Ford Expedition Safety Rating

Ford Expedition Safety Rating

The Ford Expedition is a large SUV that can deliver a commanding performance. It boasts a sturdy interior and plenty of cargo space. The size of this SUV enables it to handle all kinds of terrain, from the pavement to off-road conditions. If versatility and capability are what you’re after, the Ford Expedition makes a serious case for contention.

The Ford Expedition seems to be a top contender in the large SUV category. However, its safety rating is what really matters because no matter how promising an SUV might be, it all boils down to how well it can keep occupants safe and protected. This guide covers everything you must know about the Ford Expedition safety rating.

Ford Expedition Safety Rating

Ford Expedition Crash Test Ratings

The Ford Expedition is emerging as a leader in its segment. Its safety and crash test ratings prove it is the top choice in the large SUV category.

The Ford Expedition 2018 model earned a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA. This rating is the highest overall rating from any vehicle in its segment, reflecting the development and engineering team’s commitment to prioritizing safety. Earning a five-star rating is not the end goal, as the Ford team is committed to enhancing the safety features of the large SUV.

The NHTSA’s top safety rating is a result of a revamped design. This redesign effort not only trimmed the vehicle’s total curb weight but also significantly improved its safety performance.

The NHTSA performs three major crash tests. The first one is a simulated frontal crash that measures a car’s ability to withstand impact during a collision at 35 mph. The Ford Expedition rated five stars on this test as it sustained minimal damage on the driver and passenger sides.

Two side crash tests were also performed on the Ford Expedition. The first one is the side pole test, which determines the damage to the vehicle when colliding with a fixed object. Meanwhile, the other side crash test is the side barrier test, which simulates a crash involving a vehicle and a moving barrier. For both of these side crash tests, the Ford Expedition earned a five-star rating.

In the rollover test, the Ford Expedition’s performance varied by model. The 2019 model performed better than the 2020 model year, receiving a four-star rating with a rollover risk of 19.3%. Meanwhile, the 2020 model scored three stars out of five.

Aside from the NHTSA crash testing, the IIHS has also subjected the Ford Expedition to a series of crash tests to assess its performance against all possible collisions. Just as it earned a five-star rating from the NHTSA, the IIHS also awarded it the Top Safety Pick in 2022. In the said year of evaluation, the IIHS marked the Ford Expedition as good in all major crashworthiness categories, except for the headlights, where it was rated as acceptable.

Is the Ford Expedition a Reliable Car?

Historically, the Ford Expedition hasn’t been known as the most reliable car. There are many records of Ford Expedition recalls, but the team has committed to improving its design, performance, and safety. Those efforts have not been wasted because the Expedition has regained its position as among the safest full-sized SUVs in the market. It has earned the Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS for two consecutive model years.

Each year, the IIHS conducts updates on its testing to ensure the most relevant and accurate testing methods and the safety of all tested vehicles. It also aims to update its testing schemes to match the ongoing road and highway issues.

For this reason, it becomes tougher and tougher to complete the crash tests and earn the Top Safety Pick. And yet, the Ford Expedition has successfully done so in two consecutive model years. It shows Ford’s concerted effort toward enhancing its vehicles’ safety and security, particularly the Ford Expedition.

Ford Expedition Safety Rating

Are Ford Expeditions Being Recalled?

Yes. Certain model years of the Ford Expedition have been recalled for various issues, such as the air suspension failure, the EGR sensor issues, the ignition coil failure, and the spark plug ejection error.

You can view the full list of issues on our Ford Expedition recall page.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Ford Expedition?

With regular maintenance and care, the Ford Expedition can last for 200,000 miles. It is not the most long-lasting vehicle in the Ford lineup or among full-size SUVs. The only downside to making the Ford Expedition last that long is the expensive maintenance cost.

According to Edmunds, the average maintenance cost for the Ford Expedition is $5,953, and the repair cost is $1,837. This data applies to the 2022 Ford Expedition.

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