Dodge Hornet Safety Rating

Dodge Hornet Safety Rating

The all-new Dodge Harnet is a breakthrough for a domestic car brand like Dodge. The brand has had a reputation for delivering muscle cars into the market, and it is deviating from that reputation with the arrival of its first electric SUV, the Dodge Hornet. Boasting a comparable tech and styling to some of Alfa Romeo cars, you can expect big things from this small SUV that is also well-lauded for its high-efficiency.

While the Dodge Hornet was launched in 2023, it’s time to take a deep dive to determine how well it has rated in prevailing safety test ratings. This guide will explore the Dodge Hornet Safety Rating and its comparison with the existing evaluation standards.

Dodge Hornet Safety Rating

Consumer Reports Safety Ratings on the Dodge Hornet

The Consumer Reports publishes car ratings and reviews for various vehicle models. While they have not published their testing methods, it has been a reliable resource for vehicle owners to assess the quality, safety, and reliability of vehicles that inform their buying decisions. They also incorporate survey findings into their ratings to gain valuable input from vehicle owners about certain cars’ performances.

The Hornet is the first all-new model for the Dodge in a decade. However, this one did not come without issues, especially as it is already plagued with issues of a Dodge Hornet recall. Consumer Reports’ Road Test report on the vehicle has led them to conclude that the Hornet could have spent more time in development to address major issues, such as a plastic-y cabin, loud engine noises, and a stiff ride.

But what it lacks in the components mentioned above, it makes up for injecting a ton of horsepower in a small SUV package. It has an enormous mid-range punch as it can quickly accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, thanks to its 268-horsepower and turbocharged engine.

It also performs decent on the Driver Assistance Features and Crash Protection review, although most features are standard for its segment. It scored two out of five in rear seat safety, with the child safety at three out of five. The rear occupant protection is rated at one out of five.

Because of the above inputs, Consumer Reports rates the Dodge Hornet with average reliability, especially compared to new cars.

JD Power Rating on the Dodge Hornet

The 2023 JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study evaluates all new vehicle releases under the small SUV segment. The team at JD Power evaluated the vehicle performance, safety features, and feedback from new vehicle owners and compared that to how well other SUVs in its class have been rated. Unfortunately, this vehicle model has no official JD Power rating yet. Nonetheless, it is ranked among the top 10 of the compact premium SUV segment for 2023.

According to the team’s independent review of the Hornet, it offers a solid array of standard tech features that warrant its price tag. It also delivers many safety equipment and features that give it a premium feel and performance. However, it does have some shortcomings, especially in the cargo shape and the back seat. Both feel cramped, and there is limited headroom, sacrificing passenger comfort and convenience.

Even the Hornet’s driving experience is subpar, resulting from the team’s road test on the Dodge Hornet. While the driving experience is engaging, some components have a disjointed feel, and the engine creates noise while driving.

Crash Tests and Dodge Charger Safety Rating

The safety and reliability of the Dodge Hornet are put to the test with various crash and safety tests. These tests determine the vehicle’s reliability and crashworthiness.

Neither the NHTSA nor the IIHS has rated or performed crash testing on the all-new Dodge Hornet. But, the Hornet is identical in structural design to the Alfa Romeo Tonale, and that vehicle has received a five-star rating from the Euro NCAP across all categories. Therefore, you can base off that test rating that the Dodge Hornet will also perform quite well in the crash test ratings.

Dodge Hornet Safety Rating

Safety Features for Dodge Hornet

What does the Dodge Hornet offer regarding its users’ safety and security? The Dodge Hornet is joining a new revolution in the automotive industry, shying away from muscle cars and moving toward higher-efficiency and compact models.

But did they sacrifice safety for efficiency and compactness? The first in the long list of safety features for the Dodge Hornet is the Active Driving Assist technology, which facilitates Lane Centering, Lane Correcting, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Thus, you can power your car with confidence that you are safe and in control at all times.

It also boasts standard safety features, such as Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Lane Sense with Lane Keep Assist. Meanwhile, the 360-degree Surround View Camera and Traffic Sign Recognition ease you handle any road obstacles.

And perhaps the most unique feature of all is the Drowsy Driver Detection feature. You can get a jolt when driving, and there are reminders when the vehicle detects signs of distracted or extended driving. Alerts come in visual and audible formats.

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