Fiat 500X MPG

Fiat 500X MPG

With a starting price of $31,000, the Fiat 500x is a mini car that resembles an SUV. Although some models from the renowned Italian brand have made quiet exits, the 500x saw another model come out of the market in 2023. Sure, this car boasts no off-road capability but it is promising to be a reliable commuter car, so much so that it has drawn comparisons to the Jeep Renegade. With its cute and retro design, it’s unsurprising why it has drawn the attention of many. But the true test of reliability and practicality lies in the Fiat 500x MPG. Before you shell out your hard-earned cash, read closely to see if it’s turbo engine, retro design, and convertible roof are enough to make it your next car.

Fiat 500x Engine and Performance

Fiat 500X MPG

All Fiat 500x models will be equipped with a turbocharged 1.3L four-cylinder engine capable of producing 177 horsepower. It also has a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive option across all models.

The all-wheel drivetrain allows you to choose from three settings to maximize traction in various driving conditions. In addition, the Fiat 500x will sport 17-inch aluminum wheels (although the Sport trim will have 18-inch wheels).

With these engine specifications, the Fiat 500x is not the fastest nor the most fun one to drive. And while it does offer a comfortable ride for the most part, it is not as comfortable when driving curvy back roads. Thankfully, it has an attractive cabin with superior quality interior materials.

But is this enough to warrant a consideration of the Fiat 500x?

What is the Fiat 500x MPG Rating?

There is only one engine and drivetrain standard across all trims of the Fiat 500x. Therefore, you can expect largely the same Fiat 500x MPG rating, regardless of the trim.

The Fiat 500x AWD has a 1.3 L 4 cylinder 9-speed automatic transmission engine. Its EPA fuel economy rating estimate is 26 combined MPG, or 24/30 MPG on the city and highway.

It takes up regular gasoline and has a driving range of approximately 330 miles per full tank. Therefore, that is an average annual fuel cost of $2,100, which is $750 more than other new and comparable vehicles. The Fiat 500x has a fuel tank size of 12.7 gallons.

Fiat 500x vs Competitors

Using the EPA estimates, we’re able to compare the MPG rating of the Fiat 500x with its competitors. The average fuel efficiency rating of the Fiat 500x is 26 combined MPG. Meanwhile, the MINI Cooper Convertible offers an impressive 32 combined MPG rating (29/38 MPG on the city and highway). It is among the best in its class when it comes to fuel efficiency, which makes it a great alternative to the Fiat 500x if you’re looking at this vehicle segment.

The next competitor that’s doing excellent in terms of MPG rating is the Hyundai Kona AWD. With a 1.6L 4-cylinder turbocharged automatic transmission engine, the Kona has a combined MPG rating of 29 (27/32 MPG on the city and highway).

Lastly, the Jeep Renegade, which as earlier mentioned draws comparison to the Fiat 500x, achieves the same fuel efficiency rating of combined 26 MPG (23/29 MPG on the city and highway). All these other vehicles take up regular gasoline, except for the MINI Cooper that requires premium gasoline.

Fiat 500X MPG

Fiat Servicing and Warranty

Fiat offers a three-year warranty coverage on all new vehicles, including the 500x. However, it is less than most warranties offered by rival car manufacturers like Hyundai and Toyota.

However, you can purchase a Fiat Extended Warranty to cover the cost of servicing and repairs to maintain your vehicle. Fortunately, the servicing costs on the Fiat is reasonably priced and there is a great network of Fiat dealers that can provide after-market support.

How Reliable is the Fiat 500X?

The Fiat 500x is manufactured by an iconic Italian car brand. However, it fails to live up to its promise because the new turbocharged engine fails to deliver the higher MPG ratings that Fiat fans were hoping to get.

In addition, the Car Complaints website has listed common Fiat 500x issues that include enigne problems, transmission issues, braking problems, and an unreliable drivetrain. Meanwhile, the US News rated it 5.1/10 in terms of reliability.

Given these prevailing issues with the 500x and its subpar MPG rating, it’s something to consider if you buy this vehicle as it can have serious resale value implications. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a car that will burn through your pocket in terms of fuel consumption and won’t be able to sell it in the future.


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