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Jeep Extended Warranty Worth It?

We Will Try To Help You Decide Is The Jeep Extended Warranty Worth It?

The question that has been asked for decades in the auto industry, Is the Jeep Extended Warranty Worth it?, there unfortunately isn’t just one distinct answer to this question. It comes down to can you and do you want to handle the risk of repair.  A lot of our sources suggest a Jeep Extended Warranty is a very  worthwhile investment. Most of the time a Warranty cost less than the estimated cost of maintaining the vehicle.

The dealership will offer a warranty when you purchase your new or pre-owned Jeep. However you will not want to buy this from the dealer. The dealers almost always overprices warranties for huge profit. You can find a factory backed Mopar warranty at Chrysler-Factory-Warranty.com. Buying directly from Chrysler Factory Warranty will save you lots of money, Additionally you will get the warranty that is right for you.


Only purchase the Mopar Vehicle Protection. There are a lot of third party plans available. A lot of them market customers very heavily and you have probably heard of some of them. This list includes CARCHEXENDURANCE WARRANTYLIBERTY BELL AUTO PROTECT, and CARSHIELD. This list of warranty providers are not all bad, However they are not backed by the manufacturer. These warranty companies will boast about low pricing an monthly payment options, trying to lure you into a purchase of there product.  Also a lot of dealers are offering third party warranties as well, so be sure of what you are buying.

Jeep Extended Warranty

Mopar Extended Warranty Cost

What Will A Mopar Extended Warranty Cost?

You may expect the Mopar Extended Warranty cost to be more than a lot of the third party warranties. However most of the time a Mopar Extended Warranty will cost less than the third party warranty. On top of the fact that the Mopar Extended Warranty cost the same or less, They are also simpler to use. To determine the cost of a warranty, we have to figure in what is covered, for how long and what is paid for out of pocket for each repair. Most of the time the third party pricing that lures you in is based on high deductibles and lower coverage. In other words this in no way is going to cost you less in the long run.

The type of coverage we recommend is the Mopar Maximum Care. This is the best coverage you can put on your Jeep. Another great warranty is the Mopar Added Care Plus this warranty is not an exclusionary like the  Mopar Maximum Care, but is still really good coverage. Mopar also offers Mopar Powertrain Care, this a very basic powertrain plan.

Jeep Extended Warranty

Best Jeep Extended Warranty

Now You Have All The Choices, Which Is The Best Jeep Extended Warranty?

Like we have stated before, We have to go with the Mopar Extended Warranty  When you pull into your local Jeep Dealer and they already know you are covered by your warranty being in the Jeep Factory/Mopar system, You will know you purchased the Best Jeep Extended Warranty. The Jeep Extended Warranty keeps things seamless.

With The Mopar Vehicle Protection you know the labor rates with the warranty company and the service department are always going to line up. This is not always the case with the third party warranty.


Jeep Maximum Care Warranty

The Jeep Maximum Care Warranty Is Going To Assure It Is Covered!

The Jeep Maximum Care Warranty is the warranty you are going to want if you are wanting it all to be  covered. This is an exclusionary warranty. This means besides a few items everything is covered. These items are your basic wear and tear items. For instance Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Tires, Wiper blades and other items you would expect to wear out. (For More info on this please refer to the brochure)

Weather you drive a Loaded Grand Cherokee or a base Jeep Renegade, todays vehicles have more moving parts and computers than they ever have. The Jeep Maximum Care Warranty covers 5,000 plus components. With any Level of coverage you choose in a warranty there are multiple levels of deductibles available. This ranges from $0. up to $500. on certain plans. The standard for the Mopar Warranties is the $100. deductible.

Jeep Maximum Care Warranty

Mopar Extended Warranty Price

Mopar Extended Warranty Price Is Determined By A Number Of Factors

Factors in determining your mopar extended warranty price.

  1. Age Of Vehicle
  2. Current Mileage
  3. Make & Model Of The Vehicle
  4. Level Of Coverage
  5. Whether You Buy Direct Fromwww.Chrysler-Factory-Warranty.com Or Not!

Here are some links to help you decide which Warranty is best for you and your Jeep

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