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Dodge Journey Extended Warranty

An Official Dodge Journey Extended Warranty Has Credibility
No one knows more about your new Dodge Journey than the technicians at your local Dodge dealership. This is why having a Dodge Journey extended warranty is important for getting the most use and enjoyment out of your new vehicle. When your Dodge Journey factory warranty expires, this will ensure that you still have access to the expertise and skill only certified repair professionals can offer. It means you can go to any Dodge dealer and receive expert service for mechanical and electrical breakdowns, as well as replacement transportation and roadside assistance, if needed.

Dodge Journey Extended Warranty Cost
Having an extended Dodge Journey warranty means you can save money that you would have spent out of pocket to fix something without additional coverage. With a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan, you can rest assured that the dealer also will handle all the claim paperwork, giving you a chance to relax during the process.

How Much Does a Dodge Journey Warranty Cost?
How much you spend on your extended Dodge Journey powertrain warranty or on additional coverage will depend on numerous factors. These include the make and model, its age, the odometer mileage, and whether you purchased it new or pre-owned. Other variables include the level of protection, the deductible and the duration of the warranty type you choose.

No matter what, our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the process of selecting what is right for you and one’s car. This can be a great way to gain peace of mind knowing that you still can receive expertise from Dodge-certified mechanics as well as genuine Mopar parts even after your Dodge Journey manufacturer warranty expires.

If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle beyond the terms of its original warranty, get in touch with us today. We can save you time and give you access to our vast knowledge base. Our representatives will walk you through the details and answer any questions you may have in the most honest and forthright manner possible. Reach out to us today to get an instant quote and get the process started as soon as possible.