Ford Bronco Safety Rating

Ford Bronco Safety Rating

The Ford Bronco is a brute-looking SUV capable of handling any terrain, living up to its name as an off-road SUV. It was the first SUV model developed by Ford, and five generations of the SUVs have been released since. Over the years, the exterior styling and features have changed, but its appeal to those looking for an SUV with off-road capabilities has remained the same.

But do the Ford Bronco’s safety features match its performance? Can you truly depend on it handling any road conditions while keeping its occupants safe?

This guide to the Ford Bronco Safety Rating will attempt to answer these questions, shedding light on its safety features and performance in the toughest crash tests.

Ford Bronco Safety Rating

Recalls & Safety Issues on the Ford Bronco

As with many Ford cars and vehicles, the Ford Bronco is not exempt from safety and recall issues. These safety recalls involved major issues like the transmission and minor issues involving the seat belt latches and malfunctioning windows.

What is the Ford Bronco Safety Rating from the NHTSA?

The 2023 Ford Bronco (two-door variant) has not been rated yet by the NHTSA on the frontal crash, side crash, and rollover crash tests. However, it is a reliable car as it features the recommended safety technologies by the NHTSA, such as the Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Crash Imminent Braking, and Dynamic Brake Support, among others.

Meanwhile, the four-door Ford Bronco variant has been tested for the frontal and rollover crash. It hasn’t been rated for the side crash testing. The overall frontal crash test rating is four out of five stars, with the driver’s side rated at four stars and the passenger side at five stars. Meanwhile, the rollover crash test is three out of five stars. There is a 25.60% rollover risk for this vehicle upon testing. However, unlike the Jeep Wrangler, it did not roll over during the IIHS testing.

What is the Ford Bronco Safety Rating from the IIHS?

While the Ford Bronco did not earn a Top Safety Pick recommendation from the IIHS, Bronco owners are pleased to know that it earned superior ratings and high scores from the standard crash testing. It even excelled in the toughest crash test – the small overlap front crash test.

A video released by the IIHS of the small overlap front crash test on the four-door Ford Bronco shows minimal damage on the driver safety cell, managing to deflect the impact and resulting in minor damage to the front and high survivability for the driver and passengers. In addition, the deployment of the front and side curtain airbags prevented the passengers from hitting the interior hard points, reducing the possibility of an injury. The highlight of this test was that the Ford Bronco did not rollover upon absorbing the impact.

The Ford Bronco Safety Rating from IIHS on the crashworthiness category is good in all aspects, except the head restraints, which earned an acceptable score. Meanwhile, it earned a marginal rating on the headlights component of the crash avoidance and mitigation category. The Ford Bronco earned a superior rating in crash prevention for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. In addition, it earned an advanced rating on the front crash prevention for pedestrians.

Ford Bronco Safety Rating

Safety Features of Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco was developed with several active safety systems to ensure that it can handle any road conditions and protect its occupants. These safety features enhance the overall driving experience.

The Co-Pilot 360 is the most advanced safety feature available to the Ford Bronco, available on all models. This safety feature includes features and technologies like a rearview camera, emergency braking system, and lane departure warning.

It also comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, which allows you to set a desired speed and distance. The vehicle automatically adjusts to ensure a safe distance from other vehicles. Meanwhile, Blind Spot Assist is also standard in the Ford Bronco, and an alert is triggered when another vehicle gets too close.

The Roll Stability Protection is a notable safety feature of the Ford Bronco, which uses a sensor to apply brakes to the affected wheels to prevent a rollover. Additional safety features are the Lane-Keep Assist, Dynamic Hitch Assist, and Cross-Traffic Assist.

Is The Ford Bronco Right for You?

While the Ford Bronco isn’t the top-rated SUV in terms of safety, it is a reliable car. It performed well on standard crash tests and earned stellar ratings. However, there is still room for improvement, and it’s undisputable that the Ford Bronco recalls could be a reason for some buyers to take a step back and think twice before buying one.

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