Best Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intakes

Best Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intakes

Are you in the market for the best Jeep Wrangler cold air intakes? You’ve come to the right place! Many Wrangler owners want to improve their supply of cold air intake but are not keen on spending too much on engine mods, replacing your regular air intake for a cold air intake is your best bet. Check out the benefits of installing one and our recommendations for the best ones for Jeep Wranglers.

Key Highlights

• A Jeep Wrangler cold air intake can increase horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and boost throttle response.
• A cold air intake upgrade can have potential drawbacks, such as dirt and debris on the engine bay and lower engine power during cold weather.
• Pick a cold air intake that is vehicle-specific and is made of material that facilitates better airflow.
• Replacing the stock air intake with a cold air intake won’t void the warranty unless it directly causes damage to the engine.

What is a Cold Air Intake?

A cold air intake is an aftermarket upgrade on the Jeep Wrangler that enables the engine to take in more cold air. This process results in a more powerful engine without the expensive or time-consuming mods. With the stock air intake, it utilizes hot air from under the hood and directs it back into the engine.

Cold air is denser. When your engine takes cold air, it increases the power that the engine produces. There are additional benefits that you can enjoy with this upgrade.

Best Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intakes

Benefits of Cold Air Intakes

Learn about the reasons why you must consider getting an cold air intake for your Jeep Wrangler.

1. Increased Horsepower

The number one reason why many Jeep Wrangler owners upgrade their regular air intake with a cold air intake is the increased horsepower. The cooler and denser air provides more oxygen to the engine’s combustion chamber, which allows it to generate more power when you engage the throttle.

2. Improved Gas Mileage

There is a potential to increase fuel efficiency when you use a cold air intake for the Jeep Wrangler. This mod will make the engine operate more efficiently, which translates to better mileage.

3. Longer Engine Life

A longer engine life is another benefit with the best Jeep Wrangler cold air intakes. The cold air maintains a cool operating temperature for the engine, lessening the strain and hereby improving its overall lifespan.

4. Better Acceleration

Improve your acceleration capacity with a cold air intake. It helps to improve airflow within the engine, allowing your vehicle response to acceleration to be more precise and efficient.

5. Aggressive Engine Sound

If you want to show off your Jeep Wrangler with a more aggressive sound, you can do this by switching to a cold air intake. You can get that satisfying growl every time.

Drawbacks of a Cold Air Intake

While a cold air intake offers benefits like the ones mentioned above, it’s essential to be aware of its potential drawbacks to your Jeep Wrangler. Here are some things to consider before upgrading your regular air intake:

1. Less Engine Power in Cold Weather

While the main advantage of replacing a regular air intake with the cold air intake is the added horsepower, it actually loses that power when driving your car in cold weather conditions. The denser air becomes difficult for the engine to compress and burn. Hence, consider your weather condition before upgrading with the best Jeep Wrangler cold air intakes.

2. Engine Bay is More Prone to Dirt and Debris

A cold air intake exposes your engine bay to contaminants, such as dirt and debris. Thus, you need to spend more time cleaning your engine bay than if you were to use the stock air intake on the Jeep Wrangler.

3. False “Check Engine” Readings

Due to the altered airflow, it can cause the system to detect issues with the engine even when there is none.

Best Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intakes

Check out the best Jeep Wrangler cold air intakes to make an informed decision when you need an upgrade for your Jeep.

K&N Cold Air Intakes

Recognized as one of the best Jeep Wrangler cold air intakes, the K&N cold air intake removes restrictions in the engine compartment to boost airflow. More air equals more power for the engine, especially during acceleration.

This cold air intake is guaranteed to increase horsepower and improve throttle response.

Spectre Performance Cold Air Intakes

The Spectre cold air intake is another one that can highly benefit the Jeep Wrangler engine performance. It is built to introduce more power and torque while protecting the engine from debris. It is easy to install and relatively low cost.

AFE Cold Air Intakes

Like the other two cold air intake brands already mentioned, the AFE one can boost horsepower and torque. It is the best replacement against the restrictive system that comes with the stock air intake in a Jeep Wrangler.

This cold air intake is tuned and tested to increase acceleration and engine sound. It is also easy to install using only basic tools.

How to Pick a Cold Air Intake

The best way to increase that you can increase horsepower and overall engine performance with a cold air intake is to match the upgrade with the system. While fairly inexpensive upgrades, you can get the best bang for your buck with these tips.

Choose a vehicle-specific design. Many manufacturers design them specifically to fit a specific video make and model. It is important to choose cold air intakes for a specific vehicle to ensure compatibility and the best improved performance.
Cold air intake style. Choose between the short ram and true cold air intake system. The short ram system makes accessing the air filter easier and requires less work during installation. Meanwhile, the true cold air intake system delivers more supplemental cold air flow as it moves the air filter far forward.
Material. Choose heat-resistant materials to facilitate the process of collecting and introducing cold air into the engine.
Water protection. Choose a cold air intake that can protect against water and other wet weather conditions is essential to improve performance. In addition, getting water into the cold air intake can cause serious engine failure problems.

Best Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intakes

Will a Cold Air Intake Void Your Warranty?

Will a cold air intake void your warranty? Installing a cold air intake to your Jeep Wrangler would not typically void your manufacturer or extended warranty. However, it is best to check with your warranty provider first to ensure that you can add any aftermarket modification to your Jeep Wrangler.

It also depends on the warranty type. Since a cold air intake directly affects the engine, check to make sure it will not avoid your Jeep Powertrain Warranty. However, any damage that is directly attributed to the cold air intake, then it will most likely void the warranty.

Are Cold Air Intakes Worth the Money?

The best Jeep Wrangler cold air intake can give you more engine power and a loud noise. It also brings other benefits, such as improved fuel efficiency. If these benefits are important to you, replacing the stock air intake with a cold air intake makes sense. But do note there are potential drawbacks to it, which should be considered before making this decision.


Are cold air intakes good for Jeeps?

Replacing the stock with a cold air intake is one of the best upgrades you can do to your Wrangler, or any Jeep. However, you must choose the best and install it properly to get the best results.

Are cold air intakes worth the money?

An aftermarket cold air intake upgrade is worth the money if you’re into a throatier intake sound, higher fuel mileage, and increased engine power.

How long do cold air intakes last?

The best quality cold air intakes can last up to 100,000 miles before you should clean them, but only if you drive under normal conditions with your Jeep Wrangler.

Does a cold air intake increase top speed?

Several factors can influence a car’s top speed performance, which includes engine management. Since cold air intake directly affect the car’s engine, it can slightly improve the top speed on top of boosting the horsepower.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a Jeep Wrangler?

It depends on the specific brand or type of cold air intake. However, switching from a restrictive exhaust system to a cold air intake can increase horsepower by one to five HP.


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