Ram Lifetime Warranty

The Ram Lifetime Warranty is a Mopar Vehicle Protection service contract offered on new and pre-owned vehicles. If you had lower than 48,000 miles and your Ram was under 4 years old, then you qualified for a Lifetime Warranty.

Ram Lifetime Warranty

Ram Lifetime Warranty

If you have the Ram Lifetime Warranty, You Have Great Coverage! Your coverage will very depending on which plan you purchased. The most popular of all the plans is the  Maximum Care. This plan is the most comprehensive of all the Mopar Vehicle Protection plans. The more comprehensive the coverage the better you are covered. Vehicles today have more components than ever before. Other plans you may have are the Added Care Plus or you may have the more basic coverage which is the Powertrain Care.

Features And Benefits Of The Plan

  • First Day Car Rental – This gives you a allowance for rental car or taxi. This applies to any time your vehicle is in the shop for a covered repair.
  • Trip Interruption Protection – This gives you up to $1,000 for lodging, meals and car rental allowance, this is in the case the vehicle is undrivable due to a failure of a covered component, This is also assuming you are more than 100 miles from home.
  • Towing/Roadside Assistance – This provides you with $100 Sign and Go Towing and Roadside assistance. These benefits include towing, flat tire change, gas or fuel delivery, battery jump and lockout service.
  • Key Fob Repair or Replacement – You are covered for up to three key fob repairs or replacements. This will cover key fobs that are either inoperable or lost. A maximum coverage benefit pay out of $600.(Limited to certain plans see your actual plan for details)

Keeping Your Ram Lifetime Warranty In Good Standing

It is important to keep your Lifetime Warranty in good standing. You will need to make sure to keep your oil changes and maintenance done within the recommended time and mileage. You will also want you keep record of these services. It would also be good to keep in good contact with your local Ram Dealer. They can help with the recommended service requirements. Kbb has a great tool for helping with pricing and locating dealers in your area. (Kbb.com/Ram/Maintenance-Schedule) Be sure to put your zip code in so it will get your local pricing and dealerships.

Service Contract | Ram

What If Your Lifetime Warranty Gets Canceled?

What if your Ram Lifetime Warranty gets canceled without you knowing? Do not be to alarmed if this happens to you. There are a number of things that could have happened to make this happen. If this does happen it is fixable most of the time. A lot of times it can be a misspelled name at one service appointment. This can trigger the system to think the vehicle has changed owners. There are a number of other things that can cause this type of glitch within Mopar’s system. You can contact Mopar at 800-521-9922. Mopar support can help resolve this situation.

Warranty Deductible

Your Ram Warranty Deductible will usually be between $0 and $200. You select this at the time of purchase. Your sales rep should have offered the different options at that time. Your obligations for the deductible is for each visit. Most of the time this can include multiple repairs under the same ticket. See your service advisor for details. Your Ram Lifetime Warranty Deductible does not apply to your roadside assistance or towing assistance. You will want to call the 800 number before the tow. As a result, this will save you and your service advisor a lot of headache.

Ram Lifetime Warranty Brochure

Here we have included a pdf copy of the Ram Lifetime Warranty Brochure. This is to simply help with understanding the plan. This brochure also gives good reference to the roadside assistance numbers. Feel free to download and print a copy for your own future reference. This copy of the Ram Lifetime Warranty Brochure is the latest revision we have available.

Ram Lifetime Maximum Care Warranty pdf  

Effective Dec 1st of 2018 Mopar discontinued any new sales of the Ram Lifetime Warranty. This does not effect the previously sold Lifetime warranties. Mopar Lifetime Warranties purchased before this date will be honored as long as you own your vehicle. It is unclear as to whether Mopar will bring back the Lifetime Warranty in the future. Since the discontinue of the Lifetime Warranty Mopar has came out with a few new extended mileage/term plans. Mopar has plans up to unlimited mileage and terms as long as 8 years. 

Ram Lifetime Warranty Coverage

The Mopar Maximum Care is the most popular of the different types of Ram Lifetime Warranty Coverage. Below we have put together a simple list of your Maximum Care Ram Lifetime Warranty Coverage. It will list what is covered and what is not.

Mopar Maximum Care

Lifetime Maximum Care

Lifetime Maximum Care is a complete mechanical plan. This plan delivers coverage for as long as you own the vehicle and as many miles as you want to drive. The coverage starts from the original in service date. The Lifetime Maximum Care is a refundable plan. The refund is a prorated warranty based on a 7 year 100,000 mile parameter. Coverage includes the following listed components.

  • Engine and Emissions
  • Transmission
  • Driveline
  • Steering
  • Engine Cooling and Fuel System
  • Power Group
  • Electrical Including But Not Limited To Expanded Electrical
  • Power and Manual Interior Mechanisms
  • Exterior Body Mechanisms
  • Safety and Security Systems
  • Suspension including Front/Rear
  • Brakes Including Antilock Systems
  • Digital and Mechanical Instrumentation

The Lifetime Maximum Care Warranty is an exclusionary warranty. The only parts and labor not covered.

  • Maintenance services and items used in such services. Including but not limited to oil and filter changes.
  • Catalytic Converter and Particulate Filter. These items usually have a separate warranty for 5 years from the manufacturer.
  • Glass, Plastic Lenses, Light bulbs and led light strips on certain models.
  • Body and paint items. Including but not limited to soft trim. such as rubber seals and moldings.
  • Snowplows, Winches, Trailer Hitches and any add on or aftermarket items.
  • General wear items including but not limited to tires, manual clutch assembly, brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake drums, engine belts and windshield wipers.

Alternatives To The Ram Lifetime Warranty

Mopar offers some Great Alternatives To The Ram Lifetime Warranty. We have terms up to 8 years and 125,000 miles. You can purchase your Ram Extended Warranty directly online or you can call one of our Ram Warranty Specialist and let them help find the right warranty for you and your Ram.

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