Ford Transit Safety Rating

Ford Transit Safety Rating

Ford Transit vans are a lineup of light commercial vehicles from Ford. They were initially introduced as cargo vans until they were developed into passenger vans, which are now available in several variants. The Ford Transit is mainly available in Western Europe and Australia.

If you’ve had your eye on this van, check out the Ford Transit safety rating to determine if it’s a worthy investment.

Ford Transit Safety Rating

What is The Safety Rating of the Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit safety rating from the NHTSA or the IIHS is unavailable. No comprehensive crash testing has been performed on any Ford Transit model. However, the NHTSA has performed frontal crash testing on the Ford Transit vans.

The overall frontal crash rating on the Transit is three out of five stars. The driver side is rated at four sides, and the front passenger side scored two stars. Meanwhile, the side crash and rollover crash testing are unavailable since the van has not been rated for both tests.

RepairPal has evaluated the Ford Transit-150 and rated this commercial van three stars out of five. Among the 21 commercial vans the site has rated, it is ranked number 8. The reliability rating on the Ford Transit van details that this van had an average of 0.8 times unscheduled repairs per year compared to other vans with an average of 0.5 times. Meanwhile, the probability of these vans having a major repair issue is 11% (compared to the average of 16%).

Common Issues with the Ford Transit

The Ford Transit recall history has given some would-be buyers and current owners some cause for concern. While it’s unfortunate that there are recalls, it is crucial to know about these issues to be informed about your purchase decision, especially if you are looking into the commercial van segment.

Transmission Failure

One of the most prevalent issues with the Ford Transit vans involves the transmission. Most owners who have experienced this problem complained that the vans lost power and the gear shift function failed.

Those Ford Transit van models affected by this recall issue had to wait longer for repair since the replacement parts were back-ordered. Hence, they could not use their vans for a significant period.

The transmission error is due to a faulty connection between the shifter cable and the transmission. The transmission error could show the vehicle in Park mode when it isn’t, which increases the possibility of a crash.

Loose Door Latch

Another prevalent problem with the Ford Transit is the door latch. Users had trouble closing the doors on the 2014-2016 van models, which prompted Ford to issue a recall in 2020.

Engine Failure

Engine failure is another major issue that plagues Ford Transit vans. The owners who experienced this problem complained of the engine dying while driving the van. Other owners reported an illuminated check engine light and excessive vibration. A faulty throttle body seemed to cause these problems, and the cost of replacement for the faulty part is $100 plus $900 in labor costs.

Ford Transit Safety Rating

Loose Panoramic Roof Panel

One of the major selling points of the Ford Transit is its panoramic roof. Unfortunately, many van owners also suffered issues with the panoramic roof. This problem prompted the manufacturer to recall the affected models in 2020, wherein a loose panoramic roof panel caused wind noise and water leaks. There is also a risk that the roof panel would separate from the body.

Faulty AC Unit

Another prevailing problem that Transit owners have had is a faulty AC unit that does not properly cool the van interior. This problem has many possible causes, such as insufficient refrigerant, a faulty AC compressor, and a clogged filter. To solve this problem, you can hire an auto mechanic to diagnose and clean the AC unit for you.

Is Ford Transit Safe?

The Ford Transit is built as a commercial vehicle, so it isn’t tested or rated by the NHTSA or IIHS.

The safety rating of this van is around three to four stars compared with similarly structured passenger vehicles. It depends on the model and this van’s array of safety features.


Is the Ford Transit Fuel Efficient?

The Ford Transit runs at 43 mpg, a leader in its segment (by a large margin). It is fitted with a diesel engine that delivers a class-leading fuel economy performance.

What is the Useful Life of a Ford Transit?

The average lifespan of a Ford Transit is 150,000 miles. However, with regular maintenance, the van can reach a maximum lifespan of 300,000 miles. Many Ford Transit users have reported owning the van for up to 15 years.

Are Ford Transits Expensive to Maintain?

The average maintenance cost of a Ford Transit varies depending on the specific model. However, most Ford vehicles have higher maintenance costs than the industry average.

Why Are Ford Transits So Popular?

The Ford Transit is among the most popular van models because it is cheaper than its rivals. In addition, it has a better build with more power, excellent payload, and a comfortable ride.

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