How To Use Dodge Performance Pages

The global automotive industry is constantly changing and evolving, and like many other aspects of the society, it is also highly influenced by technology. With the rapid technological changes and advancements, automakers had to adjust and cope with the changing customer demands. A more youth-oriented customer landscape meant that manufacturing cars should integrate as much technology and connectivity as any car could benefit from. And that’s how the concept of performance pages came to be. It’s a smart and innovative way to monitor your car’s performance, so be sure to keep reading below to find out how to use Dodge performance pages and what it can do to improve how you drive.

Key Highlights

• The Dodge Performance Pages is accessible via the Uconnect system.
• Use the Dodge Performance Pages and various tabs to access real-time data about your car performance.
• The Dodge Performance Pages and Uconnect system is only available to newer and modern Dodge cars.

How To Use Dodge Performance Pages


What Are Dodge Performance Pages?

Before you know how to use Dodge performance pages, it’s important to understand what it is and what they are good for.

You may have heard about how you can track real-time data about your Dodge car’s performance, it is made possible by this technology. Since Dodge has a few muscle cars that are made for drag-racing enthusiasts, these car owners want to know the tiniest details about their car performance to maximize their drag-racing accolades.

It is accessible via the Uconnect app on the Dodge entertainment system that you can access through the car’s infotainment screen or with your smartphone. It shows and records the real-time performance data of your Dodge cars to optimize your drive.

About the Uconnect System

Since the Performance Pages are part of the Uconnect system, it’s also crucial for Dodge owners to understand what the Uconnect system is for.

This system adds convenience to your drive or daily commute as it provides a suite of features with a touch of your fingertips. It is an easy-to-use technology that is not exclusive to the Dodge cars as they are also available on the RAM, Jeep, and Chrysler models.

How To Use Dodge Performance Pages

The Uconnect system is a navigational system with additional safety features, which acts like your personal assistant when driving. It can even help unlock your doors or remotely start your car.

As mentioned above, you can link this system to your smartphone via the Uconnect app. It makes it more convenient to use and also gives more flexibility in how you control this system.

How to Access the Performance Pages

If you need to access your Dodge Performance Pages, you must follow the steps below.

Go to “Apps” menu on the bottom of the screen. It is only available to vehicle’s with a touchscreen.

From Apps, go to “All Apps” and choose “Performance Pages”. Once there, you can make additional actions depending on the specific tabs that you want to explore and it will display the information you need accordingly.

Once you have accessed the Performance Pages, you know you are in the right destination because it will display the type of vehicle you’re driving.

How to Use Dodge Performance Pages

The main functionality of the Dodge Performance Pages is to provide you with accurate and real-time performance data. Thus, knowing how to use Dodge Performance Pages is first about accessing the relevant data and knowing how to interpret it.

How To Use Dodge Performance Pages


The Timers tab is exactly what it means: it provides run-time stats and an overview of the vehicle performance that is displayed on-screen. You can review and monitor these vital stats from this tab and compare it according to the following times:

• Best
• Last
• Current

In addition to monitoring your data, you can save or share your data. Here is an overview of the data you can monitor from the Timers tab:

• Run title
• 0-60 mph acceleration
• 0-100 mph acceleration
• 1/8 mile time and mph
• 1/4 mile time and mph
• Braking distance
• Braking speed

Gauges 1

There are two Gauges display on the Dodge performance pages. These tabs are where you should go to check the vehicle diagnostics and other specs. You will find various information displayed here.

In the Gauges 1 display, you will be able to check the oil temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, coolant temperature and the transmission oil temperature (for automatic vehicles).

Gauges 2

On the other hand, the Gauges 2 display will provide other relevant performance data for your vehicle.

• Battery voltage
• Intake air temperature
• Boost pressure
• Air fuel ratio
• Intercooler temperature
• Coolant temperature
• Transmission oil temperature


Driving the Dodge muscle cars is all about performance. Therefore, many Dodge owners will be looking closely at this tab on the Dodge Performance Pages because it displays the vehicle dynamics that impact your speed and other vital performance diagnostics.

When you go to the G-Force tab, you will find the following information:

• Lateral G-Force (turning force of vehicle from left to right or vice versa)
• Longitudinal G-Force (the car’s acceleration and braking force)
• Peak G-Force (the highest G-Force measurement recorded)
• G-Force visual
• Current speed
• Steering angle
• Vehicle drift graphic (shows the wheel’s movement)


The Engine tab of the Dodge Performance Pages is where you will find data about the engine specs. This tab looks like a refined instrument cluster and you can access it real-time to make necessary adjustments to your driving.

This tab displays the following information:

• Horsepower
• Torque
• Speedometer
• Gear
• Boost pressure
• Oil pressure

Essentially, this tab is a more detailed and advanced gauge instrument panel that gives better control of your driving experience.
If you have any issues with your engine performance, you can use a Dodge Powertrain Warranty to optimize your car’s performance, whether on the track or highway.


Learning how to use Dodge performance pages is a true car enthusiast’s dream. Who knew you can get and track as many information on your vehicle on real-time as possible with this feature? Whether you want to optimize your driving or you’re just curious how your car is performing, then you can use this information to access your performance pages from the Uconnect system.


Can you get Uconnect for free?

The Uconnect system is built into your car, so you have nothing to pay for if you want to access this system. However, you can expect additional fees if you want Uconnect Access and other advanced features.

How to get performance pages on Uconnect?

You can access the Dodge performance pages via the Uconnect system and access the Apps page.


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