Best Cold Air Intakes for a Dodge Charger

Best Cold Air Intakes for a Dodge Charger

As a car enthusiast, especially the owner of a Dodge Charger, you’re constantly looking for ways to enhance your vehicle performance. This iconic muscle car has been around for decades and continues to be among the most coveted cars in its category. While you can invest on expensive mods, the best cold air intakes for a Dodge Charger offer several benefits that maximize its power and performance. Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out what cold air intakes do, and if you should consider installing one in your vehicle.

Key Takeaways

• Upgrade your Dodge Charger with a cold air intake system promises increased horsepower and better fuel mileage.
• There are different types of air intake systems, so you must understand the differences to get the best results for your car’s engine.
• Consider factors like vehicle compatibility, environmental and climate factors, material, and maintenance when choosing the best cold air intakes for a Dodge Charger.
• The best cold air intake systems are designed to boost horsepower and torque for the Dodge Charger.

Best Cold Air Intakes for a Dodge Charger

Types of Intake Systems

When talking about intake systems, there are many types and choosing the right one can be critical to achieving your desired performance for the Dodge Charger. Know the different types to suit your needs.

Short Ram System – This intake system is cost-effective and easy to install. And yet, you can get a noticeable increase in horsepower on your Dodge Charger.
Ram Air Intake – This intake system produces a funnel effect that boosts air pressure within the intake manifold once the vehicle speed picks up. Thus, you can get better performance at high speeds.
Air Box Intake System – When you switch the stock air intake with this one, you can achieve better airflow to increase performance. It also comes with a reusable air filter that makes it a practical upgrade.
True Cold Air Intake – This intake system places the air filter outside the engine compartment. It delivers the most amount of cold air into the engine, resulting in higher horsepower gains compared to other intake systems.
Custom or Fabricated Intakes – A custom-built intake system is the best solution if you want to address your vehicle’s specific needs or maximize the horsepower boost.

What to Consider Before Upgrading to a Cold Air Intake

Even though a cold air intake upgrade is low-cost, you must consider these factors before making the switch to make it worth your time and effort.

Vehicle Compatibility

Invest in a cold air intake designed for your car’s specific make and model. In the case of the best cold air intakes for a Dodge Charges, invest in CIA systems that fit this vehicle. If you choose the wrong upgrade or one that isn’t fit for this vehicle, it could risk damage or poor performance.

Materials & Overall Quality

It’s an obvious one but it needs to be stated: choose only quality materials for a cold air intake system. Pick materials that are durable and well-performing. While you can find cheaper materials, they won’t last long or deliver quality results you desire.

Warranty Implications

Do cold air intakes effect your warranty? It’s a common question that many Charger owners ask when planning to install this upgrade. If you’re unsure, you can check with your warranty provider to prevent voiding your warranty with this upgrade.


How much maintenance does the new cold air intake system require? It is a practical consideration since some systems require special or more frequent cleaning.

Performance Expectations

Identify your performance objectives and choose your cold air intake system upgrade accordingly. Aligning your choices with your objectives help manage expectations.

Climate & Environmental Factors

Assess the climate and driving conditions before you upgrade your cold air intake. It will inform you of the most efficient intake system fit for the environmental and climate conditions.


Invest in a cold air intake brand that has a good reputation and gets mostly positive reviews from its users. It is an indicator of a brand’s reliability.

Does Cold Air Intake Improve Fuel Efficiency?

The main function of a cold air intake is to introduce a colder, denser air into the engine compartment. So, how does this impact your car’s fuel efficiency?

It lies in the fuel-air ratio in the engine’s combustion chamber. When cold air is introduced into the combustion chamber, it enables the fuel to mix effectively with the air. Of course, an effective air filter is also critical here. The result is you can enjoy a more efficient combustion process, ensuring a more thorough fuel burn. This process allows you to extract more energy from the same amount of fuel, thus reducing your overall fuel consumption.

Best Cold Air Intakes for a Dodge Charger

Best Cold Air Intakes for Dodge Charger

Check out this list of the best cold air intakes for Dodge Charger if you want to upgrade your stock intake system.

1. K&N High Performance Air Intake System 57-1543

This cold air intake for a Dodge Charger is made of a high-density polyethylene rotationally molded-tube that boosts airflow to the engine. Thus, you can expect increased horsepower and torque on your Charger. This system also comes with a washable high-flow air filter that can go up to 100,000 miles between filter services. The custom heat shield protects the intake system from heat coming from the engine bay.

2. Spectre Performance Air Intake System 9036

Another great option for a Dodge Charger cold air intake system upgrade is the Spectre Performance Air Intake System 9036. It is designed to increase your car’s horsepower and torque while protecting the engine from debris and other harmful contaminants. The system includes a low restriction air filter, black powder coated heat shield, and polished aluminum tubing.

3. aFe Power Air Intake System 54-72201

Upgrade your Dodge Charger with the aFe Power Air Intake System 54-72201 to give it more power you can hear and feel. This system is designed to bring in more air into the engine, allowing it to produce more power and achieve quicker acceleration. It can produce an additional 18 HP and up to 22 lb-ft torque.

The Bottom Line

Increasing power and fuel efficiency are among the top reasons to upgrade your stock air intake into a cold air intake for the Dodge Charger. However, there are other variables that can bring about these results. Consider them so you can manage your expectations before you shell out money for a new intake system for your Dodge Charger.


Are cold air intakes noisy?

A cold air intake increases airflow to the vehicle engine, thanks to its broader surface. As it brings in more air, a natural effect would be enhanced noise on your vehicle.

Do all cold air intakes fit any car?

Most systems are designed to fit all vehicles. However, you can get the best performance when you choose cold air intakes made for a specific car’s make and model.

What to do after installing a cold air intake?

After upgrading with a new cold air intake, you must tune your car. It is important to visit a mechanic when you get a new hardware for your vehicle to ensure it gets optimized and work well with other components.

Do cold air intakes damage?

No. A properly fitted cold air intake and vehicle tuning will ensure that the new system will work for your vehicle’s engine and cause no damage.


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