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Chrysler 300 Extended Warranty

Get Expert Service for the Life of Your Vehicle

Purchasing the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan is the best way to ensure that your new Chrysler 300 has extended warranty coverage beyond what you received from the manufacturer. This is critical, because it ensures that your vehicle will be serviced by a dedicated dealership service department that has comprehensive knowledge about how to keep it in its best condition.

Buying a Chrysler 300 Extended Warranty means you will always have people with the right experience working on your car. Rest assured that certified mechanics will take care of any problems quickly and correctly. Extended coverage also means that the claims process will be as simple and streamlined as possible for you and the dealership, so there won’t be any hang-ups or headaches. These plans include rental car and towing benefits, helping you get back to your life as soon as possible.

Chrysler 300 Extended Warranty Cost

The original Chrysler 300 factory warranty you received when you first purchased the vehicle offers protection, but only for as long as it lasts. Once your original Chrysler 300 warranty expires, you will need to pay for any repairs or other service out of pocket. This is why getting the extended plan makes sense, because it can save you money when compared to the cost of paying for extensive work by yourself. Perhaps best of all, you can purchase a genuine Mopar protection plan from us at any point in your vehicle’s lifespan.

No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Turning to us for your extended Chrysler 300 powertrain warranty means you won’t have to worry about being pressured. Whether one talks to them over the phone or in person, our representatives will provide the information and guidance you need without pushing you to buy something you don’t want. Feel confident that you’ll be getting what you need without the pressure of dealing with a commission-based salesperson.

Chrysler’s Winning Philosophy

The goal of our extended service plans is a simple one: help you find the coverage program that’s right for you and your car. We want to create a customer for life, which is what distinguishes us from most other extended warranty providers. The basic rules we follow in every interaction are:

  • Be honest and up-front. We tell every customer about all aspects of the extended warranty and the coverage details.
  • Disclose and fully explain all payment arrangement details.
  • Provide a superior level of customer service compared to other extended warranty companies.
  • Provide a personalized concierge claims experience.

By following this philosophy, we give you the best chance to make an informed decision about how best to take care of your car or truck without high-pressure tactics.

Chrysler 300 Extended Warranty Price

Different Combination Quotes

With more than a quarter-million different coverage combinations available, it can be challenging to sift through your options alone. That’s why talking to a Mopar specialist in our office is the right move. We will take the time to explain all of the pertinent details to make sure you have the information you need to protect your investment.

Avoid Aftermarket Plans Not Backed by Chrysler

If your dealership does not offer you a genuine extended plan for the vehicle, we’re the best place to turn. If you’re offered an aftermarket plan that isn’t backed by Chrysler, say no and choose the official Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan through us.

We Sell Factory-Backed Chrysler 300 Extended Warranties for Low Prices!