Ram Trucks New Hurricane Engine

Ram Trucks New Hurricane Engine | HP & Performance Specs

The Ram trucks are considered the leader of the pack when it comes to power, performance, and reliability. It boasts a powerful engine game that beats out its hottest rivals like GMC and Ford. The iconic HEMI engine sets the reputation of the Ram trucks above its competition, but that is about to change. According to Ram, it’s retiring the beloved HEMI engine. Its replacement? The Ram trucks new hurricane engine is set to bring quite a storm when it debuts with the 2025 Ram 1500.

If you’re excited about what’s in store with this new engine, you’re not alone. We’re bringing in the details that is available to give you a taste of what to expect.

Key Highlights

• The new Hurricane engine on the Ram trucks made its debut with the new 1500 truck that launched in late 2023.
• The all-new Hurricane engine boasts big-engine power, enhanced performance, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.
• In comparison to the HEMI engine, the Hurricane engine adds more power and torque.
• Aside from sporting the new Hurricane engine, Ram trucks will sport the same bold style but made sleeker and more aerodynamic.

Ram Trucks New Hurricane Engine | HP & Performance Specs


Goodbye HEMI, Hello Hurricane Engine

In late 2023, Ram has officially unveiled the all-new 2025 Ram 1500. When they say it’s all new, they mean it.

The global debut of the newest Ram 1500 also marks the debut of the more powerful, highly fuel-efficient 3.0L Hurricane engine. This new engine type aims to bring the class of the Ram trucks to another level, improving its power, performance, and efficiency.

According to Ram CEO, they have improved their powertrain offerings to cater to their loyal truck-buying fans. This new and powerful engine reiterates the bold styling it sports, along with other cutting-edge technologies that improve on what its fans have loved from the past.

Aside from the Hurricane engine, the new Ram 1500 features two other engine options: the 3.0L Hurricane High Output SST engine and the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine. By the third quarter of 2024, Ram has also promised to release the new Ram 1500 RHO that will be sporting the same brand-new Hurricane engine.

Ram Trucks New Hurricane Engine Performance & Specs

Ram trucks new Hurricane engine displaces 3.0 liters with its six-cylinder design and twin turbochargers. This name is inspired by the Jeep motor and comes in two versions: standard and high output engines.

The standard engine delivers 420 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque, while the high output version brings a whopping 510 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

When developing the new Hurricane engine, the Stellantis engineers employed state-of-the-art technologies to combine power and torque with lower emissions. There is a pair of turbochargers, one for each three cylinders, produce a quicker throttle response and a high-pressure direct fuel injection. All vehicles equipped with the Hurricane engine will come with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

In comparison to the HEMI engine, the Hurricane engine adds 25 more horsepower and 41 lb-ft of torque. If you choose the Hurricane HO version, expect even better horsepower and torque rating. When it comes to the maximum towing capacity, it remains the same with this new engine.

The most significant area of improvement is in the fuel economy. The highway MPG can reach up to 24 MPG whereas it was previously it barely hit 22 MPG estimates.

Ram Trucks New Hurricane Engine | HP & Performance Specs

Improving Efficiency with the New Hurricane Engine

So, how did the Ram trucks new hurricane engine come to be? The beloved HEMI engine was a gold standard in the trucks industry; so why the need to change it?

The state-of-the-art Hurricane engine promises big-engine power and enhanced performance never seen before in the Ram trucks lineup. However, it’s a move toward reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency that makes this new engine even more impressive than what its specs boasts.

The new 3.0L Hurricane standard output and high output engines generate more power than six-cylinder and V8 engines within the light-duty truck segment. This engine pairs with the eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission that makes shifting smooth, gradually improving its fuel consumption without sacrificing performance and drivability.

At its core, the Hurricane engine is made with a deep-skirt cast-aluminum block and a structural aluminum alloy pan. For the stronger Ram engines, they are made with a cross-bolted steel main bearing caps. The manufacturing process of the engine block facilitates better fuel efficiency during operation. This design is a product of careful thought process from the propulsion system engineers as part of its commitment to maximize power while reducing emissions.

Of course, improving fuel efficiency does not rely on engine alone. The new Ram trucks also feature new rear axles that increase performance, efficiency, and durability. The high-torque rear axle divides the torque across the rear wheels to minimize traction and deliver better efficiency. Not only that, this feature provides unparalleled ride handling and comfort.

The new Ram trucks hurricane engines are manufactured at a plant in Mexico.

What Else is New with the Ram Trucks?

Aside from the interior and engine components, the new Ram trucks boasts a modern and contemporary exterior design. Thus, the Ram trucks continue to rule the road with its bold presence.

Of course, there will be slight changes mainly in improving aerodynamics. Expect the iconic Ram grille and a sleeker look, especially with the addition of premium LED headlamps and projector headlamps. The RAM badge is more prominently placed, showcasing proudly its truck heritage.

If you plan on getting the new Ram 1500 or other Jeep vehicles sporting the new Hurricane engine, be sure to protect it with the Ram Extended Warranty to protect your investment.


How much horsepower does the new Hurricane engine have?

There are two versions of the new Hurricane engine. The standard output engine produces 420 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque, while the high output engine brings in 510 horsepower.

Is the Hurricane better than the HEMI?

The primary difference with the new engine is the improved fuel efficiency. The HEMI can provide a lot of power but loses fuel economy, but the Hurricane engine gives power and fuel economy.

Why is Ram getting rid of the HEMI?

It is part of Ram’s strategic and corporate decision to reduce emissions and switch to a more fuel-efficient engine.

How good is the new Hurricane engine?

The new Ram Hurricane engine improves on the power, performance, and fuel economy, as well as ride comfort and handling.

Who makes the Hurricane engine?

The new Hurricane engine is manufactured by Stellantis, an automobile giant. Since Stellantis owns Ram, Dodge, and Jeep, expect that the vehicles from these automobile brands will sport the new Hurricane engine.

What is the fuel economy of the Ram Hurricane engine?

The combined MPG rating of the high output version of the Hurricane engine is 17 MPG (15 MPG on the city and 21 MPG on the highway). This is a decent fuel economy rating for a powerful engine.


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