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March 23, 2020
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2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Is A Extended Warranty Right For You And Your Chrysler Pacifica?

Buying a new Chrysler Pacifica is an exciting time for the whole family. What better way to safely carry the whole family through the busy day. In addition the Pacifica can haul more cargo than most Trucks and SUVs. Not to mention Chrysler Pacifica has been ranked 5 out of 5 by Car and Driver.(  With this said we understand there are a lot of questions about whether or not to get a Extended Warranty. On top of that which warranty provider do you go with? Hopefully we can help answer some questions on a Chrysler Pacifica Extended Warranty.

An Extended Warranty, also referred to as a “Service Contract” does offer peace of mind to someone purchasing a new or pre owned Pacifica. The pressure a dealer puts on purchasing an Extended Warranty can sometimes make it seem as if the benefit is to the dealer only and not the customer. It is a fact your dealer does rely heavily on the profits from extended warranties. And a lot of the times a New Car Dealer will offer you a third party extended warranty. This is usually because there is more profit for the dealership and not because its a better warranty.

I always recommend staying with the manufacturer backed extended warranty. With a Pacifica this is Mopar Vehicle Protection. Mopar Vehicle Protection is the only factory backed warranty for a Chrysler Pacifica. There are a lot of companies on the web that offer extended warranties. Don’t be fooled they are almost all third party companies. And are not backed by the manufacturer. You do have options other than paying high retail pricing on a Mopar Extended Warranty.


Chrysler Factory Warranty offers the exact same products you can buy from the dealer at a fraction of the price. We offer free advice and if you prefer you can do it all online. We offer financing also, up to 18 months at 0%

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There are a number plans available. In the case of a Chrysler Pacifica I recommend the Mopar Maximum Care. The Chrysler Pacifica is about as advanced as you can get in a vehicle. All the options and technology need the right kind of coverage. This being said, Mopar Maximum Care covers over 5,000 components. This is going to assure you are covered. Lessor plans are available but you are going to loose a lot of coverage. About 4,000 components less to be exact. The next plan down is the Mopar Added Care Plus. The brochure to this coverage makes a good Pitch. But there is lots of gray area. These are the things you and I cant see or don’t know the name for. This adds up to a lot of components.



Chrysler Factory Warranty has been saving customers money on Mopar warranties for many years. We have plans that range from 5  year up to 8. Your Mileage can vary based on your needs. So I urge you to contact one of Chrysler Factory Warranty’s Specialist. They will help find the right warranty for you and save you lots of money. Also Some plans are up to 50% off.





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