Chrysler 300 Safety Rating

Chrysler 300 Safety Rating

Chrysler 300 has been a mainstay in the brand’s lineup since 2005. This 5-seater sedan is notable for its fuel economy and eco-friendly emissions without losing power. Therefore, it’s no wonder it is popular within its class since owners feel like they get more value out of their money. It also packs a lot of tech and an optional all-wheel drive to conquer various terrains, including mud and snow.

However, the real test of any vehicle lies in its safety features. What is the Chrysler 300 safety rating? Let’s determine how well it can protect its occupants during an accident.

Chrysler 300 Safety Rating

Chrysler 300 Key Safety Features

The current model is the 2023 Chrysler 300, which features a roomy and luxurious cabin and a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine. As mentioned, this model has an AWD option, giving you more use of this sedan. Other notable features of the latest iteration from this lineup include responsive handling, a quiet cabin, and a Uconnect infotainment system. Many feel that this is a true bargain luxury car. Unfortunately, the 2023 model will also be the final model year for the sedan.

While there have been some changes through the years, it packs the standard safety features, such as the forward collision warning with the automatic braking system, the lane departure warning with lane assist, active cruise control, and blind spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert.

Here is the additional list of safety features available on the Chrysler 300:

• Rearview camera
• Electronic stability control
• Brake assist
• Tire pressure monitoring
• Rain brake support
• Traction control
• Front, side, and knee airbags (seven total)
• Rain-sensing wipers

There is nothing fancy or innovative about the Chrysler 300’s safety features. However, they get the job done, ensuring that passengers and drivers are protected, can mitigate risks, and manage crashes on the road.

Chrysler 300 Safety Rating

The federal government’s NHTSA and the private group IIHS have performed tests on the Chrysler 300 to determine its safety rating through a series of crash tests. Let’s look at how the Chrysler 300 did on those tests.

NHTSA Crash Testing

The NHTSA Chrysler 300 safety rating is four out of five stars overall. The sedan scored four stars on the frontal crash test on the driver’s side and passenger’s side. However, it scored five stars on the side crash testing. It also scored four stars on the rollover crash rating.

IIHS Crash Testing

The IIHS Chrysler 300 safety rating on crashworthiness has an overall evaluation of marginal on the small overlap front on the driver’s side. The structure and safety cage also scored marginal, while the driver injury measures were rated good except in the lower leg/foot category, which scored poor. As per the moderate overlap front crash test, it scored good across the board and in its overall evaluation.

The side crash test on the Chrysler 300 earned a good overall score. The same score was received for the side crash testing, except for the structure and safety cage, which earned an acceptable score. Regarding roof strength, the Chrysler 300 safety rating is good. The same result goes with the head restraints and seats.

Moving over to the crash avoidance and mitigation part of the IIHS crash test, four headlight variations exist across different Chrysler 300 models. The overall rating is poor. On the other hand, its front crash prevention for vehicle-to-vehicle collision is rated as superior (applicable to 2015-2023 models). The child seat anchor on the Chrysler 300 is rated as acceptable.

JD Power Consumer Rating

The JP Power Consumer Rating on the Chrysler 300 is another excellent source for determining the sedan’s safety rating, as it is an independent opinion of verified car owners. The overall score for the Chrysler 300 is 81 out of 100. It scored highest in the quality and reliability department, scoring 92/100.

This score determines the level of design flaws and defects in the applicable vehicle, covering all features from the infotainment system to the engine. A higher score indicates fewer problems.

Chrysler 300 Safety Rating

How Safe is Chrysler 300 Compared to Other Vehicles?

The Chrysler 300 safety rating has earned fairly good ratings throughout various model years. However, some aspects are rated four stars or poor, per the NHTSA and IIHS safety and crash test standards.

In 2012, the Chrysler 300 earned the NHTSA’s Highest Safety rating, with a five-star overall crash test performance. In that particular test, it scored five stars on the front and side crash tests. The rollover risk crash test is the only area wherein it scored four stars.

Despite its big-bodied frame, most Chrysler 300 models only offer standard tech features, and there have been a few Chrysler 300 recalls, too. The optional package delivers the lacking features, ensuring superior safety and performance for sedan drivers.

It’s not a perfect sedan, but it has done well in most crash testing. One thing is clear: the Chrysler 300 prioritizes cabin comfort over safety.

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