Can I Buy A Mopar Extended Warranty On A Used Car

Can I Buy A Mopar Extended Warranty On A Used Car?

Are you looking to get a Mopar extended warranty? It’s important to know the ins and outs of this warranty plan to ensure you get proper coverage for your vehicle and needs, whether you’re driving a brand-new or used car. If you’re asking this question: Can I buy a Mopar Extended Warranty on a used car? You have come to the right place as it has everything you must know to invest in the right protection level.

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Key Takeaways

• A Mopar extended warranty covers the mechanical and electrical services and repairs on vehicles manufactured by FCA.
• Buying the extended warranty spares you from the hassle and out-of-pocket expenses involved with unexpected breakdowns and servicing.
• The Mopar extended warranty is available for new and used cars via authorized dealership networks in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
• Learn about the potential drawbacks of an extended warranty to help you make an informed buying decision.

Can I Buy A Mopar Extended Warranty On A Used Car

What is a Mopar Extended Warranty?

A Mopar Extended Warranty is a protection plan for any vehicles manufactured by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat (or FCA vehicles). Any vehicle within this dealership network can obtain this warranty coverage that covers for the mechanical and electrical services of a vehicle. In some cases, this warranty coverage can include roadside assistance and substitute transportation, in case of breakdowns.

When you obtain a Mopar Extended Warranty, car owners can save on expensive repairs to save you from trouble and out-of-pocket expenses should you need these services in the future. This coverage option typically includes services that are beyond the typical coverage of a traditional warranty plan. It is a good investment for vehicle owners, regardless of vehicle reliability, giving you peace of mind from circumstances beyond your control.

Can I Buy a Mopar Extended Warranty on a Used Car?

Yes. A Mopar extended warranty covers the protection of new and used cars. The extent of coverage will vary based on the car make and model or the specific plan you select.

You can be at peace knowing that you can buy the Mopar Extended Warranty on your used car, ensuring that it can save you from servicing and repair costs.

Since the condition of used cars differ from new vehicles, expect that costs of extended warranty might vary from one vehicle to another. Once you obtain your warranty on your FCA vehicle, you can use this warranty anywhere within the United States, Canada or Mexico.

Is Mopar Extended Warranty Transferable?

The Mopar extended warranty is non-transferable and non-cancelable. The only way you can transfer the coverage plan to another owner is during the time of vehicle sale wherein you can transfer ownership of the extended warranty coverage to the subsequent buyer of the vehicle.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Extended Warranty?

There are clear advantages to buying the Mopar extended warranty, whether you drive a new or used car. However, it pays to know the potential drawbacks of buying this type of warranty product to help determine if it’s a worthy investment.

It isn’t technically a drawback but the cost is a major reason to think twice before getting an extended warranty. If you are buying a used vehicle from a dealership service, getting an extended warranty upon the purchase can significantly add to the overall cost of your vehicle.

Another reason to consider before buying an extended warranty is the possibility of duplication. If you have an existing warranty on your vehicle, an extended warranty might be unnecessary as some of the repairs and services might already be covered by that other warranty. Review the fine print of your warranties and coverage to avoid redundancies that waste your money.

And finally, despite the name, extended warranties have limitations on what services and repairs they can cover. You must fully understand what is included and what isn’t in your warranty plan, or else the exclusions could surprise you!

Can I Buy A Mopar Extended Warranty On A Used Car

The Bottom Line

Getting a Mopar Extended Warranty benefits new or used cars. If you are driving any of the FCA vehicles, it’s important to get one to protect yourself from a major financial loss resulting to unexpected repairs and out-of-pocket expenses. It provides another layer of protection to your vehicle, enhancing its reliability as you can enjoy servicing from expert mechanics and assistance when you need it most.


How long does Mopar extended warranty last?

The Mopar Extended Warranty lasts until your vehicle is 8 years of age or until you reach 150,000 miles. This plan offers continued mechanical coverage to your existing vehicle protection plan.

Is Mopar Jeep extended warranty worth it?

Yes. An extended warranty offers the best protection for your vehicle, especially if you don’t have an existing warranty and you want peace of mind.

Does Mopar offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, the Mopar Extended Warranty offer lifetime coverage for powertrain and other plans.

What will void my Mopar warranty?

A Mopar warranty will be void when damage is due to poor or lack of maintenance, use of fluids and other products not suitable for your vehicle model, and use of contaminated fuels.


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