Ford F150 Safety Rating

Ford F150 Safety Rating

If you are looking for a safe truck that does not compromise performance and reliability, this Ford F150 safety rating guide is for you! Ford is a trusted brand in the US and global automotive industry, known for introducing innovative technologies that set it apart from the competition. But how safe is the Ford F150, especially compared to other trucks within its segment?

We’ll explore the safety features of this truck and the safety ratings from notable organizations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Ford F150 Safety Rating

Ford F150 Safety Rating Throughout the Years

There is no shortage of Ford Recalls over the years, spanning different models, including the Ford F150. Therefore, it’s normal for Ford owners (especially F150 owners) to be concerned about its safety and reliability on the road.

Wherever you’re headed, safety is paramount. And you can rest assured that the F150 will get you where you need to go safely. In 2019, Ford proudly reported that the F150 truck is the best-performing truck in the IIHS testing regarding passenger-side safety testing. This high-performance testing result is because of the high-strength steel frame combined with the military-grade aluminum alloy in the body while utilizing smart engineering. It is the only truck tested by the IIHS in that year to earn a top-tier rating in all categories.

Meanwhile, the Ford F150 safety rating from the IIHS helped it become the top safety pick within the large pickup and crew cab pickup segment in 2022. It scored a good rating in most categories, such as the driver-side small overlap front, passenger-side small overlap front, roof strength, and head restraints. It is rated superior for the standard and optional systems for front crash prevention.

That same year, it earned good remarks from the NHTSA with its crash testing. It earned five stars on the passenger side, overall front, overall side, side pole, side barrier, and side barrier rating for the passenger rear seat. Meanwhile, it has four stars on overall rollover rating and driver-side crash testing.

The Ford F150 truck was named by the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Awards (NACTOY) as the 2021 North American Truck of the Year.

Ford F150 Poor Safety Ratings

While the Ford F150 rated well in most of its crash test ratings over the years, there were some years that it had issues and did not do as well.

A 2001 crash test on the Ford F150 resulted in a ‘poor’ crash test performance, per an insurance industry group report. When it tested heavy pickups, they referred to the F150 as the ‘worst’ after it sustained the most damage compared to other crash test models when they crashed it at 40 miles per hour in an offset test, hitting a barrier. In addition, the crash test report indicated that the occupant compartment collapsed during the crash test, meaning the safety cage was basically non-existent. Other pickup trucks also earned poor ratings.

Thankfully, Ford’s smart engineering has improved tremendously since. The cross-functional group within Ford has spent countless hours improving the Ford F150’s design and functionality to improve its durability and safety. Since these testing results, the Ford F150 has introduced many safety innovations, using computer simulations and then retested for optimum safety results.

To navigate these safety issues, investing in an extended warranty will give you peace of mind. You can check out the Ford F150 Extended Warranty to learn how to protect yourself.

Ford F150 Safety Rating

Ford F150 Active and Passive Safety Features

The Ford F150 has active and passive safety features to help with crash mitigation, injury prevention, and overall occupant safety. Let’s explore these features to ensure its driver and passengers’ safety and peace of mind.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking: This technology aids the driver when distracted, ensuring that you are alerted when the vehicle detects an obstruction and avoids a potential crash.
Lane-Keeping System: This technology ensures you don’t drift too close to another vehicle when you veer outside your lane. This system works by vibrating the steering wheel so you can apply gentle steering correction to stay on track.
Blind Spot Information System: This technology provides visual protection for your blind zones. It also accounts for the vehicle measurement, so you can confidently move.
Auto High-Beam Headlamps: It will automatically engage the high-beam feature to give you more visibility when driving under low-lit conditions. It automatically switches to a low beam when an oncoming vehicle is detected.
Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control: It helps the vehicle maintain a preset speed and distance for a more comfortable and safe driving experience.
Active Park Assist 2.0: This technology facilitates ease of parking with a button, allowing you to steer toward your ideal parking spot intelligently.

Is the Ford F150 a Safe Car?

The Ford F150 safety rating is consistently good across all crash testing organizations. It has been rated five-star by the NHTSA and has earned numerous times a Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS. Therefore, the general safety rating for the Ford F150 is evidence of the truck’s overall safety and reliability under various driving conditions. After all, it didn’t earn a five-star rating from the NHTSA or recognition from the IIHS and NACTOY if it did not pass its superior testing requirements.


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