How Big Of Tires Can You Put On A Stock Ram?

How Big Of Tires Can You Put On A Stock Ram?

What are the biggest tires you can put on a stock Ram? Most vehicle owners, Ram owners included, stick to the stock tire size. However, others keen to make an upgrade are curious about how big of tires you can put on a stock Ram. It is especially true for Ram owners who want larger tires or mount their vehicles higher without paying for modifications on their vehicles.

While this guide won’t be able to cover all Ram models, it will provide insights into selecting new tires without modification, especially for vehicle owners worried about voiding their Ram Extended Warranty.

How Big Of Tires Can You Put On A Stock Ram?

Manufacturer Recommendations on Tire Size

The Ram trucks are built with durability, powerful performance, and toughness in mind. It’s unsurprising why they’re a perennial favorite among truck and off-road enthusiasts. With a long history of building dependable and rugged trucks, many truck owners are driving a Ram.

The first thing to consider when planning to upgrade the tire size of your Ram truck is the manufacturer’s recommendation. Always refer to the car owner’s manual, indicating the maximum tire and rim size permitted for the particular model. Ideally, you must not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation, as it can compromise the performance and safety of your RAM.

On the other hand, do not go lower than the minimum rim and tire size. If you do so, you cannot fit it into the Ram model. However, this is a rarity because most people would upsize their tires rather than downsize.

Tire Size Guide for Ram by Models

The best way to determine the maximum tire size for the stock Ram is to examine it by model. As each model varies with its measurements and stock rims, it’s crucial to factor that into choosing the biggest tire you can upgrade without requiring modifications, such as trimming or lifting.

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a formidable beast. Its popularity can be attributed to its exceptional handling, comfortable interior, and powerful engine.

Due to the size of the Ram 1500, many owners contemplate getting bigger tires for their trucks. But how big of tires can you put on a stock Ram 1500?

The largest tire size you can fit into a stock Ram 1500 without requiring modifications or lifting is 35 inches. Aside from 35-inch tires not requiring modifications or lifting, this tire size also works with the stock factory suspension and rims.

This tire size is ideal for turning the wheels without causing them to rub against the body panels. Simply remove the stock tires and update them with bigger ones. Aside from adjusting the speedometer to reflect the reading accuracy, it will be able to retain its capabilities even with this tire upgrade. Even the truck’s maneuverability remains intact with larger tires. And yet, the bigger tires give the truck the visual enhancement it deserves.

Some Ram 1500 users claim a 37-inch tire upgrade is possible without modifications. However, it will pose problems with maneuvering the vehicle, causing the tires to contact the sway bar and wheel well liner. The handling will also have possible issues, requiring you to update your vehicle suspension. If you’re willing to undergo these modifications, going up to 37 inches is fine. If not, you can stick with the recommended 35-inch tires.

Ram 2500

The average stock wheel size for the Ram 2500 is 17 to 20 inches. Due to the lower ground clearance, many Ram 2500 owners look to upgrade their tire size to the maximum possible size to boost that clearance.

The maximum tire size you can upgrade to on a Ram 2500 without a lift is 35 inches with a 12.5-inch width. This tire size is a safe bet to fit into the stock rims of the Ram 2500 without lifting or trimming. At this size, you can maintain the practicality and efficiency of the handling and achieve off-road reliability.

It is possible to go up a tire size with a stock Ram 2500 is 37 inches. However, it will require additional length on the rear control arms and driveshaft extension.

Ram 3500

The Ram 3500 have undoubtedly powerful payload and towing capabilities. However, that doesn’t stop 3500 owners from wanting to upgrade into bigger tires with the stock rims. Upgrading to bigger tires gives it a more aggressive stance and rugged look. The higher ground clearance of having bigger tires is a bonus.

The 4th generation Ram 3500 vehicles can fit up to 33 inches of tires with a 10-inch width. This tire size fits perfectly into the stock Ram and suspension without requiring rear wheel spacers.

The stock tires for the Ram 3500 DRW are 31.8 inches and 9.3 inches wide. As mentioned earlier, you can upgrade that to 33 inches and 10 inches wide. Anything beyond these recommendations will require a suspension leveling kit and a wheel spacer. Depending on how big of tires you want to install, it might also need fender trimming and tweaked torsion bars to prevent the tires from contacting the body panels.

Be cautious when buying bigger tires for the Ram 3500 because some brands do not follow the published tire specifications. Ensure you measure the tires correctly before buying for the perfect fit.

Power Wagon

The maximum tire size you can fit into a stock Power Wagon rim is 37 inches, depending on the year and model. It is a significant upgrade from the stock tires and rims that the vehicle model comes with from the dealer, which is 34 inches with 11.5 inches wide.

With this stock rim, you can ideally fit 37-inch tires into the stock Ram Power Wagon. Anything above 37 inches would result in rubbing against the plastic fender liner and the upper control arm. Unless heavy trimming and modification are involved, fitting tires larger than 37 inches would be difficult or unrealistically possible.

Are you looking for the maximum tire size you can fit on a stock Ram for other models? is a comprehensive wheel fitment database, and you can refer to the website’s wheel fitment guide for old and current RAM models.

RAM 1500

Final Thoughts Before Upgrading Stock Ram Tires

Going bigger on the stock Ram tires is not always better. The point of an upgrade is to improve the overall performance and practicality of the vehicle. Consider the mobility and handling of vehicles when switching to bigger tires, especially the safety. Also, consider your vehicle use, as it can influence your decision to go for bigger tires, and how big you need to go. For example, upsizing tires on off-road vehicles would require different considerations than a daily commuter.

Upgrading to bigger tires might require modifications, which translates to added cost. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation when choosing the biggest tire you can install with the stock rims and suspension on the Ram. This manufacturer recommendation accounts for the vehicle measurements and assembly, so it is a good starting point when upgrading the stock Ram tires.

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