Ford Maverick Safety Rating

Ford Maverick Safety Rating

Compact pickup trucks are back and better, and the Ford Maverick is the global auto manufacturer’s contribution to this segment. Top auto magazines consistently rated this compact pickup among the best pickups, which is a good sign for those interested in the Maverick. While Ford’s F-150 and Ranger series are undeniably the big dogs in the pickup market, the Maverick is giving potential buyers a reason to consider a smaller yet powerful pickup at an affordable price.

The real test of a pickup’s performance is how well it can keep its occupant safe, even when navigating various road conditions. And that’s what we will attempt to uncover here. Discover the Ford Maverick safety rating to see how well it stacks against other compact pickup trucks.

Ford Maverick Safety Rating

What is the Ford Maverick Safety Rating?

The Ford Maverick has been rated by the NHTSA and the IIHS, the top two agencies that perform crash testing on new vehicles.

Let’s start with the Ford Maverick safety rating from the NHTSA, which evaluated both the model’s front-wheel and four-wheel drive variants.

The overall safety rating from the NHTSA on both variants is four stars out of five. The frontal crash test on the Ford Maverick scored five stars on the driver’s side but only four stars on the front passenger side. Meanwhile, it did excellent on the side crash test for the side barrier and side pole ratings, each scoring five stars and earning the same score overall.

Finally, the Ford Maverick’s rollover crash test scored four stars. The rollover risk is 15.50% and 16.90% on the four-wheel and front-wheel drive variants, respectively.

Moving over to the IIHS crash tests, the Ford Maverick safety rating is marginal on the overall evaluation for the moderate overlap front crash test. The structure and safety cage are rated good; the same rating applies to driver and rear passenger injury measures. Meanwhile, the side crash test is good for the Ford Maverick, which has an overall good evaluation. The headlights for the Ford Maverick are rated Advanced.

The front crash prevention rating is Superior for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. When it comes to front crash prevention for pedestrians, the IIHS rating for Ford Maverick is Advanced and Basic for pedestrians day and night, respectively. The seat belt reminders are rated good, and the child seat anchors are advanced.

Are There Any Recalls on the Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick lineup has had a few recalls over the years. The recalls concerned problems with the turning signals, the engine, and more. These issues affected the models from the year 2022-2024.

The Ford Maverick recall page provides an in-depth look into the issues that have necessitated a recall from the manufacturer.

Common Issues with the Ford Maverick

Even the most reliable cars can experience issues after being driven for long periods, and the Ford Maverick is no exception.

Take time to learn about the most common Ford Maverick issues so you can determine the required maintenance and care for this compact pickup.

• Oil Leak—Oil leakage is a common issue with the 4×4 Ford Maverick, especially those used extensively off-road.
• Electrical System Issues – The electrical issues on the Ford Maverick range from faulty wiring to defective radio.
• Brake Issues – Several Ford Maverick users have complained of sticking or grabbing brakes.
• Rust Issues – This issue is common with older models and mostly affects the undercarriage, door bottoms, and wheel arches.
• Differential Issues—Some users have noticed that the Ford Maverick hops or kicks slightly when taking corners, which is a sign of a problem with the differential components.

Ford Maverick Safety Rating

How Does the Ford Maverick Perform in Terms of Reliability?

The Ford Maverick safety rating confirms that it is a reliable, compact pickup. While it doesn’t stand out right away, especially since there are other more popular pickup lineups from Ford, like the Ranger and the F-150, it has earned a decent rating from the top agencies like the NHTSA and IIHS.

Reliability when it comes to safety is out of the question. Ford engineers put safety alongside design and performance, tapping into the latest technologies to ensure the vehicle can handle on- and off-road performance and keep its occupants safe and secure.

Sure, the Ford Maverick isn’t the top choice for many, but those who choose this pickup won’t be disappointed. Meanwhile, YourMechanic estimates the repair and maintenance cost for the Ford Maverick to range from $105 to $1981, or an average of $322. The actual cost will vary depending on the specific part or issue concerned.

As a reminder, Ford has a reputation for being more expensive to repair and maintain than other car brands. Remember this before you choose to buy a Ford, including the Maverick.

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