Chevy Silverado Safety Rating

Chevy Silverado Safety Rating

Pickup trucks are built for performance and enhanced capability to withstand terrain or driving conditions. While most manufacturers focus on performance and power, safety tends to take a backseat. Does this apply to the Chevy Silverado? With many Chevrolet vehicles having a history of excellent safety ratings and performance, it’s best to look at the Chevy Silverado safety rating to determine how it compares with other large pickups in the market.

Chevy Silverado Safety Rating

Key Safety Features of the Chevy Silverado

There is a lot to love about the Chevy Silverado, but probably nothing more than its array of safety features, which add confidence to drivers as they navigate any road conditions. You can feel more confident with the Chevy Silverado, which is equipped with six airbags in its interior, protecting its passengers from all kinds of impact.

However, crash mitigation is the priority when developing this large pickup truck, so it uses the latest technology to prevent a collision. First, the truck’s advanced safety system is the Automatic Emergency Braking, which detects a potential danger and sends a signal to the vehicle’s control system, which helps determine if the vehicle should intervene. It alerts the driver of an oncoming danger, ensuring a timely braking application to avoid collision.

Silverado also offers front and rear parking, which helps you park your vehicle confidently regardless of parking conditions. Next up is the Lane Keep Assist with a Lane Departure warning, so you will never have an untoward collision again. The rear cross-traffic alert uses sensors to monitor the two areas behind you and send signals if vehicles are approaching from either side. This safety feature is activated when the car is set to Reverse, enhancing the car’s detection capability.

Increased visibility and coverage are crucial to ensuring your safety when driving the Chevy Silverado. Therefore, it has four hitch views, six driving views, and five parking views. You can confidently drive or pull out of a parking spot for maximum precision and safety.

Here are additional safety features available on the Chevy Silverado:

• Standard Teen Driver Technology
• Available Safety Alert Seat
• Stability Control
• Traction Control
• Available OnStar Safety & Security

Is the Chevy Silverado Safe?

The Chevy Silverado safety rating from independent agencies is the best way to determine how safe this vehicle is. These agencies conduct various tests to determine whether the vehicle can withstand impact and protect its occupants, regardless of whether the impact comes from the front or side.

The NHTSA has no Chevy Silverado safety rating as the federal agency has not rated it. However, the IIHS has rated the 2022 and 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500. The large crew-cab pickup failed to earn the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick award, but it did excellent on tests for both model years.

On the Crashworthiness test on the 2022 Chevy Silverado, the rating is Good on the small overlap front test on the driver’s side and Marginal on the front passenger side. On the other hand, it was rated Good on the moderate overlap front and side crash tests (on the original test). It received an Acceptable rating on the updated side crash test. Meanwhile, the rating is Good on the roof strength and head restraints. The seat belt reminder system is rated Poor, so it missed the Top Safety Pick award.

The 2023 model year of the Chevy Silverado 1500 scored Good on the small overlap front test on the driver side and the moderate overlap front test (original test). As for the small overlap front test on the passenger side, its score is Marginal. The updated moderate overlap front test earned the pickup a Poor rating due to a moderate risk of injury to the rear passenger’s head, neck, and chest and a higher risk of abdominal injuries to the rear passenger due to a movement on the lap belt during the collision.

Chevy Silverado Safety Rating

Reliability of the Chevy Silverado

The JD Power rating is the best way to assess a car’s overall reliability, as it compiles unbiased opinion and feedback from verified vehicle owners. The Chevy Silverado’s overall rating is 85/100, but its quality and reliability rating is 87/100.

Over the years, there have been many Chevy Silverado recalls that affect the powertrain, engine, transmission, power steering hose, tires, to name a few. Therefore, consider these things when you want to buy this pickup, along with the Chevy Silverado safety rating from the top agencies.

Regular preventive maintenance can increase the longevity and reliability of Silverado pickup trucks. In addition, it can also improve your insurance premium when you invest in making your vehicle safer. Most scheduled maintenance is covered by warranty, so make sure to double-check if yours has this offer.


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