Ford Parts Warranty

Ford Parts Warranty

Let’s face it: no vehicle owner is excited about taking their vehicle to a mechanic for a repair or parts replacement. That’s why knowing about the Ford parts warranty is crucial to determine how much savings you can make when your Ford vehicle requires a parts replacement.

Ford is a trusted American car manufacturer, but it is not without its recall issues that require minor to extensive repairs. Therefore, you must think outside the initial cost of buying a vehicle regarding the real cost of car ownership. Replacing Ford Parts is a dreaded tale that car owners don’t like to hear, but it’s part of vehicle ownership. Let’s explore everything you need to know about Ford parts warranty.

Ford Parts Warranty Overview

A parts-only warranty is a specific type of warranty coverage that covers the repair or replacement of defective Ford parts. Since the warranty is for parts only, most warranties won’t cover the labor required to remove and install the new replacement parts. If unsure, you must contact your warranty provider to learn more about what’s covered within your warranty coverage.

Ford Parts Warranty

How Long is the Warranty on Ford Parts?

The Ford parts warranty ranges from 36 months to 100,000 km, whichever comes first. However, Ford offers a limited warranty on the parts and is available only at select dealerships and authorized distributors.

Genuine Ford Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

Using genuine Ford parts assures you that they are manufactured using the same quality and technology for the vehicles where they will be used. In the case of Ford vehicles, buying genuine Ford parts guarantees that they undergo rigorous quality control and testing before they are released into the market. It also ensures that the parts are perfectly fitted into a specific Ford model that they are designed for.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts do not give you the same assurance of quality and performance. They are of inferior quality and might not work well when installed onto the vehicle.

Learn more about the advantages of buying genuine Ford parts vs aftermarket parts to help you make an informed decision.

Are Ford Parts Expensive?

There is a misconception that Ford parts are expensive, but it depends on the part, year, and car model. Generally speaking, though, Ford parts cost more than the average cost of car parts for other vehicle manufacturers.

Within the Ford vehicle range, the cost of parts can also vary widely. For example, parts for the Ford F150 and Explorer costs more than parts replacement for the Fusion and Escape.

Brake pads are among the most common parts that require replacement on Ford cars or other vehicles. They are slightly expensive to replace, costing $80-$120 for Ford vehicles.

Meanwhile, the battery is another vehicle part that requires replacement, and it is essential to your vehicle’s operation as it provides power to the electrical components. Several factors impact the actual cost of replacing Ford batteries, ranging from $120 to $200. Ford uses Motorcraft batteries, and they are cheaper than other brands.

The timing belt is one part in a Ford vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, that requires replacement after reaching a certain mileage. This one is tricky because you must replace it before breaking it down. Changing the timing belt as part of the routine maintenance of a Ford vehicle costs $500 to $900. But once it has broken down, the replacement cost can go up to $1800.

Here is an overview of the average cost of replacing certain Ford parts:

• Filters – $30 to $90, depending on the specific filter type
• Starter – $150 to $300 for a new starter and labor costs of $120 to $200
• Alternator – $400 to $600 for a new alternator or up to $850 with labor costs
• Spark Plug – $50 to $100
• Fuel Pump – $500 to $800 for the pump and $160 to $280 for the labor cost
• Water Pump – $220 to $350 for a new water pump
• Engine Oil – $50 to $100 for normal engine oil or $80 to $150 for synthetic engine oil
• Tires – $150 to $250 per tire, with labor cost ranging from $20 to $45 per tire

For engine issues, you can purchase a Ford Powertrain Warranty to cover engine issues, parts replacement, and their corresponding repair costs.

Ford Parts Warranty

Are Fords Expensive to Maintain?

Consumer Affairs says the average annual cost to maintain and repair a Ford vehicle is $775. The industry average annual maintenance and repair cost is $652. Therefore, the cost of maintaining and repairing a Ford vehicle is approximately 19% higher than the annual repair cost for most other vehicle manufacturers. Ford vehicle owners experience one of the highest ownership costs compared to other popular vehicle brands.

Several factors contribute to the maintenance and repair costs, such as oil changes, mechanical repairs, and if it requires parts replacement.

Can a Warranty Lower Your Ford Maintenance or Repair Cost?

It depends on the specific type of Ford warranty you get and the warranty coverage. If you want to lower the specific costs involved in replacing Ford parts, you must consider buying a Ford parts warranty. You can also consider the Ford Extended Warranty if you need additional services. Choosing the right warranty and aligning it with your vehicle’s use and needs can determine the potential savings each warranty type offers.

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