TRX Warranty | 702-horsepower Ram 1500

TRX Warranty | 702-horsepower Ram 1500

TRX Warranty

The Ram TRX

The 2021 Ram TRX is Ram’s 702 horsepower answer to Fords F-150 Raptor. CarAndDriver states until its Blue Oval rival adds more power and steps up its interior game, the Ram rules. In this 2021 TRX Overview https://www.caranddriver.com/ram/1500-trx. The TRX’s 702 horsepower connects to the the road with no problem. The TRX will race to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and runs the quarter-mile in right at 12.3 seconds at 110 mph. Not to shabby for a 6,300 lb. 4×4 truck. All of this performance comes with a great TRX Warranty.

Ram TRX Warranty

The Ram TRX despite its 702 horsepower and high performance nature comes with the same type of warranty  a V6 truck would. This makes this one of the more trusted high performance trucks on the market. Your 702 horsepower Powertrain has a remarkable 5 years and 60,000 miles of coverage. The basic warranty(referred to as the bumper-bumper) is good up to 3 years and 36,000 miles.



Ram TRX Future? Will Ram Make A 2022 TRX?

What is Ram TRX’s Future? And Will Ram Make A 2022 TRX? There has been lots of reports of this circulating the web and amongst performance truck enthusiast. However fact is Ram is certainly making a 2022 TRX.  From what we have seen there will not be any major redesign or change in options or color. This does not mean there won’t be any mid to late year changes. Ram has boasted about the quick sale of all TRX inventory and thinks it will continue for years to come.


Can You Get An Extended Warranty On A TRX?

Can you get an extended warranty on a TRX?  Do to the high performance of the TRX this is a good question. To answer this, Yes you can get a extended warranty on a TRX. Most of the time you will be offered an extended warranty at the dealer. These are usually over priced and most of the times are not the Mopar Factory Backed Extended Warranty. You should definitely look into an extended warranty for this type of vehicle.  The warranty prices are very fair. Also it benefits you to look into this sooner than later. This is due to rates are cheaper before 1 year and under 12,000 miles among other reasons.

TRX Extended Warranty

Used TRX Extended Warranty

Can you get a Used TRX Extended Warranty? This is a popular question and in short, Yes you can get an Extended Warranty on a used TRX. Once the mileage is over 12,000 miles or the vehicle is over one year from the original sale date the rates go up some. However the rates are still very fair considering the cost of repairing a 702 horsepower engine.


TRX Extended Warranty Options

Here we will go over your TRX Extended Warranty Options. Being a 702 horsepower truck the high dollar powertrain should be your main concern. Mopar Powertrain Plus will take care of this at a really fair price. If you are lookin for a little more coverage and are ok with leaving out some of the smaller items you should look at the Mopar Added Care Plus. If you want to pay a little extra and know that it is all covered you definitely want to go with the Mopar Maximum Care. All of these plans have a long list of covered components so to help with questions you can find printable brochures below.

Printable Brochures


Ram TRX Pricing

The Ram TRX Pricing Is A Huge Debate. The factory MSRP for the Ram TRX is just at $71,690. The chances of purchasing one for less than $15,000 over sticker are pretty slim. Ram has limited the first year production of the Ram TRX and the demand is high. The dealers are completely aware of this and if they are lucky enough to get one they are marking the price up. Read more on this at  http://www.trucktrend.com/news/2021-ram-1500-trx-launch-edition-dealer-markup.

2022 Ram TRX Pricing

The high mark up is set to continue on the 2022 Ram TRX Pricing. The demand for the most high performance 4×4 truck and limited supply makes this inevitable. We have seen pre-owned Ram TRXs on the auction block still bringing well over original sticker price. This is a good sign of steady resale values. 2022 Ram TRX Pricing is thought to stay pretty stable from the factory. Hopefully the dealers don’t get to greedy and start towards the $30,000 over sticker. This was seen for a short period after the launch of the SRT V-10 Ram.

Ram TRX Warranty

Used Ram TRX Pricing

The high demand for the new and used Ram TRX is keeping the price well above sticker. KBB reports seeing a listing for used one owner TRX with a price of $119,633 in this Feb 15th article https://www.kbb.com/car-news/dodge-ram-trx-seeing-markups-as-high-as-50000/. This shows Used Ram TRX Pricing stands to stay high for some time to come. Individuals are also capitalizing on this demand. They will negotiate a price with a dealer and then resale the TRX for a higher price with like new mileage.


TRX Extended Warranty Cost

As you might expect the TRX Extended Warranty Cost is going to be a little higher than your regular Ram 1500 Extended Warranty. With the cost for a replacement 707 horsepower engine being over $15,000 dollars before labor it might be worth looking into. The best place to buy this warranty is through Mopar Extended Warranty Discount Retailers. Yes this is a real thing. The dealer sells the warranties for a large profit. Usually the higher the warranty cost equals more you can save by buying directly from a Mopar Extended Warranty Discount Retailer.

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