Ford Brake Pad Warranty

Ford Brake Pad Warranty

Figuring out what is and isn’t covered in a warranty for your vehicle can be a huge dilemma for Ford owners. Since the automotive brand has dealt with various recall issues in the past, it’s normal for Ford owners to consider protecting themselves with a warranty if there are some flaws or faults in certain parts of the vehicle. One example of a vehicle part that is prone to damage is the brake pad.

Over time, it experiences wear and is prone to damage and malfunction. It is a safety issue, so you must look into a Ford Brake Pad Warranty for your protection and peace of mind on the road.

Ford Brake Pad Warranty

Uses and Functions of a Brake Pad

The brake pad is part of a complex braking system that lets a driver control the vehicle’s motion, allowing it to stop when pressing on the brake pedal. Pressing on the pedal activates a cylinder that sends fluid to the other parts of the braking system, effectively engaging the brake pads. The brake pad is connected to a rotor that creates friction on the wheel, causing it to stop or slow down.

Since the brake pads are subjected to a lot of work when driving, they can experience tremendous wear over time. It is one of many vehicle parts prone to damage, especially if not properly cared for or when you’ve had it for a while. Therefore, it is crucial to know the average lifespan of brake pads and what signs to look for to help you determine that they need replacement.

Who Makes the Brake Pads for Ford?

Motorcraft makes Ford brake pads, as with most other internal components and accessories. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose this brand when you need to replace the Ford brake pads.

Using Motorcraft brake pads ensures they are made with the best materials and are suited to your Ford vehicle specifications.

How Much Are Brake Pads for Ford?

The cost of replacing Ford brake pads ranges between $150 and $300, which already covers the cost of the brake pads and labour. The cost varies based on the type of brake pads and damage to the other components within the braking system, such as the rotors.

How Long Do Ford Brake Pads Last?

Ford brake pads typically last from 30,000 to 60,000 miles. When you have reached this mileage, you should monitor your brake pads to determine if they’re still in good condition.

However, several factors can impact the lifespan of Ford brake pads, which include the driving style, driving or road conditions, and the specific Ford model. Proper care and the best driving styles can extend its lifespan to 70,000 miles. But sometimes, brake pads must be replaced at the 25,000-mile range.

Does Ford Replace Brake Pads?

It depends on the specific situation concerning the damage to the brake pads. If the brake pads were determined to be faulty or poorly manufactured, resulting in damage or insufficient function, then Ford can replace your brake pads. They can also offer a replacement as part of the warranty if it’s a new vehicle or driven for less than the specified mileage.

Are Brake Pads Covered Under the Ford Extended Warranty?

The Ford Extended Warranty does not cover brake pad replacement and labour. The warranty booklet specifies that it only covers basic mechanic services and routine maintenance. Most warranties, even extended warranties, will not cover any replacement or labor for vehicle components that wear and tear, such as brake pads and parts.

Therefore, obtaining dedicated warranty coverage for Ford brake pads is advisable for your peace of mind and convenience when filing a warranty claim.

Ford Brake Pad Warranty

How Do You Know When Your Brake Pads Need Changing?

Look out for the tell-tale signs that your brake pads need changing to ensure your safety when driving a Ford vehicle.

1. The Brake Warning Light is on.

Ford’s braking system consists of sensitive sensor modules designed to enhance the safety of their vehicles. When there are problems with the brake pads and other braking components, the Brake Warning Light is switched on the dashboard. Do not ignore this warning sign, and have a mechanic check your brake pads.

2. Grinding Metal Sounds

When you hear the sound of metal grinding on metal, it indicates that the friction layer on the brake pad is becoming worn out. You could lose stopping power when this happens, so make sure to have it checked by a mechanic.

3. Squeaking Sound

Aside from a grinding sound, watch out for squeaking noises, too. Since the brake pad has a metal frame, it creates a squeaking sound when the friction layer the pads come into contact with wears out. Have your brake pad checked when you hear the sounds to determine if your brake pad is too thin.

4. Unresponsive Brakes (or Late Response)

Losing stopping power is a common sign of worn-out brake pads. Unresponsive or late response on the braking system is potentially dangerous because it risks your vehicle not stopping in time, especially in high-traffic situations or sudden movement from surrounding vehicles.

Frequent brake pad servicing is crucial to the overall safety of Ford vehicles. Check this to avoid crashes or collisions, especially since the brake system is one of any vehicle’s most crucial safety features.


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