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Chevrolet Tire Warranty

Commonly, the tire manufacturer in which you purchase from will have a Chevrolet tire warranty. These warranties do only cover your tires in the case of a manufacturing faults like tires that are built with outdated rubber, using a petroleum-based solvent before the rubber has been vulcanized, or curing errors that allow dirt or moisture to get into the tire.

These warranties don’t cover any damages caused by road hazards. The Chevrolet Tire Warranty only covers tire defects such as:

  • Tread or Belt Separation – This is one of the most common types of defects that is caused by a failure in the design or manufacture of the tire.
  • Bead Failures – The tire bead is what sits in the groove of the tire. When a tire is properly inflated, the tire beads should be prevented from leaving the groove. Although, there are times when even a properly inflated tire has a tire bead failure. If your tire has a bead failure, over inflation can cause the tire to explode.
  • Sidewall Failures – This is a defect in the tire sidewall that can cause the tire to explode while it is being inflated. The main defect that may cause a tire sidewall blowout is an inadequate speed rating. The lack of proper testing before the release may leave the tire with a lower speed rating.

To get these defects covered under the manufacturer warranty you must provide proof of regular maintenance and care for your tires and an inspection must be done.

Tire Warranty

Mopar Road Hazard Tire And Wheel Protection

Since the manufacturer warranty only covers defects, it’s a good idea to get a Mopar Road Hazard Tire And Wheel Protection Warranty. This warranty provides coverage for all four tires and wheels that are damaged by hazardous roads. It includes full replacement and repair costs and covers damages from curbs, potholes and other road hazards. It also covers $100 of towing and roadside assistance.

This warranty lasts from 1 to 7 years depending on the plan you decide on. You can get coverage on any vehicles up to ten model years prior with no more than 100,000 miles on the odometer.

The Mopar Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection Warranty and a Chevrolet Extended Warranty go along great together and can provide you with all around coverage on your Chevrolet.

Does A Chevrolet Extended Warranty Cover Your Tires?

Working on the retail side of the tire business for years. The question does a Chevrolet extended warranty cover your tires is common to hear. With a Chevrolet Extended Warranty being a great investment, it doesn’t cover the tires. The best Chevrolet Extended Warranty plan is the Maximum Care Warranty. This plan covers roadside assistance, key fob replacement and lots of other great features. But unfortunately, not the tires.

Tire Manufacturers With The Best Warranty

  1. Hankook Optimo H727 – They provide the best warranty that covers 100,000 miles of tread life. The warranty policy also includes a materials and workmanship guarantee of five years and a free tire replacement if any issues occur during the first 2/32” of tread wear.
  2. Michelin Defender – The Michelin Defender comes with a 90,000-mile limited tread life guarantee to cover tire wear. Michelin also provides materials and workmanship guarantees to cover the first 2/32” of wear on the tire. But unlike most competitors, Michelin will provide a 3-year flat tire changing guarantee.
  3. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus – They come with a 90,000-mile limited tread life warranty. It also includes materials and workmanship coverage that lasts forever and covers the first 2/32” of tire wear. Pirelli even provides free wear replacement when needed.
  4. Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology – The Pro Contact with Eco Plus Technology comes with a reliable six-year or 80,000-mile limited tread life warranty. Continental also includes a tire uniformity policy of 1 year or the first 2/32” of tread wear.
  5. Falken Sincera SN250 A/S – Falken provides an 80,000-mile warranty on all T-speed rated tires. There is a uniformity guarantee for the first 2/32” of tire wear. On top of that, there is a material and workmanship guarantee that lasts for the entire lifespan of the tire.
  6. GT Radial Maxtour LX – Drivers receive an 80,000-mile limited tread life warranty to compete with some of the best policies available. There is also a uniformity guarantee for the first 2/32” of wear.
  7. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring – Goodyear provides an 80,000-mile tread life warranty on this tire. This also includes a uniformity guarantee for the first 2/32” of tire wear.
  8. Continental TrueContact Tour – Continental includes a 90,000-mile limited tread life warranty on this tire. There is also a materials and workmanship warranty lasting six years, including a free tire replacement during the first year or 2/32 inch of tire wear.
  9. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus – This tire comes with an 80,000-mile limited tread life warranty to cover the wear of the tire for up to 5 years.
  10. Dunlop Signature II – The limited tread life policy is for six years or 65,000 miles in tire wear. There is also a tire uniformity guarantee for the first year or 2/32” of tire wear.
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How To Prevent Damage To Your Chevrolet Tires

  1. Monitor and Maintain Air Pressure – Tires lose air pressure over time due to things like weather, leaks and just deflating over time. Your tires need to be properly inflated to evenly distribute force from the vehicle to the road. If you over or under inflate your tires, they can’t make appropriate contact with the road properly inflated. Parts of the tread it will start to wear more rapidly and/or unevenly.
  2. Rotate Your Tires – Tire rotation can help increase the longevity of your tires. Your front tires have more stress put on them because they are used for steering and turning the car. Rotating your tires help ensure that all 4 get even wear so they last you the longest possible.
  3. Change Your Driving Habits – Taking curves too fast can wear down your front tires and hitting potholes can create leaks and tears. Puddles can hide potholes and cause damage when you speed over them, so avoid them when you can. Slowing down and being on alert for road damage or items in the road that can damage your tires will help your tires last longer and wear more evenly.
  4. Check Your Alignment – Poor wheel alignment and worn or damaged suspension can wear down your tire quickly. Wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability, helps your tires last longer, and your vehicle drive smoother.

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