Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Rating

Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Rating

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a midsized SUV manufactured by the popular American brand Jeep. Since it entered the market, the Grand Cherokee SUVs have become highly sought-after because of their eye-catching design and reliable performance. Now, let’s check how well they deliver regarding safety and security based on the prevailing industry standards.

Top Safety Pick from the IIHS

Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Rating

The Jeep Grand Cherokee scored impressively on the IIHS safety tests. It has earned the Top Safety Pick for the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L models. Both models are mid-sized, four-door SUVs.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee earned an overall evaluation score of good from the IIHS. It also scored good on most categories including the small overlap front on the driver and passenger side, moderate overlap front and the side crashworthiness test. In terms of crash avoidance and mitigation tests. The vehicle scored a superior rating on the front crash prevention systems for the pedestrian (night) and vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Meanwhile, it earned an advanced rating on the front crash prevention for pedestrians (day).

In addition to the above ratings from the IIHS, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Rating is good across the driver injury measures, structure and safety cage, and driver restraints. The same ratings and scores applied to the Jeep Grand Cherokee L model.

ANCAP Safety Rating

The ANCAP has conducted a series of tests to assess the safety and crashworthiness of the vehicle. In the case of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the ANCAP awarded it with five stars. The latest SUV model from Jeep was introduced to Australia and New Zealand in March 2022. It scored quite impressive on most tests, earning an 83% rating in the adult occupant protection category. Meanwhile, the child occupant protection rating is 93%.

The safety assist rating on the Jeep Grand Cherokee is 84%, and the vulnerable road user protection is 81%. This vehicle is equipped with the standard safety assist technologies you would expect from its segment.

EuroNCAP Safety Rating

Like with ANCAP, the EuroNCAP safety rating on the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a stellar five-star. This SUV scored the following:

• 84% on Adult Occupant Protection
• 89% on the Child Occupant Protection
• 81% on the Vulnerable Road Users Protection
• 81% Safety Assist Protection

NHTSA Safety Rating

While the Jeep Grand Cherokee safety rating from the IIHS is impressive, let’s find out what the NHTSA rating is for this midsized SUV. The NHTSA rated and crash-tested two variants of the Grand Cherokee: the 2WD and 4WD models.

The 2WD Jeep Grand Cherokee scores an overall safety rating of four stars out of five. The NHTSA gave it a four-star regarding the overall front safety for the driver and passenger side. Specifically, the front passenger side is five out of five, while the front driver side is four out of five.

The side crash testing on the 2WD Jeep Grand Cherokee is five out of five stars and earned the same rating on the front and rear seats. The driver’s and rear passenger’s side barriers are both five-star rated. It earns the vehicle a five-star rating overall on side crashes. The rollover crash rating dragged the overall safety rating down as it is three out of five stars. This test evaluates the possibility of the vehicle rolling over in a loss-of-control scenario.

The 4WD version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee scored five out of five stars on the NHTSA crash test. The overall frontal crash test is four out of five, with some issues on the front driver side during the crash test simulation. On the other hand, the front passenger side performed five out of five.

The side crash rating on the 4WD Grand Cherokee is five out of five stars. It includes a perfect score on all side crash tests, such as the side barrier and combined side barrier and pole tests. This test evaluates a vehicle’s safety performance when it crashes into a fixed object, such as a pole or tree.

The rollover crash test rating for the 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee is four out of five stars. It has a 16.90% rollover risk with no dynamic tip.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Rating

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee a Safe Car?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee safety rating shows it is safe and reliable. Owners have trusted the Jeep brand for many years, and this midsized SUV is among the best in its class. The Jeep SUVs deliver a compact style, a robust performance, and a solid list of safety techs and features. Over the years, the Jeep brand has committed to improving its previous errors to increase passenger safety. However, it pays to know and be aware of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall throughout the car’s history.

Those efforts did not go down the drain as the SUV earned the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. The brand is serious about the safety of its passengers, and it is true not just for the Grand Cherokee SUVs but for their extensive vehicle lineup.

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