Chevy Tahoe Safety Rating

Chevy Tahoe Safety Rating

For years, the Chevrolet Tahoe has been a frontrunner in the full-size SUV segment. It offers a smooth ride for a large SUV, thanks to its magnetic ride suspension. A 5.3-litre V8 engine with a six-speed transmission also powers it. And if you’re looking for a spacious interior, this one won’t disappoint either. Over the years, it had seen a major transformation, but much of what people loved about it stayed the same. The question is: will the Chevy Tahoe safety rating match the promise of a bigger, better SUV?

Chevy Tahoe in a Nutshell

Chevy Tahoe Safety Rating

The latest model year for the Chevy Tahoe is a finalist in the US News ranking for the 2024 Best Large SUV for Families. Although the Chevy Suburban took home the price, the Tahoe was among the leaders in this segment, scoring 8.1 out of 10.

The latest SUV model has been widely revamped to enhance the existing features and make it safer for families. The lower and flatter floor is one of the key changes to the new Tahoe. This makes it easier for passengers to enter the SUV and to load cargo, especially heavy ones. The comfortable seats are a plus, comparable to the seat engineering of the Ford Expedition.

The performance of the Chevy Tahoe is worth noting. It has a 5.3-liter V8 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. This model has the option for rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. The Tahoe can push up to 355 horsepower and 383 lb ft of torque with its engine. And yet, the 4WD and RWD models have fuel efficiency ratings of 15/20 mpg on the highway.

We’ve mentioned how comfortable and easy it is to get on the seats of the Tahoe, but spaciousness is where it excels. And passengers would be delighted to know that there is plenty of legroom, even for tall passengers.

Considering all these things, another notable addition to the new Chevy Tahoe is the technology. It has an impressive infotainment system built around the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. Only the base model has a small information screen and analogue gauge. However, most Chevy vehicles are equipped with a 10.2-inch infotainment display that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Tahoe also has a built-in navigation system.

How Safe is the Chevy Tahoe?

Behind the sharp styling and impressive interior, the most important factor to consider is this: Chevy Tahoe safety rating.

The NHTSA Chevy Tahoe safety rating is four stars (out of five) for the 2WD and 4WD variants. The frontal crash test rating on the Tahoe is four stars, with the driver-side test rated at five stars and the four-star rating on the passenger side dragging the score to four stars (instead of a perfect five). Meanwhile, the Tahoe performed its best in the side crash test, earning five stars on all side crash tests, including the side barrier (moving object) and side pole crash test (collision with a fixed object). But the Tahoe performed worst in the rollover crash test, earning three stars. Although it did not tip over during the test, it had a rollover risk of 21.90%, according to the NHTSA.

The Chevy Tahoe safety rating from the IIHS did not earn the SUV a Top Safety Pick. The IIHS has not tested it. Therefore, you can reference the NHTSA safety rating when deciding how safe the Chevy Tahoe is.

Standard and Add-On Safety Features

The Chevy Tahoe features standard and add-on safety features depending on the specific variant of SUV you’re driving. The standard safety features available to the Tahoe are:

Meanwhile, you can also get add-on safety features to beef up passengers’ protection in this SUV. Adding these features costs more money, but it will be a worthwhile investment, given the frequency of crashes. No amount of money can match the peace of mind you get for such an investment.

Choosing the LT or Premier package of the Chevy Tahoe gives you the forward collision alert feature. It will also have a rear parking assist and front parking assistance feature. Meanwhile, you will get the lane keep assist and blind sport monitoring system.

Many current Tahoe owners have stated that this SUV is not only one of the best but also the most affordable. However, some aren’t too happy that accessing some standard features available on other SUV models requires choosing the higher-end trims.

Chevy Tahoe Safety Rating

Pros and Cons of the Chevy Tahoe

Here are the pros of the Chevy Tahoe:

• Spacious interior
• Fuel-efficient engine
• Impressive infotainment system
• Decent handling

Meanwhile, consider these cons when deciding whether to buy the Chevy Tahoe or not:

• Ride quality is poor in lower suspensions
• Interior design is lacking (especially vs competitors)
• Costly maintenance requirement

Quality & Reliability of the Chevy Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe’s JD Power rating is 83/100, which means it is Great. The JD Power rating is based on opinions and reviews from current vehicle owners, giving you a more accurate assessment of the vehicle’s performance based on user and driving experience. The reliability score determines the potential for issues on the SUV, which you can use alongside the Chevy Tahoe recall information to know the existing issues and how to manage them should you decide to purchase this SUV.


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