Chrysler Pacifica Safety Rating

The Chrysler Pacifica is a minivan lineup positioned as a higher-end model with two powertrain options. The first is a gasoline-only version, and the other is a plug-in hybrid. In 2021, a restyled Pacifica was introduced with a new exterior styling and an all-wheel drive for all gasoline models. Meanwhile, the minivan series is noted for its fuel economy, particularly the hybrid models.

With so many unique advantages to owning the Chrysler Pacifica, it’s easy to see why this minivan has received multiple awards. But it’s time to investigate further and determine how well it performs in terms of safety and injury protection. Keep reading to learn about the Chrysler Pacifica’s safety rating.

Chrysler Pacifica Safety Rating

Safety Features of the Chrysler Pacifica

Before discussing the Chrysler Pacifica’s safety rating, let’s first examine the minivan’s safety features. According to the minivan’s press release, it has 97 standard-equipment safety and security features. Incorporating those features was part of the overall concept and design for the Pacifica, which aims to provide superior driving confidence for consumers.

Among the standard safety features expected across all Chrysler Pacifica variants is the Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). This safety feature and tech are part of why it earned the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS, which you will learn more about later.

In addition, the Chrysler Pacifica includes a network of cameras, sensors, and radars that monitor the minivan’s immediate surroundings. These technological features make it easier to predict driving patterns and alert the driver of any risks, allowing them to take corrective measures.

Despite this, Chrysler Pacifica is not perfect. There is a history of Chrysler Pacifica recall you must be aware of, helping you determine if it’s a safe choice.

NHTSA Chrysler Pacifica Safety Rating

The NHTSA conducted crash testing on the Chrysler Pacifica, and it earned an overall safety rating of five stars out of five. The overall frontal crash rating is five stars on the driver and front passenger side. It also earned five stars on all aspects of the side crash testing, such as the side barrier and pole ratings for the driver and passenger side. The rollover crash rating for the Pacifica is four out of five stars, with 11.60% rollover risk.

IIHS Top Safety Pick

The 2023 Chrysler Pacifica has earned the Top Safety Pick from the latest IIHS testing. It is the highest possible rating that any vehicle could earn in an IIHS crash test. The Pacifica minivan has earned a good rating, wherein it excelled in three common real-world crash tests: driver-side frontal impact, passenger-side frontal impact, and moderate frontal overlap.

The robust body structure of the Chrysler Pacifica contributes to the impressive performance on these crash tests. The minivan comprises high-strength and multiple steel grades in its structure, contributing to the crash test results.

The Pacifica’s crashworthiness testing has earned it a good rating on the small overlap front crash test on the driver and passenger side and the moderate overlap front crash test. It also earned a good rating on the roof strength, head restraints and seats, and side crash testing.

Regarding crash avoidance and mitigation, the Chrysler Pacifica was rated acceptable for its headlights. It earned a superior rating on front crash prevention for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions and advanced ratings on front crash prevention for pedestrians day and night. Its seat belt rating is marginal and acceptable for the latch system.

Chrysler Pacifica Safety Rating


Is Chrysler Pacifica a safe car?

Yes. The Chrysler Pacifica has standard and modern safety features, earning it a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS and a five-star rating from the NHTSA.

Does Chrysler Pacifica have blind spot monitoring?

Yes. The Chrysler Pacific has Blind Spot Monitoring, making it easy and safe to change lanes. If the vehicle detects another vehicle entering your blind spot zones, you will be alerted to help you make the necessary corrections when driving.

How many airbags are in a Chrysler Pacifica?

Eight airbags, including the driver-side and standard knee airbags, are available in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Is Chrysler Pacific worth it?

The Chrysler Pacifica’s safety rating is good, making this minivan a worthy investment. In addition, it offers comfort and convenience with its spacious interior, exceptional cargo capacity, and other family-friendly features.

What is the safety recall on the Chrysler Pacifica?

There have been a few recalls on the Chrysler Pacifica, especially those affecting its engine and transmission.

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