Jeep Compass Safety Rating

Jeep Compass Safety Rating

Boasting a roomy interior and a standard engine, the Jeep Compass features the quintessential Jeep-style in its exterior. It is well-finished, stylish, and space-efficient. This Jeep model makes a serious contention in a saturated compact SUV segment. The latest Jeep Compass model also packs plenty of tech, but those who are looking at this model are curious to know how it rates as far as safety is concerned.

You’re in luck because this guide explores the crash and safety tests performed on the Compass, helping you decide on the safety level of the vehicle.

Jeep Compass Safety Rating

What is the NHTSA Jeep Compass Safety Rating?

The latest crash test performed by the NHTSA on the Jeep Compass is in the 2021 model. Two model variants were subjected to the NHTSA crash tests, which are the front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The Jeep Compass safety rating from the NHTSA on both variants is four out of five stars. The front-wheel drive variant scored four out of five stars in the overall frontal crash rating, equally rating four stars on the driver and passenger sides.

Meanwhile, it earned a five-star rating on the side crash tests. It performed exceptionally well on the combined side barrier and pole ratings, and the side barrier ratings. In addition, the overall side pole safety rating is a five-star.

The rollover rating on the Jeep Compass scored the lowest rating at three stars out of five. It had a rollover risk of 20.20%.

The four-wheel drive variant of the Jeep Compass also scored a four out of five stars rating. It earned four stars on the driver’s and passenger’s side testing for the frontal crash. The side crash rating is five stars on all aspects, such as the side barrier and pole ratings.

Finally, the rollover rating for the 4WD Jeep Compass is three stars out of five. The rollover risk is 20.60% with no tip on the dynamic tip testing.

What is the IIHS Jeep Compass Safety Rating?

Earning a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS is an indicator of a vehicle’s advanced safety features, which you can expect in this compact SUV. The Top Safety Pick recommendation reflects Jeep’s commitment to improving safety and reliability in this compact SUV model, making it a serious contender in this segment.

The Crashworthiness testing on the Jeep Compass scores good on all aspects, including the small overlap front testing on the driver and passenger side, moderate overlap front test, side crash testing, roof strength, and head restraints.

When it comes to the crash avoidance and mitigation, the Jeep Compass safety rating ranges from good to marginal on the headlights department, depending on the trim or option. The front crash prevention for vehicle-to-vehicle testing is superior, while the front crash prevention for pedestrian on a daytime setting is advanced. Lastly, it scored marginal on all aspects of the seat belts and child restraints systems.

What is the NCAP Jeep Compass Safety Rating?

The Jeep Compass safety rating is in from the ANCAP and EuroNCAP. The ANCAP safety rating is an impressive five stars out of five. This small SUV is rated on all variants for the model released in 2017. It scored good on whiplash protection and pedestrian protection. Meanwhile, the ESC is standard, earning it an overall score of 35.93 out of 37.

The frontal offset score is 14.93 out of 16 and the side impact score is a perfect 16 out of 16. The seat belt reminder also scored a perfect score of 3.0.

Jeep Compass is equipped with various safety assist technologies, although some of them are not available on the base variants.

Jeep Compass Safety Rating

Is the Jeep Compass a Safe SUV?

As of this writing, the Jeep Compass is the only model from the brand to earn a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. This recommendation is a testament to Jeep’s commitment to incorporating the latest safety tech and improving on past mistakes, especially regarding the Jeep Compass Recalls.

While it wasn’t without some flaws during the crash and performance tests, it did fairly well in comparison to the Jeep Wrangler, or other compact SUVs that were tested. Therefore, you can be confident that you’re not only driving a sleek-looking car but also feel safe behind the wheel.


Which Jeep is the safest car?

It’s safe to say that the Jeep Compass is the safest Jeep car as it has earned the Top Safety Pick recommendation from the IIHS, after completing a battery of crash and safety tests.

Do Jeeps tip over easily?

It depends on various factors, including driver error. In general, vehicles with a narrow wheelbase tend to tip over easily. The Jeep Compass scored fairly on the rollover crash test, but the other Jeep models like the Wrangler and Renegade did not do as well.

Are Jeeps prone to problems?

The reliability index score of Jeep is 29 out of 40 car manufacturers. It is not below the industry average, which places it alongside other brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and the Jaguar.


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