What Voids A Mopar Extended Warranty

What Voids a Mopar Extended Warranty?

Whether you own a brand new or used car, an extended car warranty is a worthy investment. However, the cost of car ownership isn’t something you should take lightly. It could involve a huge cost, depending on your vehicle type or the extent of repair or parts that need to be replaced. Buying an extended warranty also entails a huge cost. So, what voids a Mopar extended warranty? Make sure you know the answer to this question to avoid paying a lot of money and not being able to successfully make a warranty claim when you need it.

Key Takeaways

• An extended car warranty is a good investment to protect against out-of-pocket expenses associated with unexpected repairs on your vehicle, whether brand-new or used cars.
• The most common causes of voided warranty claims include repair jobs performed by unapproved dealers or mechanics, DIY repairs, unauthorized parts or aftermarket modifications, and failure to meet your car’s maintenance schedule.

What voids a Mopar extended warranty?

Why Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Car?

Vehicle owners loathe having to deal with the vehicle repairs and parts replacement due to the expensive costs they entail. Buying an extended warranty coverage offers the best protection for your car while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses that could ruin your budget.

Let’s recap the benefits of buying a Mopar warranty with an extended coverage:

• An extended warranty offers protection, especially if you buy a used car with a high mileage. The older a car is, the more expensive it will be to repair them. Buying an extended warranty can protect you against expensive repairs.
• An extended warranty gives you peace of mind when you intended to drive your car for a long time. But even if you decide to sell your car in the future, an extended warranty coverage can be transferred to the new owner as it is attached to the car.
• An extended warranty ensures you have access to repairs and services associated with your car, especially if you have an unreliable brand or model.

What Voids a Mopar Extended Warranty?

Now that you understand the benefits of buying an extended warranty, it’s crucial to know what could potentially void a warranty claim. Keep reading to find out what voids a Mopar extended warranty.

Fixing Your Car in Unauthorized Shops

When you buy a Mopar warranty, you can use your warranty to have your car serviced or repair through authorized shops. It is important to bring your car in for repair from authorized shops and mechanics only. It is best to ask your dealership to know about where to get your car servicing to ensure that you don’t void your warranty claim.

Taking your car to an authorized shop based on your extended warranty ensures you get free repairs and the reliability of expert mechanics. Since it is a common cause for denied claims, you have to review the terms of your warranty to avoid making the same mistake that others have done.

DIY Repairs

Aside from taking your vehicle to unauthorized shops, the worst thing you can do for your car is to do your own repairs. DIY repairs entail many risks, including the potential to lead to more and long-lasting car damage, especially to the internal components. It is another top reason for claims being denied for a warranty coverage.

However, the warranty provider must prove that doing your own repair directly caused the damage to the affected components. If they cannot prove this, it could be challenging for the warranty provider to deny your claim based on this alone. But to avoid any complications, it is recommended you check the terms of the warranty.

Failing to Regularly Maintain Your Routine Maintenance

Your owner’s manual specifies your car’s maintenance schedule, especially if you have a brand-new car. Vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining that schedule to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. The routine maintenance schedule includes tire rotation, oil changes, and fluid level checks. Failing to keep up with the maintenance schedule can potentially void the warranty.

Aftermarket Parts and Unapproved Modifications

Here is another common cause for denied warranty claims: using aftermarket parts and adding any unapproved modifications to your vehicle.

Manufacturers specify the brands that are accepted under the extended warranty. If you use recycled or aftermarket parts on your vehicle, especially if they are faulty or incorrectly installed, it can result in the warranty being voided or denied.

Approach vehicle modification with caution as this will likely void your Mopar warranty. Whether it’s installing turbochargers, or upgrading the suspension, or any other upgrades, it can void your warranty coverage if they are not the approved brands by the manufacturer or weren’t installed by approved dealers or mechanics.

What voids a Mopar extended warranty?

Lack of Paperwork

Always keep a record of your car’s maintenance schedule and other work on your vehicle. Even if you regularly maintain your vehicle’s routine care schedule, it won’t benefit you if you cannot provide a detailed paperwork for this. The paperwork shows when and who performed the care on your vehicle, which includes the detail of the work and the receipts.

Make it a habit to collect and document all essential records for your vehicle so you are not refused warranty coverage.

The Bottom Line

Taking out an extended warranty is the best protection against unexpected expensive repair costs. When your car breaks down, you can use your warranty coverage to pay for the costly repairs. However, it is important to read the fine print of your coverage to ensure you can abide by those terms and avoid voiding the warranty.

If you don’t give it due diligence, you could end up paying more as your warranty is voided and you must pay for the repair or parts replacement on your own. Using the information above, you can avoid this situation and maximize the benefits offered by a Mopar extended warranty.


Will Mopar parts void the warranty?

Only approved parts and brands should be used for repairing or modifying your vehicle. But even if you use Mopar parts, your warranty can still be voided if you use your vehicle for competition or beyond the manufacturer’s specified use.

Does a late oil change void the warranty?

All cars should follow a specified routine maintenance schedule. Failure to follow this schedule risks your car to various problems, which includes a regular oil change. It is a basic step to ensure your vehicle functions properly or avoid damage.

Does using synthetic oil void warranty?

Many vehicle manufacturers specify the viscosity grade and other requirements for oil changes on certain warranty coverage. But whether you choose a synthetic or other types of oil won’t matter because it will not affect the warranty coverage.

Do aftermarket wheels and tires void warranty?

Using aftermarket wheels and tires might not void the warranty. However, if issues arise or these aftermarket wheels and tires are not installed correctly, resulting to more car damage can result in problems when filing a warranty claim.

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