Best Off-Road Tires For A RAM Truck

Best Off-Road Tires For A RAM Truck

Are you searching for the best off-road tires for a Ram truck? Look no further because now you can be more confident to embark on your off-road journey with the most reliable and capable tires. There are many Ram trucks in the lineup and no matter which you choose, they command attention on and off the road. But beyond their style, Ram trucks are known to be workhorses that can withstand heavy-duty hauling and any off-road conditions.

Make sure you balance this robust capability with tires that will be just as capable!

Key Highlights

• When choosing off-road tires, consider the tread pattern, construction, sidewall design, and a larger footprint.
• Buying a new set of off-road tires also require you to evaluate the brand and its reviews, and your budget.
• Choosing the right off-road tires is crucial for the best tire performance and to ensure your safety when off-roading.

Best Off-Road Tires For A RAM Truck

What Makes an Off-Road Tire?

An off-road tire is unique from traditional tires because, as the name implies, it is designed to handle the toughest terrains that other tires would struggle with. It is exemplified by unique and aggressive tread pattern that delivers traction in challenging surfaces, such as mud, dirt, and snow.

In addition to its tread pattern, an off-road tire boasts a solid construction and reinforced sidewalls. This feature makes it possible to withstand any impact or prevent damage from sharp objects that could puncture any ordinary tires.

Meanwhile, an off-road tire features a larger footprint that helps distribute the vehicle’s weight to a larger surface area. This feature of an off-road tire gives it added stability when navigating rugged terrains and hilly paths. It also ensures that you won’t easily sink when you drive over soft surfaces.

Look for these key characteristics when buying the best off-road tires for a Ram truck, or any off-road vehicle.

Choosing the right tires is also beneficial in terms of delivering the best engine performance and capability under any surfaces. Be sure to get the Ram Powertrain Warranty to get regular maintenance for your vehicle and ensure it is fit to tackle the off-road conditions, and your adventure goes on without any glitch.

Guide to Choosing the Right Tires

Choosing the right off-road tires for your truck can be a daunting task. However, it’s an important one because an incorrect tire could be dangerous when you have to navigate challenging terrains and unpredictable weather.

The tires is the only part of your vehicle that comes into contact with the driving surface, so it goes without saying that you must carefully choose the right set of tires for the job.

The first factor to consider when choosing off-road tires is your off-roading needs. Will you be driving over sand or mud? What is the terrain like? Are there a lot of rocks on the path? Depending on the type of terrain and the obstacles you must overcome, you can choose the key characteristics that you need to make your off-road driving more predictable and stable.

The brand and model is another thing to consider when buying off-road tires for a Ram truck. Some brands are known for manufacturing off-road tires, so you can turn to them knowing they have the expertise and technology. However, be sure to check out reviews and recommendations from experts depending on your off-roading needs.

Lastly, consider your budget. More expensive tires don’t always mean you have the best. Therefore, you shouldn’t be lured into thinking that spending more for your new off-road tires will give you better performance.

Best Off-Road Tires for a Ram 1500

If you drive a Ram 1500, you can consider these top picks for the best off-road tires for this vehicle model.

1. BFGoodrich TA KM3

BFGoodrich TA KM3

The BFGoodrich TA KM3 is the best off-road tire for the Ram 1500 for navigating tough terrains. This next-generation off-road tire from BF Goodrich is built for extreme conditions. It features pinch shock resistance, chip-and-tear resistance, and extreme sidewall protection. The CoreGard Max is a race-proven technology that improves the sidewall protection by 27%.

It is a tire that is built for the mud, giving up to 5% better mud traction than its predecessor. Meanwhile, its massive tread blocks ensure incredible grip under any surface or angle of approach. And speaking of angle, the Krawl-TEX compound improves its ability to grip when climbing.

2. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Built for all terrains, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S is the best off-road tire for Ram 1500. It offers excellent grip and handling on wet road conditions. Meanwhile, it has been rated well for extreme weather, including deep snow. But it’s one of the unique tire options on this list that offers off-road durability with on-road comfort.

3. Kumho Road Venture APT KL51


The Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 is one of the best off-road tires for the Ram 1500 as it is designed for all-season use. It boasts a solid center rib for excellent steering response and a wide circumferential grooves that improve hydroplaning response.

The tread blocks are also wide so you can enhance the steering ability and prevent premature wear. And you’ll love that the tapered tread groves is self-cleaning, which is helpful when driving through snow or wet conditions.

Best Off-Road Tires for a Ram 2500

If you’re driving a Ram 2500, check out the best off-road tires for your vehicle.

1. Toyo Open Country A/T III

Toyo Open Country A/T III

This all-terrain tire is among the top picks for the Ram 2500 truck. This tire excels in various terrain conditions; hence, it is perfect for Ram 2500 owners that want to take their vehicles on- and off-road.

You can expect reliable performance with the Toyo Open County A/T III under any weather conditions. It reduces risks of hydroplaning on wet surfaces, while its tread pattern and compound delivers excellent traction when driving over mud, gravel, rocky surfaces, and sand.

With Toyo’s history of producing tires, you can expect that these tires are going to be tough against sharp objects in off-road conditions, preventing damage and punctures.

2. Kumho Road Venture MT71

Kumho Road Venture MT71

If you’re looking for the best mud terrain tire, look no further than this one from Kumho for your Ram 2500. It boasts an aggressive tread pattern with advanced rubber compound to offer traction and ability to navigate extreme weather conditions. Off-road enthusiasts love the Kumho Road Venture MT71 tires because it can navigate seamlessly over rocks, sand, mud, and dirt. It is also rated for Mud and Snow, with a high traction score.

Aside from its reliable off-road performance, this tire looks rugged and aggressive. It makes your vehicle look bold and powerful.

3. Falken Wildpeak H/T02

Falken Wildpeak H/T02

The Falken Wildpeak tires are the best all-season tires for the Ram 2500. Built for an all-season use, these tires offer reliability all-year round, thanks to its tread pattern and superior compound. The Wildpeak H/T02 features a rugged look and excellent durability on the highway. And yet, it performs well in an all-terrain or mud terrain setting.

The Wildpeak is also rated high for its durability, especially when dealing with the heavy-duty demands of the Ram 2500. And the best part is that it is competitively priced for its capabilities. Thus, you have to consider the Wildpeak if you’re looking for a cost-effective tire replacement for your Ram 2500 that you can take off-road.

Best Off-Road Tires For A RAM Truck

Conclusion: Best Off-Road Tires for a Ram Truck

Use this list on the best off-road tires for a Ram truck to help find the best tires that can withstand your adventurous spirit. If you like to tackle challenging terrains and you find thrill out of it, you should invest in no less than the best off-road tires as it gives you peace of mind that your vehicle (and its tires) can handle the challenge and make it a fun drive!


What size tire is best for off-road?

The best off-road tire sizes range from 33 to 40 inches. However, it depends on the vehicle that you plan on attaching your tires to, so be sure to consider that as well.

Which tires wear faster on a 4×4 truck?

The front tires wear out more easily on a 4×4 truck.

Why are bigger tires better for off-roading?

Bigger tires raise your vehicle’s height and it also gives your car more stability. Raising your car’s height is beneficial in off-road driving as it prevents your car’s body from bumping into obstacles by providing extra clearance to the undercarriage.

Are off-road tires good for highway driving?

It depends on the specific type of tire. Some off-road tires can perform well on paved road conditions but others hydroplane easily. If highway driving is important to you, make sure to check if your tires will drive as efficiently on the highway as it does in off-road conditions.


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