Toyota Camry MPG

Toyota Camry MPG

Is the Toyota Camry fuel efficient? Hands down – this luxury sedan is among the best-rated sedans that deliver impressive fuel economy ratings. From the base engine to the hybrid engine, this sedan is a breed ahead of its class. Apart from the excellent Toyota Camry MPG, it also offers a reliable and robust engine performance that enhances its class-leading style and features. Keep reading to find out why this iconic car is one of Toyota’s most prized lineup.

Toyota Camry MPG Guide

What is the Toyota Camry MPG rating? Check out this full list of the fuel economy rating based on the EPA estimates for the 2024 models.

Toyota Camry MPG

Toyota Camry Hybrid LE: 52/51/53 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry Hybrid SE/XLE/XSE: 46/44/47 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry LE/SE: 32/28/39 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry XLE/XSE: 31/27/38 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry AWD LE/SE: 29/25/34 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry AWD XLE/XSE: 28/25/34 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry: 26/22/33 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry XSE: 26/22/32 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Toyota Camry TRD: 25/22/31 MPG (combined/city/highway)

As you can see, the Toyota Camry fuel efficiency rating varies by trim level and the fuel configurations. The hybrid model is powered by a 2.5L four-cylinder 6-speed automatic transmission engine and it takes up regular gasoline. As per ratings, the actual driver MPG reported is at 48.1 MPG, which is slightly lower than the EPA estimate of 52 MPG.

The TRD trim boasts the most powerful engine option for the Toyota Camry with 3.5L six-cylinder 8-speed automatic transmission engine. This engine also takes up regular gasoline, which significantly reduces the gas mileage to a combined 26 MPG. The annual fuel cost of the TRD goes up to $2,100 compared to only an average fuel cost of $1,050-$1,070 for the base engine.

Fuel-Efficient, Green Driving Technology

The Toyota Camry engine is the primary reason why it has achieved excellent fuel efficiency rating. You can choose various powertrains that fit your desired fuel performance.

The standard engine that is fitted into the Toyota Camry is the 2.5L four-cylinder engine with an impressive 28 MPG on the city and 39 MPG on the highway. This engine can produce up to 203 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 3.5L V6 engine boosts that horsepower to 206 without compromising fuel efficiency at 32 MPG.

When you prefer a hybrid engine, you have two options for the Toyota Camry. The first one is the 2.5L eCVT Hybrid engine with Lithium-ion battery (the Hybrid LE model). This hybrid powertrain allows you to choose between gas and electric power to offer up to 52 MPG. Meanwhile, the Nickel-Metal Hybride battery is available on the SE and XLE models that can produce up to 47 MPG in the city.

The green technology and smart driving features combine to make this sedan highly efficient. With V6 engine options, you can experience optimum power without sacrificing the fuel savings. The Toyota Camry raises the bar on fuel efficiency in the sedan segment.

How Big is the Toyota Camry Fuel Tank?

The fuel tank capacity of the Toyota Camry is 15.8 gallons, which is applicable to all FWD trim levels for the sedan. Meanwhile, the trims that feature the AWD drivetrain are fitted with a smaller fuel tank capacity of 14.4-gallons.

Regardless of which trim level you choose, there is an impressive fuel tank size that is bigger than what you would find in most sedans. Thus, you can spend more time in the road in between your fill-ups.

Toyota Camry MPG

How Far Can You Go With Each Fill Up?

The driving range is another crucial factor to consider when deciding if the Toyota Camry is the right sedan for you. Again, the trim level will determine the driving range because each trim offers a different engine option.

The highest driving range is 616 miles, which you can expect from the LE, SE, and the SE Nightshade FWD trims. On the other hand, the lowest driving range is the TRD V6 engine and the XLE and XSE AWD trims at 489 miles.

Efficiency and Performance of the Toyota Camry

What has made the Toyota Camry the most popular family sedan? The first one is its reliability and excellent engine performance that gives it longevity. However, as technologies evolved, the Camry has been updated with an aerodynamic design with advanced technologies. Small factors like this can contribute to enhancing the sedan’s fuel efficiency.

Starting off with the powertrain options, the Camry has a standard Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine that offers a responsive and highly efficient drive. But for maximum fuel efficiency, there is a hybrid engine option with a competitive horsepower so you’re not sacrificing performance for fuel savings.

In addition, your savings can also be attributed to the Camry’s eco-friendly features. It’s an eye-catching sedan that comes with a sleek profile and aerodynamic design that reduces drag and wind resistance. Hence, the engine won’t work as hard to move this vehicle, helping conserve fuel in the process. Moreover, the Hybrid model features other eco-friendly technologies, such as the EV mode and the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. These technologies enhance fuel efficiency while reducing harmful emissions.

If you want to keep your Toyota Camry in the best condition, be sure to keep up with regular servicing and maintenance. Invest in the Toyota Extended Warranty to enjoy the services of a Toyota-trained mechanic to provide care for your sedan and repairs when needed without any out-of-pocket expenses.


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