Ford Mustang Safety Rating

Ford Mustang Safety Rating

Ford is an iconic American brand that has been blazing trails for the automotive industry in the US and the global market. The Ford Mustang is a testament to the brand’s dominance in the sports car segment, among other key vehicle markets. Determining the Ford Mustang Safety Rating is a good starting point for vehicle buyers contemplating this model.

Ford Mustang Key Safety Features

The Ford Mustang is built with performance in mind, as you would expect from a sports car. However, Ford does not neglect driver and occupant safety, so they have equipped this vehicle lineup with standard and advanced safety features. Still, safety recalls have plagued the Ford Mustang, and owners are well aware of these issues.

Ford Mustang Safety Rating

Here is a list of some standard safety features you would expect in a Mustang.

Anti-Lock Brakes

This system can detect when one of the tires stopped rotation during sudden braking. It will modulate the brake pressure to facilitate the tire rotation, allowing the vehicle to turn even when braking.

Front- and Side-Impact Air Bags

The addition of front- and side-impact airbags ensures the driver and passenger are protected during a frontal crash or any kind of impact resulting from a collision.

Overhead Airbags

Some Ford Mustang vehicles have overhead airbags, which provide additional protection against overhead impact during a collision.

Knee Airbags

Occupants and the driver of a Ford Mustang get additional protection on their knees, which can be vulnerable during hard impact.

Stability Control

This feature senses when the vehicle has exceeded its handling limits by reducing the engine power or applying brakes to regain vehicle control.


This security feature automatically adjusts the tightness of the seatbelts depending on the occupant to ensure optimal protection.

Additional security features include but are not limited to the following. The safety features could vary from one model to another:

• Blind Spot Monitoring
• Cross-Traffic Alert
• Lane Departure Warning
• Lane Keeping Assist
• Night Vision
• Tire Pressure Monitor
• Brake Assist
• Back-up Camera

Ford Mustang Crash Test Rating & Performance

Two independent organizations are known for performing crash testing on most vehicles to ensure road safety: the NHTSA and IIHS. The crash-tested Ford Mustang and the result is rated up to five stars, depending on the crash test performance. Five stars is the goal as it indicates the highest injury protection in the event of a crash.

Let us break down the crash test ratings on the model year of the Ford Mustang and see how it has performed throughout the years.

2023 Ford Mustang (7th generation)

The NHTSA rating on the frontal crash test for the 2023 Ford Mustang is five-star. Meanwhile, the IIHS frontal offset crash test rating is good for most aspects, including overall side, rear passenger head and neck protection, driver head and neck protection, overall front, etc. It has an overall evaluation rating of acceptable, while the ease of use and structural and safety cage are rated as marginal.

2015 Ford Mustang (6th generation)

The NHTSA frontal crash test rating for the 2015 Ford Mustang has a five-star rating on most aspects, such as driver and passenger side protection, overall side, and overall rollover rating. However, it is rated four stars for the Side Barrier Rating Passenger Rear Seat and Side Pole Barrier Combined (REAR).

The IIHS front offset crash test rating is good on all aspects, including overall front, structure/safety cage, chest, head/neck, left and right leg/foot, and restraints.

2005 Ford Mustang (5th generation)

The NHTSA rated the 2005 Ford Mustang five stars on various aspects such as driver and passenger safety, overall rollover rating, and side barrier rating on the driver’s side.

Ford Mustang Reliability

It’s worth noting that the more recent models of the Ford Mustang are equipped with more advanced safety features. It is best to refer to the complete list of safety features and technologies to determine each model’s most accurate safety capabilities.

Ford Mustang Overall Safety Rating

The Ford Mustang is a safe and reliable vehicle, given its performance in the overall safety rating. Except for some aspects of the vehicle safety rated as “marginal,” it is important to note that this sports car has certain safety features you wouldn’t normally consider as you would with any other cars. But given the sports car standards, it is safe enough.

Ford Mustang Safety Rating

How Safe is the Ford Mustang?

There are many records of Ford Recalls over the years. But the Ford Mustang is regarded as the brand’s most symbolic vehicle lineup, which is what often comes to mind when people think about the American sports car. Over the years, Ford Mustang cars have proven their worth in how fast and stylish they’ve been.

However, the most important question is this: is the Ford Mustang safe? The American sports car boasts safety features designed to protect its driver and passengers. However, the safety rating for each edition of the Mustang varies significantly. The best way to ensure that you’re driving a safe and reliable Mustang is to refer to each vehicle model’s individual crash test and safety ratings to guarantee your safety on the road.

When all else fails, carrying the Ford Mustang Extended Warranty is best so you are covered when any issues arise when owning and operating the Mustang.

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