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How To Know If Your Car Battery Is Dead

How To Know If Your Car Battery Is Dead. Not all batteries will give you warning signs that failure is coming, but sometimes they do. Although a new battery failing is not unheard of. The older your battery, the more likely one of the warning signs below indicates it is failing or dead.

Your Car Won’t Start

If your car doesn’t start or the engine cranks or whirs for several seconds after you turn the key or press the ignition button, it’s a sign that your battery isn’t producing enough power to start the engine. This is called a slow crank and is a common sign of a dying battery. Slow cranking is normal when temperatures drop below 20°F. Don’t be alarmed if your car takes a bit longer to start during wintertime.

Your Car’s Electronics Fail

when you try to start your car, the headlights and dome lights may appear dim. The dashboard’s backlight might also look dimmer than usual. Your windows might roll up very slowly, and the radio and clock might flicker or not turn on at all. Your car’s headlights losing their brightness, flickering, or not illuminating at all are issues that point to battery failure. Unless you’ve turned off the function or the fuse is blown, if you open a car door and the interior lights don’t illuminate, that’s a sign of a failed or failing battery. The likelihood of battery trouble is stronger when dim lights happen with one or more other warning signs.

Battery Corrosion Or Leakage

If you see liquid dripping from the battery, or pooling on the ground under the battery when you park your car, the battery may have a leak. You may also notice a stinky, “rotten egg smell” coming from the battery. This is caused by sulfuric acid leaking out. Car Battery Corrosion occurs when batteries leak, causing their materials to oxidize and change color. You might see corrosion on the battery’s terminals, or anywhere on the battery’s surface. Corrosion can interfere with electrical connections throughout your car.

Battery Age

Car batteries last between 5-7 years, depending on your car, the local climate, and the type of battery you have. All batteries produce less power as they age. But after 5 years, most batteries will be too old and won’t produce enough power to start your car and keep it running.

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Mopar Battery Warranty

The Mopar Battery Warranty is backed by Mopar which is directly associated with Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. You can obtain service for your battery at any of their dealerships. A Mopar replacement battery warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase. Your vehicle is a powerful machine that will get you where you need to go years to come. There are many parts that work together to make that happen. We want to ensure these parts on your vehicle are protected against defective materials or workmanship.

The car battery warranty will cover any manufacturer’s defects or when it does not hold a full charge. Depending on the type of warranty that comes with the battery, you may receive a replacement at no additional cost. For some warranties you may have to pay a portion for a new one.

If you have an existing Extended Warranty, you’ll be covered with roadside assistance. A Mopar extended warranty provides 24 hour “Sign-And-Go” towing and roadside assistance. Also, benefits include towing, flat tire change, battery jump, out-of-gas fuel delivery, lock out service. Towing assistance will only be dispatched for mechanical disablement which renders the vehicle inoperative. The plan will cover towing and roadside assistance in instances where it is not covered by the factory warranty.

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