthusiastic about being in the jeep community.
  • Cleanliness: Lastly, the more mud and dirt that’s on your Jeep, the more proof that it is well used and that you go off roading often. If a Jeep is caked in mud, it’s automatically at a higher status.

Although these rules are in place, if you see another Jeeper driving down the road be sure to give them a wave to show camaraderie.

Need more info on the Jeep Wave? Visit JLWranglerForums.com this Proper Jeep Wave Post has lots of great insight. Another key point, JL Wrangler Forums is a great forum with a huge following. Altogether this is a great place to get more connected with the Jeep community.

Also popular in the Jeep community is the Jeeps and Ducks. If you are new to the community you definitely want to get yourself versed in this.

Here is a great short video on the Jeep Wave!

Jeep Wave Q&A

Who participates in the Jeep wave?

Typically, Jeep owners participate in the wave. It’s not limited to a specific model or year, and enthusiasts of all Jeep vehicles, from Wranglers to Cherokees, often take part in this tradition.

How does the Jeep wave work?

The Jeep wave is a simple gesture, usually a wave or a raised hand, exchanged between Jeep drivers as they pass each other on the road. It’s a way of acknowledging the shared love for the Jeep brand and the sense of adventure that comes with it.

Is there a specific way to execute the Jeep wave?

The Jeep wave is more about the spirit than a specific gesture. It can be a simple hand wave, a peace sign, or even just a nod of the head. The key is to reciprocate the gesture when you receive it from another Jeep owner.

Are there any rules for the Jeep wave?

While there are no strict rules, some Jeep enthusiasts follow a general guideline of waving to all Jeeps, but it’s especially common among Wrangler owners. However, the Jeep wave is all about fun and a sense of community, so there’s no right or wrong way to participate.

Do all Jeep owners participate in the wave?

While many Jeep owners embrace the tradition, not everyone participates. Some may not be aware of the custom, while others may simply prefer not to engage. It’s a personal choice, and there’s no obligation to participate.

Can non-Jeep owners participate in the wave?

The Jeep wave is primarily a tradition among Jeep owners, but some enthusiasts may reciprocate the wave to show appreciation for the community. However, it’s not as commonly practiced among non-Jeep drivers.

Does the Jeep wave have any official recognition from the Jeep brand?

The Jeep wave is a grassroots tradition created by the Jeep community and is not officially endorsed or recognized by the Jeep brand. It’s a spontaneous and organic expression of camaraderie among Jeep enthusiasts.

Are there any variations of the Jeep wave?

While the classic hand wave is the most common, some Jeep owners have developed their unique twists on the wave. From two-finger waves to more elaborate gestures, the Jeep wave can be as creative and diverse as the community itself.


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The Jeep Wave Program

With how popular the wave has become, Jeep has created its own extended warranty program called Jeep Wave to show their support and respect. This membership offers many benefits to qualifying vehicles.

You will automatically be enrolled in the Wave Program for 24 months if you buy or lease certain models, such as:

  • Wrangler
  • Gladiator
  • Renegade
  • Compass
  • Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee

Jeep Wave Program Benefits

There are many benefits of using the Jeep Wave program and being in this community. We’ve noted a few of the key points below:

  • Maintenance – Your first three tire rotations and oil changes are covered in the first 36 months of ownership. Along with no mileage limitation.
  • Protection – Same day rental with no charge for maintenance. Trip interruption coverage at $1,000 each time it’s used, if your car breaks down over 100 miles away from home. 24/7 customer service with maintenance and towing assistance.
  • Owner Support – Correspondingly, questions about your vehicle, scheduling service or anything else that’s needed can be accessed by calling 844-JEEP-WAVE, which is available 24/7.
  • VIP – Overall, Members get preferred treatment at events across the country and access to exclusive events as well.

Jeep Wave Program Cost

If you purchase a new Jeep, you receive access to the Jeep Wave Program for three years as part of the deal. You won’t have to pay for oil changes or tire rotations for those three years on a new Jeep. If you haven’t recently purchased a new jeep and don’t plan on doing so, the cost is around $150 per year. Furthermore, you can reach out to your local dealer to find special programs or discounts on the Jeep wave program. Here is a great resource to Find Your Local Dealer.

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