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Chrysler Roadside Assistance

Chrysler Roadside Assistance is a service that provides emergency roadside assistance to Chrysler owners. Whether you need help with your battery, tire change, towing assistance or even if you just need directions because you’re lost in the woods, Chrysler Roadside Assistance can help! All of this for free when you buy or lease a new Chrysler vehicle. Your factory warranty gives you roadside assistance up to 5 years or 60,000 miles for gas engines and up to 100,000 miles for diesel engines. If you have the extended Chrysler warranty your roadside assistance extends to the length of the warranty.


Chrysler Roadside Assistance Phone Number

Chrysler Roadside Assistance Phone Number is a service offered by Chrysler for their customers who are stranded in the middle of nowhere. These people can call this number and Chrysler will offer assistance to help them out with whatever they need, whether that be gas or tow truck services. This is just one of many ways that Chrysler cares about their customers!


Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram:




Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram:


You Can Also Download The Mopar Application. This will simplify the whole process for you.

When calling be sure to have some information handy. You will need the name of the vehicle owner, the vehicle identification number. (this should be on the inside of the door or on your registration) They will want your license plate number, current mileage and where you are at. If you are needing towed the towing service will get you to the local dealership. If you choose to go farther to a specific dealer there may be additional charges.         Find A Chrysler Dealer Near You

Mopar Mobile App

If you own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat or Alfa Romeo vehicle, I recommend downloading the Mopar Mobile App. The Mopar Mobile App puts a lot of great services at your fingertips. Such as, Roadside Assistance, Special Service Offers. You can access all of your vehicles info just by scanning your Vin into the app with the easy to use Vin scanner. Mopar will most likely continue to introduce more features and benefits to this mobile app in the future.


Mopar Owners App     Mopar Owners App

Roadside Assistance

Your Coverage Details

Your Chrysler Factory Warranty gives  you full Roadside Assistance, this includes towing to the nearest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealer. Coverage includes flat tire change, lockout protection and fuel delivery. These services are available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This Coverage is for 5 years and up to 60,000 miles for gas engines. For diesel engines this coverage goes out to 5 years or 100,000 miles which ever comes first.

Additional Coverage If You Have A Mopar Extended Warranty

a Mopar Extended Warranty Is going to give you added coverage. You pick up rental car allowance if the failed component is covered. In addition, if you have the Maxcare Warranty you have up to $600. key fob replacement. This is good for lost or damaged key fobs and is good for the term of the contract you have. Also you have $1,000 trip interruption. This pays for food and hotel cost if you are stranded out of town due to having to wait on a repair. This part of the coverage is a reimbursement. You will need to call and get it authorized in advance and be sure to keep all of your receipts. When you purchased your plan you most likely were given deductible options. The deductible options are $0, $100 and $200. This deductible doesn’t apply to your roadside assistance or your towing assistance.

Used Vehicles With The Mopar Extended Warranty Get The Added Coverage Also

These additional coverage benefits come with your Mopar Extended Warranty regardless of when you bought it. In other words, If you buy your warranty when your vehicle is new or if you buy it on a used vehicle you get the same additional coverage. You can purchase an extended Chrysler Warranty up until your vehicle is 10 years old or hits the 100,000 mile mark. If it is possible you want to purchase the Extended Warranty as early on as you can. This does not effect your Chrysler Roadside Assistance. It just will save your money. The Extended Chrysler Warranties are less expensive the when you purchase theme when your car is newer and has less miles.

Chrysler Warranty

Can You Get Chrysler Roadside Assistance On A Used Vehicle?

Most people don’t go through the vehicle purchase process thinking about what they are going to do when they have a flat tire or need a jump start. This is understandable. Therefore, Later when this question comes up it can be difficult to find the answer. In Short, Yes you can get the Chrysler Roadside Assistance on a used vehicle. You will just need to purchase a Chrysler Extended Warranty.

Chrysler Extended Warranty Options

With most consumers the more expensive components are the main concern. If for you this is the case Mopar Powertrain Plus will have your covered at a super reasonable price. If you are lookin for a little more coverage and are ok with paying for some of the smaller items you should look at the Mopar Added Care Plus. But, If you want to pay just a little extra and know that it’s all covered you definitely want to go with the Mopar Maximum Care. All of these plans have a long list of covered components so to help with questions you can find printable brochures below. Also all of these plans come with the Chrysler Roadside Assistance.

Printable Brochures


Chrysler Warranty Cost

Your Chrysler Warranty cost depends on when you purchase it and what type of plan you purchase. When you purchase your warranty before one year and before your Chrysler has 12,000 miles on it you will save yourself some money. Also the price of service has been sharply rising over the past 5 years. This will eventually raise the cost of all extended warranties.  Also if you purchase from the dealer vs a Mopar Extended Warranty Discount Retailer you will certainly pay more. The dealerships mark up the prices of their warranties sometimes up to 100%. Be sure to visit a Mopar Extended Warranty Discount Retailer to make sure you get the lowest Chrysler Warranty price.

Visit Our Full Chrysler Extended Warranty Site here. Chrysler Warranty

We hope this blog post has been helpful and informative. We will continue to provide more informational posts about Chrysler’s products and services in the future. Thank you for reading our blog post!

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