Chevy Camaro Safety Rating

Chevy Camaro Safety Rating

The Chevy Camaro exudes style on the exterior and interior sides. But it does not end there because the Chevy Camaro also packs a lot of engine power, making it stand out from the competition. This sports car features rear-wheel drive, with a 650-horsepower and 6.2 litre supercharged engine. These capabilities allow the Chevy Camaro to produce 650-lb-ft of torque.

Learn more about the Chevy Camaro safety rating to determine how well this sports car can protect you, especially given its power and engine capabilities.

Chevy Camaro Safety Rating

Built-in Safety Tech & Features of the Chevy Camaro

It does not matter what specific variant you choose; the Chevy Camaro introduces a hefty list of safety features to give you peace of mind. And these safety tech features are excellent, so you can get your money’s worth!

Although there have been Chevy Camaro recalls, the auto manufacturer and engineers have done their best to incorporate as many safety features to make your driving experience as seamless as possible. But first, here is a look at the standard safety features you can expect across all Chevy models:

• Five airbags (driver, passenger, front head, rear head, front side)
• Disc Brakes
• Electronic Stability Control
• Traction Control
• Brake Assist
• Daytime Running Lights

Meanwhile, the Chevy Camaro also boasts various active safety features to enhance confidence. These are the safety features available on the Chevy Camaro.

Heads-Up Display

This safety feature on the Chevy Camaro helps the driver stay focused on the road. It provides essential information on the windshield so you won’t have to look down at the gauge display. It is an optional feature that you can activate to suit your convenience. You can also edit various display settings based on preference.

Traction Select System

The Traction Select System lets you pick the right mode to suit the driving conditions. This feature allows the vehicle to adjust the performance mechanism that would suit the road conditions.

Access to different driving modes puts you fully in control. Among the driving modes available are:

• Sport
• Tour
• Snow/Ice
• Tow/Haul
• Terrain
• Off-Road
• Z Mode
• Track Mode
• Weather Mode

Launch Control

The Chevy Camaro is a car built for speed. Therefore, the Launch Control is an essential safety feature that maximizes your power as you launch the ride. This safety feature is best coupled with the vehicle’s traction control. Launch Control works by optimizing the wheelspin, but it is only activated when driving in a competitive mode.

Rear Vision Camera & Rear-Traffic Cross Alert

This Chevy Camaro safety feature helps you see what’s directly behind you when reversing at low speed. The camera allows you to execute parking more effectively and accurately and avoid nearby barriers or objects.

Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert

It’s stressful to change lanes on a busy highway. That’s why the Chevy Camaro’s lane change alert is a useful safety tech, enhancing your safety for everyday convenience. This feature provides a side-mirror visual alert whenever it detects a moving vehicle close to your blind spot zone.

The lane change alert can help avoid collisions when changing lanes, especially when driving at greater speeds.

Forward Collision Alert

This Chevy Camaro safety feature warns the driver of an impending collision with another vehicle. The alert allows you to respond to prevent damage or collision. Meanwhile, you can get a tailgating alert so you know if the vehicle behind you is too close.

Chevy Camaro Safety Rating

Chevy Camaro Safety Rating

The top safety rating organizations have rated the Chevy Camaro, and those ratings are all good. It is the best blend of safety, speed, and performance.

With the NHTSA, they tested two variants of the Chevy Camaro. The first one is the 2 DR rear-wheel drive, which earned an overall safety rating of five stars. Its frontal crash test performance is four stars, with the same driver- and passenger-side rating. The side crash testing is also rated as five stars on the side barrier and side pole rating. The rollover crash test rating on the Chevy Camaro from the NHTSA is five stars. It has a rollover risk of 8.30% and did not tip over during the crash test.

On the other hand, the IIHS has also rated the Chevy Camaro. It scored an overall safety rating of good in the crashworthiness category, which includes the small overlap front, moderate overlap front, and side crash tests. Even though the roof strength is rated as Advanced, the head restraints and seats scored good.

The one aspect of the Chevy Camaro safety rating from the IIHS that did not perform well is crash avoidance and mitigation. It earned a Basic score on the front crash prevention for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Meanwhile, it is not rated for front crash prevention against pedestrians. Finally, the LATCH ease of use earned a marginal score from the IIHS.

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