Honda Odyssey MPG

Honda Odyssey MPG

Are you on the market for a reliable and practical minivan? You’re in luck because we’re talking about the Honda Odyssey and its excellent features that make it among the most coveted minivans and family cars today. With fluctuating gas prices, it can be difficult to find a fuel-efficient car that allow you to stretch your family’s budget. Will the Honda Odyssey MPG rating be good enough for budget-conscious and practical buyers? Let us examine the fuel economy score and find tips on how you can increase the gas mileage.

What is the Honda Odyssey MPG Rating?

Over time, the Honda Odyssey MPG rating has differed based on the specific model. For this purpose, we will be using data for the latest model – the 2024 Honda Odyssey. This model is equipped with a 3.5L six-cylinder 10-speed automatic transmission engine that can cost above $50,000.

Honda Odyssey MPG

It uses regular gasoline and has a combined MPG rating of 22. Meanwhile, the Honda Odyssey MPG ratings on the city and highway are 19 and 28, respectively. These ratings apply to the minivan across five different trim levels.

Features That Enable the Honda Odyssey Achieve Optimum Fuel Economy

As mentioned, the MPG rating on the Honda Odyssey is pretty much the same across all trim levels. It is made possible by the array of features that increase the Odyssey’s fuel economy, which is better than other similar vehicles in its class.

The secret to the impressive Honda Odyssey MPG rating is its unique engineering. The powertrain for the Honda Odyssey is a 3,5L V6 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It features a front-wheel drive train, with the enigne reaching up to 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. This engine perfectly blends power and efficiency into one beautiful package.

In addition to the high-efficiency engine, the Honda Odyssey is fitted with a direct fuel injection system and Variable Cylinder Management system. These features combine to deliver the most efficient drive, giving you more mileage out of each full tank.

The Honda EcoAssist System is a patented technology available in modern Honda vehicles, including the Odyssey. It displays your fuel economy score as you drive, giving you real-time information about how your driving style impacts your fuel consumption, providing room for real-time adjustments and promote more efficient driving styles.

Meanwhile, the Idle-Stop feature helps you save on gas when your car is in idle mode. It detects when your vehicle is in full stop for a certain amount of time and cuts off the engine to keep it from wasting fuel. In case you don’t know, idling is one of the worst things you can do to your fuel economy. Therefore, Honda introduced this system to increase efficiency and gas mileage.

Lastly, the CARB Emissions Rating is a certification awarded to the Honda Odyssey, which means that it is officially certified as an ultra-low emissions vehicle. This recognition is nothing new, though, since the 2015 Honda Odyssey was recognized by the New York Daily News as one of the five most fuel-efficient MPVs. Not only are you saving money when you drive this minivan, but you are also saving the environment.

Improving Your Honda Odyssey Mileage

Honda Odyssey MPG

Do you want to maximize the fuel efficiency of the Honda Odyssey? Make sure to remember these tips when you take this minivan on the highway to ensure you can get better mileage out of every pump.

Pay attention to the EcoAssist Driving System. The Honda Odyssey features the innovative EcoAssist System that shows your efficiency score based on your driving style under certain conditions. Therefore, you are made aware if your current driving style gives you better MPG and when you must adapt it for better performance.
Reduce cargo weight. The Honda Odyssey features three rows of seats, giving you optimum cargo space. However, refrain from maxing out the cargo capacity if possible as it can reduce your mileage when the van is carrying a heavier weight.
Have your vehicle regularly checked. Regular checkup is part of the preventive maintenance to ensure you optimize the car’s efficiency level. In particular, keep up with your oil change frequency and check the engine for any possible issues. You can protect yourself from unexpected costs relating to the vehicle maintenance with the Honda Extended Warranty.

Honda Odyssey Style Evolution

There is so much to love about the Honda Odyssey as a family car, especially with its high fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is easy to overlook the style of this minivan and how it has significantly transformed over the years.

The current model is the fifth generation of the Honda Odyssey, which has undergone numerous facelift over the years. The fifth-generation of the Odyssey was released in 2018, which showed the major update for the lineup. Aside from focusing on engine performance, the Odyssey also boasts a strong exterior styling with a revised front grille design and a subtle liftgate. The exterior lines were not only aesthetically pleasing but they also promoted higher aerodynamics.

The 2023 model introduced the mid-range Sport trim that offered 189-inch wheels and black exterior accents. A new color scheme was also introduced in 2023.


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