Ram Etorque Explained

What Is eTorque?

The Ram eTorque by definition is a hybrid system. A Ram with eTorque achieves an increase in efficiency like most hybrids, but this hybrid doesn’t stop there. The Ram eTorque also delivers increased performance and payload/towing capabilities. This is unlike most hybrid combinations on the market. To further answer what is eTorque and how it works we will go into how it works below.

The Ram 1500 has undoubtedly been a leader in truck innovation over the last decade. The addition of the eTorque is just one more step in the way of innovation. The Ram eTorque adds up to 16 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque. The eTorque also makes the inevitable stop start technology that’s finding its way into every automobile nearly undetectable. This alone is a huge benefit to a lot of drivers that are annoyed by jerky and unsmooth stop start systems.

Ram offers eTorque in 2 different engine combinations. You can get the standard 3.6-liter V6 engine and is optionally available on the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine. These combinations with eTorque are only available on the 1500 models. It is unclear as to whether or not Ram will make the 6.4 available with eTorque.

The first eTorque was available in 2019. The Hemi with the optional eTorque was the only option at the time. It has since became standard equipment on the Ram 1500.

Ram eTorque Explained

The eTorque electric motor/generator is fitted on the top of the Ram’s combustion engine. This motor/generator also replaces the conventional alternator for the engine. One of the functions of the motor/generator is to keep the Ram’s advanced battery and electrical system charged.

An eTorque motor/generator supplies a 48-volt current to a 430-watt-hour lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt-graphite battery whenever the engine is running. The battery pack array includes a 3-kilowatt direct current-to-direct current (DC-to-DC) converter that changes 48-volt current to 12-volts. This allows it to power the vehicle’s 12-volt accessories. Also, it allows it to charge the vehicle’s conventional 12-volt battery.

The 430-watt-hour battery pack is located behind the rear seat attached to the rear wall of the cab. The battery pack’s case is insulated to quite the noise generated from dual cooling fans.

The Motor/generator will also act as a Regenerative Brake and generates electricity while slowing the vehicle during braking. This process captures energy that would dissipate as brake heat. This energy flows from the 48-volt motor/generator to the battery pack where the energy is stored and re-used to propel the vehicle when needed. This actually helps take some of the work off your brake pads and rotors.

The Benefits Of Ram eTorque

All this great new technology is great. But what are the benefits or Ram eTorque? The list of benefits begins with Improved fuel economy. This is something you would expect from a hybrid system. The next is better towing and hauling capabilities. The eTorque motor/generator applies torque right to the crank shaft adding up to 130 lb.-ft of torque when taking off with a payload to heavy tow. This makes a big difference when getting a heavy load moving.

The advanced stop-start technology trumps the originally introduced technology.  The original stop-starts of all makes took a noticeable amount of time to get you going again. The Ram eTorque works so smooth because of the direct connection to the crankshaft. It only takes 400 milliseconds for the vehicle to be moving forward after pressing the accelerator. This is more than twice the speed of typical stop-start systems.

The Ram eTorque retains the 12-volt battery along with the 48-volt battery for good reason. The traditional 12-volt battery offers a better efficiency for starting the vehicle in extreme cold conditions. This also makes it easier to map out the 12-volt system that powers the Ram’s accessories.

Ram eTorque Warranty

Your Ram eTorque Warranty is covered under the Ram Powertrain Warranty. This warranty is for 5 years and 60,000 miles from the original in-service date. There are some of the eTorque components that are covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty. The emissions warranty is for 8 years and 80,000 miles.

Ram eTorque Battery Warranty

The Ram eTorque battery warranty is attached to the federal emissions warranty. This covers your Ram 48-volt battery with a warranty for 8 years and 80,000 miles. As you can imagine the 48-volt battery pack has a nice sized price tag. This makes the extra coverage a big plus.

If you look into a Ram Extended Warranty, be sure to ask about hybrid coverage. This will make sure your extra hybrid components are covered for the term of your extended warranty.

Ram eTorque Q&A

Which Ram models come with eTorque?

The Ram 1500 has two available eTorque engine options.: the 3.6L PENTASTAR® V6 24v VVT eTorque Engine w/ Stop/Start and the 5.7L V8 HEMI® MDS VVT eTorque Engine w/ Stop/Start.

Does Ram eTorque impact towing capacity?

Ram eTorque can positively impact towing capacity, as it provides additional torque during acceleration, which can be beneficial when towing heavy loads.

Does the eTorque system add significant weight to the vehicle?

While the eTorque system does add some weight, it is engineered to maintain the overall performance and durability of the vehicle without causing any major adverse effects.

Can Ram eTorque be disabled?

In some models, there might be an option to temporarily disable the eTorque system, especially if there’s a need to use specific performance settings or under specific driving conditions.

How does Ram eTorque contribute to the overall driving experience?

Ram eTorque enhances the overall driving experience by providing a seamless and efficient transition between various driving modes, ensuring a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

How does Ram eTorque impact fuel efficiency?

Ram eTorque contributes to improved fuel efficiency by providing electric torque assistance, enabling the engine to operate more efficiently, especially during acceleration and when idling.

Can the Ram eTorque system be customized or modified?

While the eTorque system itself may not be easily customizable, some aftermarket modifications might be available for certain components. However, it is important to consult with authorized service centers before making any modifications.

How does the Ram eTorque system contribute to reduced emissions?

By enabling more efficient use of fuel and providing electric torque assistance, the Ram eTorque system can contribute to reduced emissions by minimizing the overall fuel consumption of the vehicle.

How does the eTorque system compare to other hybrid or electric systems in the market?

The eTorque system differs from full hybrid or electric systems by providing mild-hybrid functionality, focusing on improving fuel efficiency and performance rather than complete electric propulsion. Comparisons may vary based on specific features and requirements.

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