Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating

Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating

Get ready for your next big adventure with the Jeep Cherokee. This SUV is one of Jeep’s most popular lineup of vehicles and has been around for five generations. While it started as a full-size SUV, it evolved into a compact SUV before becoming a crossover SUV. Still, the Cherokee remains popular as it is built for on and off-road adventures.

If you’re ready to experience the capabilities of this midsize SUV, be sure to read on to find out more about the Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating to help determine if it’s worth the money!

Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating

Safety Features of the Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee boasts a hefty list of safety and security features to increase its reliability under many road conditions. In particular, the Jeep Cherokee features premium driver assistance technologies so that you can be more confident to go behind the wheel. These premium safety features include the following:

• Rear Park Assist with Stop
• Rear Back-Up Camera
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Automatic Headlamps
• Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers
• Convex Spotter Mirror (Driver and Passenger Side)
• Rear Child Safety Lock
• Advanced Airbag System

In addition to the above premium safety technologies, you can also expect the standard safety features in a Jeep Cherokee:

• Blind Spot Monitoring
• Forward Collision Warning
• Electronic Stability Control
• Lane Departure Warning with Lane Assist

What is the Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating?

The Jeep Cherokee safety rating has been tested by numerous organizations to determine its reliability and safety within the midsize SUV segment. The NHTSA rated it four out of five stars in its overall safety rating. Despite falling short of a perfect five-star rating, the Jeep Cherokee was impressive in the side crash test, scoring five stars. The four-star rating on the frontal crash and rollover crash tests dragged its overall safety rating down to four stars.

On the other hand, the IIHS rating on the crashworthiness of the Jeep Cherokee is good on all safety aspects. This testing applies to the 2019 Jeep Cherokee model that was built after April 2018. These vehicle models were re-engineered and re-styled with some modifications designed to improve occupant protection. These changes helped the Jeep Cherokee achieve stellar ratings and performance on crash testing, specifically in the small overlap front tests on the driver and passenger sides. The structure and safety cage were rated good, and so are the vehicle’s safety measures against driver and passenger injury, from the head/neck to the lower leg/foot. The overall evaluation of the roof strength and head restraints was also good.

When it comes to crash avoidance and mitigation, the Jeep Cherokee was rated superior in front crash protection for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Unfortunately, it was not rated for the front crash prevention for pedestrians. Its headlights received acceptable and marginal scores, which could vary based on the trim and variant option.

Lastly, the seat belts and child restraints systems scored good on the IIHS safety and crash testing. Specifically, the latch’s ease of use earned a good remark from the evaluation team.

In addition to the NHTSA and the IIHS, the Jeep Cherokee underwent the ANCAP testing. They tested the four-cylinder engine variant, to which this score evaluation will apply. This vehicle earned a score of 15.16 out of 16 on the frontal offset crash test. Meanwhile, the side impact score is a perfect 16 out of 16. Its pole crash test is 2 out of 2, while the seat belt reminders system is also a perfect 3 (out of 3). The whiplash protection is good, but the pedestrian protection is rated as acceptable. The overall score of the Jeep Cherokee is 36.16 out of 37.

Are There Any Jeep Cherokee Recalls?

Despite Jeep’s best efforts to deliver the best safety features and maximum performance on the Cherokee, there have been a few Jeep Cherokee Recalls in the past. It is crucial to know what are the affected components in the recall and how they’re addressed so that you can gain more confidence when driving in on or off-road.

Your best bet is to avoid earlier Jeep Cherokee models. The recent models were much improved in terms of safety and security technologies, giving you peace of mind.

Jeep Cherokee Safety Rating

How Reliable is the Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Cherokee lineup is popular and it has had many releases over the years. This midsize SUV is known for its fuel economy and powerful engine, allowing you to take it to your off-road adventures.

However, the Cherokee has received many recalls and quite a few user complaints, specifically on the transmission and engine. Nonetheless, it has been scored fairly by independent organizations that perform various crash testing across different variants. Thus, it can be reliable, depending on the specific model you get.

Is Jeep Cherokee Expensive to Maintain?

The cost of maintenance for the Jeep Cherokee depends on your driving habits, the specific Jeep model and year you own, and its maintenance schedule. While the Jeep Cherokee is not the most reliable SUV with a few recalls, data from RepairPal as published on Consumer Affairs shows that Jeep owners have had fewer visits to the shop than the average SUV. However, those that required a visit to the shops entailed a more severe case of repair than regular servicing.

The maintenance costs for Jeep Cherokee are not significantly higher than other vehicles. It also varies depending on your location as this can factor into the overall costs, including parts replacement and labor costs.

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