Dodge Corrosion Warranty

Dodge Corrosion Warranty

Dodge vehicle owners have complained about issues with rust corrosion on many of their vehicles, whether with the external or internal components. The issues with rust and corrosion in Dodge vehicles are prevalent, so owners are looking for a Dodge corrosion warranty to cover the potential costs of repairing these problems. Use this guide to learn about

What Does a Corrosion Warranty Cover?

A Dodge corrosion warranty covers your Dodge vehicle’s original sheet metal panel. However, any sheet metal panel that has been replaced or is not the original will not be covered by the warranty. In addition, the warranty clause states that the damage to the sheet metal panel must be naturally occurring or as part of the vehicle’s wear and tear. This makes your vehicle eligible for the corrosion warranty claim.

The specific inclusions on your Dodge corrosion warranty vary, and it is important to refer to the booklet for the coverage list.

Dodge Corrosion Warranty

What Isn’t Covered Under the Dodge Corrosion Warranty?

The Dodge Corrosion Warranty does not cover holes or damages on the vehicle that are not caused by corrosion. For example, if there are scratches on the paint or damage to any aftermarket parts, the warranty does not cover these, and you must pay for their repairs out of your own pocket.

The Dodge Corrosion Warranty won’t cover any damage caused by environmental factors. If you want additional protection on these factors, it is recommended that you obtain the Dodge Extended Warranty for maximum protection.

How Long is the Dodge Corrosion Warranty Coverage?

Again, you must refer to the Dodge Corrosion Warranty booklet for information on the exact length of coverage for the said warranty. Generally, this type of warranty is valid for two mileage and specified time limits. For example, the sheet metal panel has a warranty validity of three years. The warranty coverage is valid for five years or 100,000 miles for outer-body sheet metal panels, whichever is first.

Can You Repair Car Corrosion?

Yes. Car corrosion can be fixed. However, the cost of repairing that damage can vary widely depending on the cause and extent of the corrosion damage.

Two factors impact the extent of repair needed: where the corrosion damage has occurred and the level of corrosion. It is easy and cheaper to repair if you are dealing with surface corrosion. But if the damage has affected structural parts, it will require extensive repairs and entail more costs.

Why is Dodge Extended Warranty a Smart Investment?

The Dodge Extended Warranty is a must for your vehicle, but you must check a few things first to maximize the value of your investment.

You must first check your Dodge car’s existing warranty to know the exact coverage details. If there is any coverage that you need that isn’t covered within your existing warranty, you can consider buying a Dodge Extended Warranty to get the full coverage.

The next thing to consider is your budget. Suppose you don’t have the extra budget to cover any major repairs on your Dodge vehicle, especially due to damage due to corrosion or other factors. In that case, you must consider the extended warranty coverage. It gives you peace of mind knowing that the warranty will pay for repairs even if you cannot afford to fix it, as long as it is within the coverage of your warranty.

Dodge Corrosion Warranty

Types of Corrosion Coverage

Choosing the right corrosion coverage for your Dodge warranty is crucial, as various types of damage result from car corrosion. The right coverage will help you avoid paying for the repairs out of pocket, as you can use your warranty claim to cover those costs.

Corrosion Perforation – A warranty covers the cost of perforation damage due to corrosion. The warranty is only valid if the corrosion has penetrated the metal sheet panel. The damage should be deep enough to weaken the metal and require extensive repair.

Surface Corrosion – It is a warranty that offers more extensive coverage than corrosion perforation. You can use it to pay for damage to the chassis due to road salt or paint scratches. Some surface corrosion coverage allows you to include the engine and battery terminal.

Why Do You Need a Warranty Against Corrosion?

A Dodge corrosion warranty is necessary because a traditional warranty only covers corrosion damage due to poor workmanship or parts used by the manufacturer that are prone to corrosion. If either of these cases applies to your damaged vehicle, you can file a claim for that warranty. However, it’s a costly repair to cover out of your pockets if corrosion occurs for other reasons. It’s easier to invest in a warranty that covers the cost of repairs and ensures you won’t go through the hassle of finding a suitable repair for your vehicle.

If you read the fine print details of basic car warranties, you will find that this damage type isn’t covered so another form of warranty – the corrosion warranty, specifically addresses this issue.


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