Chevy Suburban Safety Rating

Chevy Suburban Safety Rating

SUVs are fast growing and are the most popular vehicle segment among vehicle buyers. It combines a stylish exterior, comfortable interior, and power to conquer terrain. It is especially convenient for anyone looking for a large interior and spacious cargo. The Chevy Suburban is one of the top SUV models thriving in the market, especially with the latest iteration, which is much improved from the previous model years. As we inspect the various features and Chevy Suburban safety rating, you can use this information to make an informed decision and discover why it’s the supreme choice in the SUV department.

Chevy Suburban Safety Rating

Is the Chevy Suburban a Good SUV?

Despite Chevy Suburban sales dropping, it remained the frontrunner in the segment during the final quarter of 2023. This SUV has so much to love, including its massive cargo and spacious legroom, even for the base model.

The V8 engines power the Chevy Suburban, giving it potent performance while maintaining fuel economy. The cabin is plain, but it is comfortable. There are adequate infotainment and driver-assistance systems to improve functionality. In addition, the SUV handles very well despite its size.

So, is it a good SUV? It depends on your needs and budget. There are more feature-packed SUVs that offer better power and off-road ability, but these come at a higher price point. You must weigh the pros and cons of each option to determine if it’s the SUV you are looking for.

Chevy Suburban Safety Rating

The Chevy Suburban safety rating is the most important factor before buying one. Top agencies like the NHTSA and IIHS have tested this SUV. So, what is the Chevy Suburban safety rating?

NHTSA Safety Rating

The NHTSA tested two variants of the Chevy Suburban for its standard tests: the two-wheel and four-wheel drive variants. Both variants were rated four out of five stars.

Regarding the frontal crash tests by the NHTSA, the overall rating is four out of five stars. Specifically, the front diver side is five stars, and the front passenger side is four stars. Meanwhile, the side crash test is five stars overall, with a five-star rating on the side barrier (a moving barrier) and side pole rating (a fixed object).

The rollover rating is the lowest score that the Chevy Suburban got from the NHTSA testing. It got three stars out of five, with a rollover risk of 21%. The SUV did not tip over during the NHTSA crash test.

IIHS Safety Rating

The IIHS tested the 2020 Chevrolet Suburban, although the testing is limited to the LATCH’s ease of use. The seat belt reminder is rated as Marginal, which applies to the LT vehicle trim with leather seat types. Based on the test results, the tether anchor is hard to find, and other hardware can be confused with it.

The other elements of the Chevy Suburban safety rating from the IIHS, such as the Crashworthiness and Crash Avoidance and Mitigation tests, are not available.

Is the Chevy Suburban Reliable?

Reliability comprises several aspects of a vehicle’s performance, such as quality and longevity. To answer the question, let’s look at the JP Power rating on the Chevy Suburban, which gathers data from existing Suburban vehicle owners and their honest feedback based on actual driving experience.

As per the JD Power data, the quality and reliability rating for the Chevy Suburban is 70/100. This rating is based on the malfunctions, level of defects, and other issues reported by Suburban owners. While it isn’t an excellent rating, it is a pretty decent score.

If you know about the history of the Chevy Suburban recall, you will understand why it is rated as such. Indeed, the Chevy Suburban has had many recall issues due to problems with the powertrain, loose or missing rear wheelhouse plugs, fuel leakage, and certain Continental tires.

As for the driving experience, the Chevy Suburban gets a score of 82/100.

Chevy Suburban Safety Rating

What Safety Features Does the Chevy Suburban Offer?

Based on the Chevy Suburban safety rating, it’s not stellar, but the results are not dismal either. Let’s check out the safety features equipped into the full-sized SUV to determine how it keeps you safe on the road.

• Rearview camera
• Parking sensors
• Forward collision warning
• Automatic emergency braking
• Lane departure warning
• Automatic high-beam headlights
• Rear seat alert
• Surround-view camera
• Head-up display
• Super cruise
• Blind spot monitoring

How Safe is the Chevy Suburban?

The standard driver-assistance safety features and tech are well integrated into the Chevy Suburban. The NHTSA rating is pretty decent at four stars. If you combine these elements, you can be assured that the Suburban is going to be worth your money and will give you peace of mind when behind the wheel. It does not offer any major or innovative safety tech, but you have all you need to gain confidence on the road.

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