Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio shines on the design and performance aspects. It is charismatically stylish (perfect for drivers who like curb appeal), and its driving dynamics make it feel good to be behind the wheel. It offers power beyond what other vehicles in its class could offer, while the powerful transmission complements the smooth operation. Indeed, driving the Stelvio crossover is a joy. However, the true test is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG rating. Will it still deliver in terms of fuel economy, or is it too expensive to own?

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG Rating

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG rating and fuel economy numbers are impressive. However, it is worth considering that the competing vehicles in its class are mostly equipped with four-cylinder engines. Thus, it is normal to find other SUVs and crossover models with a better MPG rating.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG

For comparison purposes, let’s check out the Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG rating.

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, with the 2.0L 4-cylinder 8-speed automatic transmission engine, has a combined MPG rating of 25. Its MPG performance is 22/29 on the city and highway.

The Stelvio uses regular gasoline at each pump, with a total driving range of up to 422 miles (or an average of 4 gallons per 100 miles). With a fuel tank size of 16.9 gallons, it costs $4.54 to drive this vehicle for 25 miles (or $77 for a full tank). According to data from FuelEconomy.Gov, the estimated annual cost of fuel consumption for the Stelvio is $2,700.

Here is an overview of the MPG rating of the Stelvio based on the trim:

• Alfa Romeo Stelvio – 22/29 MPG (city/highway)
• Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio – 17/23 MPG (city/highway)

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG vs Competitors

Comparing the Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG rating to that of its competitors provides a more accurate assessment of its rank within the crossover SUV class.

The combined MPG rating for the Stelvio is 25, which is on par with the combined MPG rating for the Audi Q5. However, the latter performs slightly better in the city with a 23 MPG rating (versus 22 MPG for the Stelvio). Next, the Volvo XC60 offers a higher fuel economy with a combined 26 MPG (23/30 on the city and highway). Compared to the BMW X3, the Stelvio is a more cost- and fuel-efficient option as the X3 has a combined 17 MPG rating (15/20 on the city and highway).

The comparison is based on data from the EPA estimates on the fuel economy rating. However, several factors can affect fuel consumption numbers based on the driving style, maintenance, and overall engine performance. Hence, we recommend you use this data with some adjustments, as they might not reflect real-world MPG ratings.

What is the Most Fuel Efficient Alfa Romeo Stelvio?

If you value fuel economy, check the Alfa Romeo Stelvio model with the 2.2L diesel engine, as it is the most economical option. According to Alfa Romeo, this engine type can produce up to 47 or 40 MPG for everyday driving.

On the other hand, the gasoline engine model is not as fuel-efficient as it only averages up to 28 MPG for everyday driving. Therefore, the diesel engine is your best option to save on the Stelvio running costs.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG

Alfa Romeo Servicing and Warranty

As mentioned, the care and maintenance of Alfa Romeo vehicles significantly impact their fuel performance. Therefore, you should schedule regular servicing for the Stelvio to achieve the highest fuel efficiency rating. In addition, the Alfa Romeo Extended Warranty is a good investment, so you are free from the worries and headaches of car maintenance and repairs. Choose a warranty plan that best suits your needs and your Stelvio’s age, as older cars require more maintenance.


Are Alfa Romeo Stelvio good on gas?

The Stelvio is far from being the most fuel-efficient SUV, especially in petrol form. However, its MPG is in the same ballpark as other vehicles in its class. The good fuel efficiency rating can be partly attributed to its low kerb weight.

Are Alfa Romeo Stelvio reliable?

The Alfa Romeo brand isn’t necessarily known for its reliability; however, its rivals are not doing better either. Fortunately, the Alfa Romeo’s reliability has improved in recent years, so it would be best to protect your vehicle with a warranty to avoid any headaches if there are any issues.

Is Alfa Romeo hard to maintain?

Unfortunately, yes. Alfa Romeo is a luxury car brand, so you can expect replacement parts to cost more than other brands as they are unique. Consider buying a warranty to cover the repair and replacement cost, or keep this information along with the fuel costs when deciding if it’s the right SUV for you.


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