Honda Passport MPG

Honda Passport MPG

Embark on your exciting adventures with confidence when you get behind the wheel of the Honda Passport. It’s one of Honda’s most coveted lineups, given the popularity of SUVs with off-road capabilities and its promise of an exhilarating driving experience. But how does it rate regarding the Honda Passport MPG and fuel efficiency? To determine if this SUV offers the best bang for your buck, keep reading.

Honda Passport Engine & Performance

The Honda Passport is a rugged midsized SUV. Thus, it has a powerful and well-equipped engine that is expected to deliver the required performance to handle any driving conditions or terrain. Before you buy the Passport SUV, it’s crucial to know the engine options and its capabilities.

Honda Passport MPG

What is unique about the Honda Passport SUV is that it features the same engine across all trims. It ensures you can get the same power and performance regardless of the trim. The Honda Passport features a 3.5L V5 engine with 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. It also has a 9-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters to enable you to change gears manually if desired.

You can get excellent traction in poor driving conditions because of its Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD System. However, switching to the all-wheel drivetrain sacrifices some of the mileage you can get with the Honda Passport. You can expect the Passport SUV to provide reliable grip and efficiency when coupled with all-season tires.

Honda Passport MPG Rating & EPA Estimates

Is the Honda Passport a fuel-efficient vehicle? Based on the EPA estimates, let’s determine the Honda Passport’s MPG rating.

2022 Honda Passport FWD
Engine: 3.5L six-cylinder 9-speed automatic transmission
Fuel type: Regular gasoline
MPG Rating: 22/20/25 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Fuel economy: 4.5 gallons/100 miles

2022 Honda Passport AWD
Engine: 3.5L six-cylinder 9-speed automatic transmission
Fuel type: Regular gasoline
MPG Rating: 21/19/24 MPG (combined/city/highway)
Fuel economy: 4.8 gallons/100 miles

Honda Passport Features That Improve Fuel Efficiency

Do you want to improve the Honda Passport MPG rating? Take advantage of this SUV’s fuel-efficiency features and technologies to get more mileage from each pump. The MPG ratings on this SUV aren’t the best; however, the Honda engineers have made up for it by incorporating features that maximize every fuel pump.

The first is the patented EcoAssist System, which is available in many modern Honda models. It is a fuel optimization system that provides real-time information on fuel usage. Thus, you can adjust your driving style to achieve the best efficiency level and get the most mileage out of every full tank.

Another innovative feature that boosts fuel efficiency is the Idle Stop system. This system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is at full stop. Thus, you can automatically save on fuel instead of letting the engine run while idle, wasting precious fuel.

The next one is Variable Cylinder Management, which disables one bank of cylinders when driving under certain conditions. This process helps to conserve fuel.

Finally, there is the HondaLink app. This app is integrated into your vehicle and allows you to remotely access vital information about your car’s fuel efficiency. You can track your Honda Passport MPG through the app and learn essential information, such as the car’s condition and the next maintenance schedule. It would work best if you have the Honda Extended Warranty to ensure that your vehicle’s servicing and repair costs are covered.

Honda Passport MPG

What is the Honda Passport Tank Capacity and Driving Range?

Driving range is one of the best measures of a car’s fuel efficiency rating. So, if you plan on buying the Honda Passport SUV, you might wonder about its fuel tank capacity and driving range.

This rugged midsize SUV is built for adventure and has a decent-sized fuel tank, at 19.5 gallons, which is considerably larger than that of other SUVs and crossover models. Thus, with the Passport, you can get farther and make fewer trips to the gasoline station.

With a full tank, the estimated driving range for a Honda Passport is up to 370 miles in the city and 468 miles on the highway. However, always consider your driving style and other factors that would cause those numbers to fluctuate.


Which Honda Passport trim offers the best mileage?

The Honda Passport is a midsize SUV offering a powerful engine performance. However, the choice of trim and drivetrain affects the fuel economy rating of the SUV. The estimated MPG on the FWD variant is 20/25 on the city and highway, while the AWD variant is 19/24 on the city and highway.

What kind of gas does a Honda Passport use?

It uses regular gasoline, which can help you save on fuel costs in the long run.

How long can a Honda Passport last?

The average lifespan of the Honda Passport is 250,000 miles. The Passport has recall issues, but many minor issues can be addressed with regular maintenance.

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