Toyota Camry Safety Rating

Toyota Camry Safety Rating

The Toyota Camry is a luxury sedan that offers comfort and efficiency. Although priced higher than the Corolla, this sedan is an excellent choice for car buyers looking for a vehicle that boasts modern features and prioritizes safety. Beyond its good looks and luxurious interior, let’s explore the Toyota Camry safety rating to help determine if it’s worth the investment.

Overview of the Toyota Camry Features

Toyota Camry Safety Rating

The Toyota Camry boasts stylish good looks and an impressive performance, making it a front-runner in the midsize sedan segment. The stylish exterior is made possible by the sleek roofline and front-end design. Meanwhile, the black accents and alloy wheels create an eye-catching two-tone finish, complementing its aggressive and wide stance.

There is more to the Camry than its stylish looks, though. It offers unparalleled performance with an all-wheel drive variant that gives you confidence even when the weather is less than perfect. In addition, it packs a sport-tuned suspension that delivers world-class riding comfort and driving capabilities. That’s not all; it packs power from the impressive 4-cylinder and V6 engine. Drivers can get the best of both worlds with its hybrid performance, 8-speed automatic transmission, fuel economy, and 3-mode drive switch.
Toyota Camry Safety Features

Toyota places a premium on safety, which is why the Toyota Camry is brimming with safety features and modern tech. The Camry is equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 System, which brings several safety technologies to increase driver confidence behind the Camry’s wheel.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control enables you to drive the Camry on the highway with peace of mind. It integrates with the Full-Speed Range system, which allows you to set the speed and maintain distance control from vehicle to vehicle. Meanwhile, the Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist detects the line markings on the road when driving above 32 mph. If it detects unintended lane departure, it sends an audio or visual alert, and the system takes over with a gentle corrective steering action.

The Safety Sense 2.5 System also offers Road Sign Assist, which uses an intelligent camera to detect speed limit signs and other road signs. The icon or sign is shown on the Multi-Information Display inside the vehicle, so you can adapt your driving accordingly. The Automatic High Beams feature makes driving at night easier, detecting headlights from oncoming vehicles and automatically switching off your high beam function.

In addition to these advanced safety technologies, the Toyota Camry offers other standard active safety features:

• Panoramic View Monitor
• Front and Rear Parking Assist
• Automatic Braking System
• Airbags
• Maintenance Plan and Roadside Assistance

What is the Toyota Camry Safety Rating?

Is the Toyota Camry a safe car? The best way to answer this question is to examine its safety rating from the NHTSA and IIHS.

Starting off with the NHTSA, the overall Toyota Camry safety rating is five stars on the 2022 Hybrid model. The overall frontal crash test rating is five stars, with the front driver and front passenger side ratings at five stars. Meanwhile, the side crash test performance for the Toyota Camry is five stars overall. Its side barrier and side pole ratings are five stars. The rollover risk rate for the Toyota Camry is five stars, with a rollover risk of 9.90%.

As for the IIHS rating, the Toyota Camry was impressive. It earned the Top Safety Pick award for several consecutive years, from the 2012 model to the most recent model, the 2024 Toyota Camry. A consistent Top Safety Pick recognition lasting over a decade is a testament to this luxury sedan car’s quality, reliability, and safety. This achievement is even more impressive considering that the IIHS has imposed more stringent requirements, making it tougher for vehicles to earn the Top Safety PIck badge.

Even older models tested by the ANCAP, specifically the build models from 2017 to 2021, earned a five-star rating. The assessment score is 36.16 out of a possible 37. Its side impact, pole, and seat belt reminder ratings are exceptional. Its whiplash protection is rated as Good, and the pedestrian protection rating is Acceptable.

Toyota Camry Safety Rating

What is the Adult Occupant Protection Rating on the Camry?

The Toyota Camry’s Adult Occupant Protection Rating is five stars. During testing, the stable body shell in the passenger compartment proved effective in protecting the passengers. Even the doors stayed shut after receiving impact. The injury protection was also superb on the Camry.

What is the Child Occupant Protection Rating on the Camry?

The Camry’s Child Occupant Protection assessment score is 44.4 out of 49 points. The testing done on the Camry showed that the mount where the child’s car seat is attached did not rotate during impact. Thus, the car is safer for the children’s occupants should any collision occur.

Should You Buy the Toyota Camry?

Earning the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS and a five-star rating is a major feat for any vehicle. The fact that the Camry has consistently delivered on these safety tests guarantees that it is a quality and reliable car that can last for many years. You must note, however, that the Toyota Camry recall issues may affect your decision.

The suite of safety features and standard testing guarantees this family or luxurious sedan is a safe choice, especially for safety-conscious drivers.


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