Toyota Tundra MPG

Toyota Tundra MPG

Apart from its striking exterior and luxurious interior, the Toyota Tundra MPG rating is what impresses most about this prized truck from the famous auto maker. It is the perfect truck for any road adventures, with impressive towing capabilities and a powerful engine. Find out how Toyota developed its fuel-efficient engine and hybrid technology without compromising on the excellent powertrain.

What is the Toyota Tundra MPG?

Let us dive straight into the Toyota Tundra MPG, as per the EPA estimates. This data is available for the latest tested model, which is the 2023 Toyota Tundra.

Toyota Tundra MPG

Toyota Tundra 2WD: 20/18/24 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra 4WD: 20/19/22 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra 4WD PRO: 19/18/20 MPG (combined/city/highway)

Across the different trim levels for the Toyota Tundra, the average fuel consumption is 5 gallons per 100 miles.

Toyota Tundra Hybrid MPG

As mentioned, the Tundra boasts hybrid technology to add to its efficiency rating. Below is an overview of the Toyota Tundra Hybrid MPG ratings:

Toyota Tundra SR: 20/18/24 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra SR5: 20/18/23 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra Limited: 20/18/23 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra Platinum: 20/18/23 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition: 20/18/23 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra TRD Pro: 19/18/20 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Tundra Capstone: 21/19/22 MPG (combined/city/highway)

The hybrid gas mileage is far from being the best in its class. However, if you’ve got your eye on this pickup truck, it’s worth looking at the hybrid models to improve your efficiency performance.

Toyota Tundra vs Competitors MPG

When shopping around for a midsize pickup, it’s best to compare the fuel efficiency rating of the Toyota Tundra with other similar pickup trucks in the market. It will give you a fair assessment of the overall value of the truck, especially when you consider other factors.

The first competition for the Tundra is the Ford F-150. These two pickups are often compared to each other, but how do they fair in terms of gas mileage? For this purpose, we’re looking at the 2WD variants for the vehicles in this class. The Ford F-150 MPG rating is slightly better than the combined MPG of the Tundra, which is at 21 MPG (versus the 20 MPG for the Tundra).

Next is the Ram 1500 2WD, it earned an MPG rating of 22 combined MPG (better than the Tundra and F-150 by a slight margin). It also did better on the city MPG rating. Lastly, the Honda Ridgeline is only available in the AWD variant. Its estimated MPG rating is a combined 21 MPG, which is about average within this class.

Since the Toyota Tundra MPG is within average for the segment, there is no definitive factor that would make you choose this over other similar pickup trucks. It boils down to the ride quality, comfort, and design (interior and exterior). Of course, it will also depend on your personal preferences and budget.

It is worth noting though that the EPA fuel economy estimate on the annual fuel cost for the Tundra is $4,000, which is higher than its competitors.

Toyota Tundra Performance Highlights

No matter if you’re driving the Tundra to a job site or for an outdoor adventure, this pickup truck has proven itself capable to manage any driving conditions. It is made possible by the impressive engine specs that fuel its performance.

On some trim levels, the Toyota Tundra is fitted with the i-FORCE MAX engine. This engine is the most powerful one available for the Tundra, which delivers 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque. In addition, some trims can have a maximum towing capacity of 12,000 lbs, when properly equipped. It also boasts 1,940-lb of maximum payload.

The Toyota Tundra is more than just a fuel-efficient truck. It has excellent power and performance when you need it most.

Toyota Tundra MPG


What gas mileage does a 5.7 Tundra get?

The 5.7L 8-cylinder engine for the Toyota Tundra has an MPG rating of 16 combined MPG (or 13 MPG on the city and 17 MPG on the highway).

Is Toyota Tundra reliable?

While Toyota is an overall reliable brand, the same is not always the case with the Tundra. The fuel efficiency is good, but Consumer Reports state that it is “below average” in reliability. It scored 2 out of 5 in predicted reliability with the predicted owner satisfaction at 4 out of 5.

Meanwhile, RepairPal rates its reliability at 3.5 out of 5 (equivalent to an Average rating). The website also estimates the average annual repair cost of the Tundra at $606, or equivalent to an average ownership cost. The frequency of unscheduled repairs is 0.3 times a year and it is fairly standard for pickup trucks.

How to increase Toyota Tundra gas mileage?

You can boost the Toyota Tundra gas mileage with a few changes to your driving style. Sensible driving habits, such as limiting aggressive braking, not tailgating, and avoiding rapid acceleration can contribute to increasing your truck’s fuel efficiency.

It also helps to remove extra weight and to active cruise control for maximum fuel performance. Regular maintenance is also critical to increasing gas mileage, so be sure to invest in the Toyota Extended Warranty for better mileage.


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