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Top Off-Road Wrangler Trails

For Wrangler owners seeking the ultimate off-road adventure, there’s no shortage of trails that test the limits of the vehicle. These trails cater to a range of skill levels, providing opportunities for both experienced and new Wrangler enthusiasts. These destinations show the impressive capabilities of the vehicle and embody the Wrangler culture. Here are the top off-road Wrangler trails.

Another way you can find best destination trails is with the Jeep Wave program, which is a popular purchase along with a Jeep Warranty when the initial programs expire.

Rubicon Trail

Sitting on the west side of Lake Tahoe just roughly 80 miles east of Sacramento is the 4×4 wonderland known as the Rubicon Trail. Boasting incredibly challenging terrain, there’s a reason that Jeep named its stoutest Wrangler 4×4 trim model after this destination. While it may be only 22 miles long, the Rubicon slices through the heart of the El Dorado and Tahoe National Forests and is the granddaddy of all rock crawling trails. Certainly, to be on the bucket list of every die-hard 4×4 enthusiast.

Be sure to be well equipped with a Wrangler that has at least a three-inch lift, 33-inch tires, and some rocker guards. If not, you can expect a good deal of sheet metal damage.

Cinder Hills OHV

The Cinder Hills is a scenic recreation area enjoyed by many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. Its numerous volcanic cinder cones and craters surrounded by a ponderosa pine forest environment gives the area its unique value. Due to a growing interest in this area for off-highway vehicle recreation, additional management direction is needed to protect sensitive resources and to provide for continuing use of this recreation.

Moab Rim Trail

The Moab Rim Trail is a very tough and popular Jeep trail that is also adored by hikers. The trail follows the Jeep trail up to a panoramic view of the Moab Valley, Arches National Park and the usually snowcapped LaSal Mountains. It can be turned into a loop with the nearby Hidden Valley Trail.

Moab is definitely one of the most talked about and well-known off-roading destinations in America. It’s breathtaking and enjoyed by off-roaders, mountain bikers, hikers, and rafters. There is enough terrain for anything from stock 4×4 vehicles to seriously modified off-road rigs. If you don’t have your own trail-blazing truck or SUV, they offer guided trail tours and Jeep rentals.

top off road trails

Mojave Road

Starting in Bullhead City, Arizona, and ending in Newberry Springs, California, this 140-mile trail, known as Mojave Road, is loaded with grand scenery, historic landmarks, and off-road thrills. Originally paved by Native Americans, this road has been traveled by Spanish explorers, pioneers, and the U.S. Army over the last few centuries. It’s home to many of the southwest’s most notary landmarks such as the Colorado River, Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Spring, and Soda Lake.

The Mojave National Preserve is the third-largest national park in the country at a massive 16 million acres. The main visitor center is the Kelso Depot, which houses a restaurant, exhibits, restrooms, picnic area, and an information counter.

Ophir Pass

Part of the Alpine Loop, Ophir Pass is one of Colorado’s easier roads. It’s a great trail for off-road enthusiasts just starting their new sport, while still providing views of the state’s steeper and more difficult trails.

Located in the San Juan Mountains, the pass provides a reasonable uphill climb to its summit. You’ll still want to use caution, the pass has some rocky portions and switchbacks, and up to 20 feet of snow at the summit. Trails are well maintained, however, and with two vehicles you and your friends are sure to have a thrilling ride.

Alpine Loop

This scenic byway is a classic Colorado trail. Parts of the trail don’t require a 4×4, but if you’re looking to tackle all 63 miles, you’ll almost certainly need a real off-road vehicle to be able to handle the terrain. Rugged trails and rocky climbs are both on offer across the Alpine Loop, located south of Telluride.

Along with the loop, this area has some history for those looking for a few stops. There are multiple ghost towns and ruins along the trail. There are plenty of passes in the Alpine Loop but the area as a whole is worth a trip.

top off road wrangler

Grand Mesa Trails

Just off of I-70 and about 5 hours from Denver, the ATV and 4-wheel drive trails in the Grand Mesa National Forest span about 150 miles. Grand Mesa’s name is a little misleading, but you’re sure to be met with adventure.

The park’s networked trails feature multiple difficulty levels, with numerous lakes, grassy hills, deep mud holes and rocky climbs. The terrain and the expansive views ensure these trails live up to their rugged reputation. Many of the trails are located on flat-top mountains, making Grand Mesa a somewhat more moderate trail than Colorado’s most challenging scrabbles.

Hot Springs ORV Park

The 1,254-acre off-road Hot Springs Park is open to all vehicle types and offers miles of marked and rated trails for all skill levels. Most of the terrain is hard packed and rugged with various elevation changes, making this a good choice for 4×4’s. This park houses the 4×4 Rock Hop G19. Which is a connector trail inside the park where you can recharge before heading off to more challenging routes. More challenging tracks include Fun Run G3, one of three Jeep “Badge of Honor” trails, typically considered the most difficult.


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