Best Tires for a Dodge Hellcat

Best Tires for a Dodge Hellcat

Are you in the market for the best tires for a Dodge Hellcat? Look no further because this guide will provide the basic information you need to find the perfect set of tires that can match this muscle car’s powerful engine and performance.

What Tires Come on a Dodge Hellcat?

The Dodge Hellcat was introduced in 2015 and is fitted with 245/45ZR20 tires. This tire size measures 9.6 inches in width, 3.9 inches in height, and 28.68 inches in diameter. It fits into a 20-inch wheel rim.

However, the original tires were replaced with 275/40ZR20 tires. Thus, the 2015-2021 models of the Dodge Hellcat feature 20-inch tires. Newer versions of the Hellcat also introduced new sizes of OEM tires, specifically the 275/40ZR20 and 305/35ZR20 tires.

Best Tires for a Dodge Hellcat

Best Tires for a Dodge Hellcat

Knowing the tire sizes for the Dodge Hellcat, you can now make an informed decision on how to buy the best tires for a Dodge Hellcat as replacement of the original tire set. The following are the best options available in the market.

1. Pirelli P Zero Tires

P Zero is a ultra high performance tires that is based on Pirelli’s history with motor sports. Therefore, it’s the best choice of tires for a Dodge Hellcat as it is developed with Pirelli’s knowledge of the top performance cars, making it the perfect fit for a Hellcat. This radial tire has a speed rating of 186 mph and can be easily customized to fit your Hellcat’s unique needs.

2. BF Goodrich g-Force COMP 2 A/S+ Tire

The g-Force is an ultra high performance tire that is designed for an all-season use. It boasts an improved tire tread compound coupled with BF Goodrich’s ETEC System. This tire offers an excellent response on dry paved roads and is commendable for its grip when turning off a corner. Another unique feature is its V-shaped tread design that gives it tremendous acceleration from a dead stop. This tread design delivers an excellent performance even on less favorable weather conditions.

3. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Passenger Summer Tire

The Firehawk Indy 500 is built for sport performance, true to the brand’s racing heritage. This summer performance tire boasts the Proprietary Pulse Groove technology makes it easier to evacuate water and gives you more control on wet roads. This tire can keep up with your performance, whether you are into extreme fun or performance.

4. Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar 3 Tire

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SuperCar 3 Tire is an extreme performance tire for summer. It offers a race-like traction, making it an ideal tire for the street or race track. These specially tuned tires feature big-block designs with aggressive tread compounds and reinforced internal construction, offering improved handling, traction, and dry road response.

5. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 Tire

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 Tire is developed for the track and street. It boasts the innovative technology from the tire manufacturer that evenly distributes the force and temperature on the tires, allowing it to last for many years.

6. Toyo Tires Proxes Sport Tires 214200

These sports tires from Toyo Tires are among the best tires for a Dodge Hellcat because these radial tires are built for high-performance. Designed as a summer tire, it offers greater connection with the road to improve grip and handling. The brand’s proprietary Nano Balance Technology introduces a unique tread design that make driving the Hellcat or any muscle car suited for wet and dry conditions. The Proxes Sport range offer up to 80 sizes for modern sports cars, muscle cars, and luxury sedans.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Tires?

Timing when to buy tires for a Dodge Hellcat is influenced by several variables. Price is one factor. If you are buying seasonal tires, such as summer or winter tires, the best time to buy is during the off-season as you can get better deals.

Another sure sign that it’s time to buy new tires is to do the penny test. This test involves placing a penny headfirst into the tire grooves to determine how deep it is. If you can see the head, that means the grooves are shallow and you need a tire replacement.

Another thing to look at is the tire wear indicator. You should not wait until your tires are completely worn-out before buying a new one. If you do so, it can be dangerous, especially when driving through low-traction roads. Therefore, experts suggest you buy new tires before you need them.

Lastly, you can always check the tire’s manufacturing and expiration date. This guideline will give you a fair idea on how long the tires are designed to last and when they are still safe to use.

How Often Do Tires Need to Be Rotated?

Tire rotation is a crucial part of vehicle and tire maintenance. Experts suggest scheduling a tire rotation every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. However, many Hellcat owners overlook rotating their cars, resulting in tire damage and a shorter lifespan due to extensive treadwear.

A tire rotation involves inspecting the tires for damage. After that, the tires are inflated to the pressure stated in the manufacturer’s recommendation in the owner’s manual. The final step is the actual tire rotation wherein the tires are switched places to even out the wear and maximize the lifespan.

The primary benefit of a tire rotation is to ensure your vehicle safety. Rotating tires regularly even out the wear, which is critical in maintaining traction and braking function. It is especially important when you have to drive through harsh environmental conditions; you need as much traction on your tires to stabilize the vehicle.

Best Tires for a Dodge Hellcat

OEM vs Replacement Tires

Before buying new tires for a Dodge Hellcat, you have an important decision to make: OEM or replacement tires.

When you buy your Dodge Hellcat as a brand-new unit, you will get them with a new set of tires, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer tires (OEM). When these original tires wear out, you must buy a new set, also known as replacement tires.

The OEM tires are specifically fitted into the vehicle as per manufacturer specifications. They work with tire manufacturers to ensure that the tires meet the performance requirements of the vehicle, such as a Dodge Hellcat. Meanwhile, replacement tires are those that are sized and rated to fit certain vehicle models. They are not the exact same tires but are specified to offer the same performance-oriented tires as those that are originally fitted into the Hellcat.

For a muscle car like the Dodge Hellcat, ordinary tires won’t get the job done. It is crucial to check the performance and specifications when buying replacement tires to ensure they can deliver the consistent driving experience as the original tires. Before buying a new set of tires or making any modifications to your vehicle, make sure to check if it won’t void your Hellcat Warranty


Choosing the best tires for a Dodge Hellcat is worth the trouble. This muscle car has specific tire requirements that can fit into its performance and capabilities. Otherwise, it will not offer the same driving experience that Hellcat owners expect. Make sure you choose only the best tires that can keep up with this muscle car.


How long should tires last on a Dodge Hellcat?

The longer a tire is in use, the more it is exposed to wear and tear. Depending on the driving conditions and environmental factors, some tires have a shorter lifespan. It is especially true with a performance car like muscle cars. Make sure you check your tires regularly to ensure they haven’t reached their treadwear limit.

How much do Dodge Hellcat tires cost?

The price of tires depends on various factors, such as the brand, tire size, and number of tires. It also varies where you buy the tires from. Be sure to shop around for the best deals when you need to buy new tires for a Dodge Hellcat.

What tire size is the best for the Dodge Hellcat?

It depends on the specific configuration of the Hellcat, and as you will realize there are plenty of configurations available. However, the most popular tire size options for the Hellcat are 275/40R20 and 305/35R20.


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