Honda Ridgeline Safety Rating

Honda Ridgeline Safety Rating

The compact pickup segment is highly competitive due to the limited options. And for the few available options, they are packed with features that ensure the best performance, off-road capabilities, and comfort you won’t often find in many larger-sized pickup trucks. Specifically, many pickups in the market put performance over functionality or comfort. As such, the Honda Ridgeline emerges as a frontrunner in this segment, promising comfort, a refined driving experience, and a suite of safety features. The real test, though, is in the Honda Ridgeline safety rating from top and independent agencies. If it competes, it has to deliver well above the standard in terms of safety.

What Does the Honda Ridgeline Have to Offer?

Regarding off-road capabilities, the Honda Ridgeline is not at the top of the class. Yet, it satisfies in its on-road driving performance, which is better than most other compact pickup trucks in the market. Aside from efficient road handling, the Ridgeline makes up for its lack of off-road capabilities with an SUV-like interior and unmatched comfort. It also delivers a smooth ride unique to the pickup truck segment.

This five-seater compact pickup has a punchy V6 engine with all-wheel drive. This powertrain makes it capable of hauling a trailer and driving through inclement weather. It also feels safe and secure to drive, especially when navigating tight turns. Meanwhile, the truck’s five-foot bed can hold up to 1,500 pounds of weight.

However, the highlight of the Honda Ridgeline is its interior. It’s rare for any pickup truck to focus on the interior, but that’s what makes this one unique. The modest off-road performance is more than compensated for by the well-built and spacious interior.

Honda Ridgeline Safety Rating

Honda Ridgeline Safety Features

The Honda Ridgeline has a suite of safety features that ensure peace of mind when driving on or off the road. Some safety features on this list are standard across all Honda vehicles:

• Stability control
• Brake assist
• Lane departure warning
• Collision mitigation braking
• Seat belt safety reminders
• Airbags
• Blind spot information system
• Forward collision warning
• Adaptive cruise control
• Pretensioners

Pros and Cons of the Honda Ridgeline

Pros of Honda Ridgeline

• Efficient handling
• Smooth and comfortable ride
• Spacious interior
• Large in-bed trunk

Cons of Honda Ridgeline

• Low underbody clearance
• Poor off-road capabilities
• Less towing capacity

Honda Ridgeline Safety Rating

Are you curious about the Honda Ridgeline safety rating? These are some insights into the safety rating from the top agencies that perform industry-standard crash tests, such as the NHTSA and the IIHS.

Honda Ridgeline Safety Rating


The NHTSA tested the 2017 Honda Ridgeline with front-wheel drive. Despite the Honda Ridgeline recall and 234 complaints about this compact pickup, it was rated five stars overall.

The Ridgeline’s frontal crash test performance is also rated five stars, specifically on the front-driver and front-passenger sides. Meanwhile, it also received five stars on the side crash test, including the side barrier and side pole rating. The only four-star rating for the Honda Ridgeline is the rollover crash test. According to the NHTSA, there was a rollover risk rate of 16.40%. It did not tip over during the crash testing.


On the other hand, the Honda Ridgeline safety rating from the IIHS is Good overall for the small overlap front tests. It also earned a Good rating on the structure and safety cage, driver injury measures, and driver restraints. Another aspect of Crashworthiness where the Ridgeline excelled is the moderate overlap front test, where it scored Good on all elements that were evaluated.

As for the side testing, it scored Good overall but was rated as Acceptable on the structure and safety cage. Meanwhile, the pelvic injury measures on the driver’s side were Marginal. The headlights also earned a Marginal rating and are Acceptable for the child seat anchors. The above safety rating from the IIHS applies to the Ridgeline models manufactured from 2017-2024.

Should You Buy the Honda Ridgeline?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a pickup truck. The Ridgeline is a powerful choice if you’re looking for a compact pickup truck suited for daily driving. It is also an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pickup truck with a comfortable interior comparable to SUVs, except for an open bed.

That said, its weak points make you think hard before buying one. A crucial advantage of the Honda Ridgeline is the reliability of the Honda brand and its relatively cheap price. The pickup truck is even more affordable with select trim models. And yet, the Honda Ridgeline safety rating is among the best in its class, reassuring you that while it isn’t the most powerful pickup out there, it does its job of keeping you safe under any driving conditions.

Expect more powerful performance and enhanced capabilities as Honda has introduced major improvements to the Ridgeline for its new models.


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